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In the Recordings of Walker Township Cemeteries published by the Moniteau County Historical Society, on page 148, it states:
Located on the Larry Rohrbach (1980s - present) farm just off Rt D north of California. Located in Township 46, Range 15, Section 34.

The information below was provided by Iola Potts.


James Albin and Alan Sparks visited this cemetery in November, 2007. 

The cemetery is located northwest of the house, in the middle of a field near the top of a hill. It is fenced and minimally maintained. It appears only 4 graves are now marked but there would be room for at least 4 more in the fenced area.



Pictured above, Jacob Bower's stone and a field rock undoubtedly marking another grave.  At right, 2 additional field stones.


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This cemetery is on private property and is one of those cemeteries that you "have to know where it is" to find it.

Please always ask permission to visit cemeteries on private property.


It is in this area 38.714204,-92.560793


* = Calculated Date based on age; d/o = daughter of; s/o = son of; w/o = wife of; m = married


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Last Name, First Name, Middle, Birth Date, Death Date, Comments


Bower Child -- No dates listed; c/o Jacob & Elizabeth Bower
Bower Elizabeth Jane -- 1827 * - 1877 Feb 26 -- Aged 50y -- nee Bailey
Bower Infant -- No dates listed; c/o Ben & Louise Bower
Bower Infant   -- Died 1884 Sep 22 -- Aged 4hr -- c/o Ben & Louise Bower

Bower Jacob -- 1827 Sep 25 - 1862 Sep 15 -- Pic 1: Pic 2: Pic 3: Pic 4:
Bower Mary Katherine -- No dates listed; d/o Benjamin Wesley & Anna Louisa
Bower Wittman -- 1890 Mar 08 - 1903 Sep 29 -- Cem rec lists Wittman Bower; which order do the names go?



Thompson Andrew -- No dates listed; s/o Wyan Thompson
Thompson Martha -- 1856 -- No death date listed; w/o Andrew Thompson; d/o Jacob & Elizabeth Bauer


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