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Commerce Bank


(Est. 1867 as Bank of California)

(Changed name to Moniteau National Bank in 1870)

(Merged with Commerce Bank in 1994)



(Est. 1933 as Tipton Farmers Bank)

(Merged with Commerce Bank in 1970)


From the 1980 History of Moniteau County:

The Moniteau National Bank of California is one of the oldest businesses operating continuously in Moniteau County.


Originally beginning under a charter granted by the State of Missouri, it commenced business on August 12, 1867 at the conclusion of the Civil War. On September 22, 1870 a charter was granted to change to a National Bank. It has operated under that charter as the Moniteau National Bank continuously since that date.


Banking operations were started in a building on the corner of East Main and North East Streets, south of the courthouse. In 1890 a building was erected directly west of the original site and the bank moved to that location. To provide larger quarters, an extension of the building to the south and a second story to the building was completed in 1916.


In 1959 a completely new building was erected adjacent to that building and occupied by the bank. Again in 1979 a remodeling of the new building, incorporating the old, was completed to accommodate expanding business.


Original incorporators of the bank included thirteen of the prominent members of the business and farming community of Moniteau County who contributed to the early success of the bank.


Presidents who have served the Moniteau National Bank over its 110 years [as of 1980] existence are:

William Fulks 1871
Samuel H. Owens 1872-1878
R. Q. Roache 1879-1908
N. C. Rice 1909-1925
R. M. Embry 1925-1948
R. H. Latham 1948-1958
H. S. Stephenson 1958-1966
R. L. Hert 1967-1980


The Moniteau National Bank is proud to have been a part of the building of Moniteau County. They are proud of their relationships with the people of the community. We expect to continue to provide the same service that will enable Moniteau County to grow and prosper in the century ahead.


Thanks to all those who have helped us to serve this community in the past 110 years


List of 1980 Officers and Employees:

R. L. Hert, President Lola Bird, Teller
C. A. Gabert, Executive Vice-President Dwena Lehman, Teller
E. L. Hert, Cashier Ruby Kuhlman, Teller
C. R. Pummill, Assistant Cashier Mary Lou Scheidt, Bookkeeper
Edward C. Kaiser, Assistant Cashier Loretta George, Bookkeeper
David A. Garnett, Assistant Cashier Carol Zimmerman, Bookkeeper
Robert K. Marshall, Vice-President & Ag. Repr. Madelyn Dahler, Bookkeeper
Duane Barbour, Director Seamer F. Jones, Custodian



From the 2000 History of Moniteau County:

Commerce Bank has a long history of serving Moniteau County. Our banks have a 198 years of combined commitment to California and Tipton, making Commerce one of the oldest existing financial institutions in the county.


CALIFORNIA - In 1867, shortly after the Civil War, the bank opened with a charter granted by the State of Missouri, as Bank of California. The bank began with $50,000 in capital, invested by thirteen prominent community members, one of which was William Fulks, great-grandfather of current [2000] Community President, E. L. Hert. The name was changed to Moniteau National Bank of California in 1870 and it operated under that name until merging with Commerce Bank in 1994.



The bank opened in a building on the corner of Main and High, southwest of the courthouse. A new building was erected on East Main in 1890. To provide larger quarters, an extension of the building to the south and a second story was added in 1915. In 1959 a new building erected adjacent to the bank and a remodeling project in 1979 combined both buildings to accommodate expanding business.


Current [2000] employees include: E. L. Hert, Community President, California; David Garnett, Vice President; Sharon Flippin, Assistant Vice President; Mary Lou Scheidt, Loan Clerk; Bonnie George, Senior Financial Services Rep.; Michelle Kirchoff, Financial Services Rep.; Julie Medlin, Lead Teller; Loretta George, Teller; Stephanie Knipp, Teller; Krystal Sabartinelli, Teller; Dwena Kueffer, Teller.


TIPTON - Commerce Bank in Tipton was originally chartered in 1933 under the name Tipton Farmers Bank. A board of directors was elected and board members were paid $1 for attending each board meeting. Original board members included P. C. Flood, Chairman; A. L. Finley, A. L. Kuttenkuler, Roy Finley, and W. P. Kuttenkuler. In 1942, Joe J. Hartman was elected to the board and served until 1975. Joe J. Hartman is the father of the bank's current [2000] president, Joe E. Hartman.


The bank moved to a new location in 1955 at the corner of Morgan and Osage, where it remains today. An addition was added in 1976 and the existing building was also remodeled. In 1970, the bank merged and changed its name to Commerce Bank.


Current [2000] employees include: Joe E. Hartman, Community President, Moniteau County; Kay Moon, Assistant Vice President; Ronnette Edgar, Residential Real Estate Rep.; Tammy Knipp, Senior Financial Services Rep.; Tina Knipp, Financial Services Rep.; Linda Knipp, Loan Clerk; Karen Romig, Loan Clerk; Elaine Higgins, Lead Teller; Sharon Silvey, Teller; Elaine Higgins, Teller; Pat Moon, Teller; Charlotte Buerky, Teller.



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