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Tipton Times

(Est. 1877)



The Tipton Times is the historic publication of record for Tipton and surrounding areas of Moniteau County.  Started as the Tipton Advance in August 1871, the newspaper still publishes weekly.


From the 1889 Goodspeed's History of Moniteau. . . Counties, Missouri:

The Tipton Advance was the name of the journal projected by J. A. Browder in August, 1871.


The Tipton Times was issued March 1, 1877, by Rev. A. Marcy & Son. On his death in July, 1884, his widow and sons carried on the office, and continued regular publication until W. M. Monroe, the present editor, purchased their interest.



From the 2000 History of Moniteau County:

The founding date of the Tipton Times is cited by some sources as 1875, however, the first issue available was printed March 1, 1877 by A. Marcy and Son. Following is information reprinted from past issues of the Tipton Times.


From the April 9, 1920 issue of the Tipton Times: "The Early History of Tipton" by Miss Mina Schricker, read at the meeting of the Extension Class at the school building on March 29, 1920.


The first newspaper (in Tipton) was edited by Chas. E. Habicht. From 1871 Mr. Browder published the Tipton Advance until 1877 when A. Marcy & Son established the Tipton Times, which I think, has had only the following editors since: Mr. Walt Monroe, succeeded by his youngest son, Russell Monroe, at that time the youngest editor in the state. He sold to Mr. Joe Goddard, who was succeeded by Mrs. Goddard, until Mr. (Everett) Pizer became its editor (in 1907).


From the May 20, 1909 issue of the Tipton Times: Frank Murrey Joslyn came with his family to Tipton in March 1896. Soon afterwards he became associated with W. F. Quigley in the practice of law. In 1902 he purchased the Missouri Mail from J. M. Morris which he conducted as editor and proprietor until February 15, 1908, when he sold the plant, subscription list and good will to the writer (Everett Pizer) who consolidated the same with the Tipton Times. Mr. Joslyn, born in DeKalb County, Illinois on March 30, 1845, died at his home in Tipton May 17, 1909, leaving his wife, Ada Buckham Joslyn, and a son, John Joslyn. He was buried in the Tipton Masonic Cemetery.


From the Feb. 20, 1914 issue of the Tipton Times: The Tipton Mail was founded by charles R. White and his brother, Tennyson White, later absorbed by the Times. Charlie was born in Tipton and died in Los Angeles, Calif. on Feb. 12, 1914. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. White of near Akinsville who survived at the time of his passing.


Norris Pizer succeeded his father as publisher of the Tipton Times, and he was followed by his son-in-law and daughter, Thomas W. and Mary Jane Miller, in 1972.


The linotype method of typesetting type was replaced by Compugraphic computers, the first issue of The Times printed by the offset method on July 7, 1972. When the old equipment was sold in 1975, the office, where The Times has been located since the 1920's was remodeled.


The Millers sold the newspaper to the Vernon Publishing family of newspapers in March 1984. Dane Vernon is president of the company that also includes newspapers in Morgan and Miller counties and is publisher of The Tipton Times. Becky Holloway, who started as a reporter with the newspaper in 1980, has been editor since 1984.


Several changes in desktop equipment have been made since 1984, but the newspaper continues to be printed at the company's printing plant in Eldon. In addition to printing news the old fashioned way, Vernon Publishing maintains a website at where news from its five newspapers is updated weekly. The Tipton Times also receives new, letters and advertising by email at


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