Moniteau County Missouri

Clark Burial Ground

Location: Township 48, Range 17, Section 28


From the Recordings of Willow Fork and Moreau Township cemeteries it states:
On a land map dated 1877, on what was then the A.M. Clark farm, was the site of the original Clark School. Across the Willow Fork Creek and about 150 yards, northeast of the original Clark School House is where this cemetery was located.

Oral history collected by Lucille Monks Layne in June 1995 is as follows:
According to Harold Collier, "I remember my Mother (Eva Henry Collier) saying that when she and Dad moved to their place in 1941, there was an old tombstone that had been dragged up to the back door at their house." Harold also remembered his Mother saying that people were buried near the original Clark School. As a girl, Eva (Henry) Collier had lived on an adjoining farm beginning in 1909, with her parents. Harold Collier showed me the tombstone mentioned above and there were no marking discernible on the stone. Harold stated that he had mowed and plowed this bottom land where the cemetery was and he had never seen any indication of graves.


In June 1995, I interviewed Maynard Beeman, Iola Potts and Harold Collier all of Tipton, MO and none of the above could identify a family name of people who might have been buried in the cemetery. Both Iola and Harold said that during this time the Petty family lived in this exact area, on a landlocked farm and the Petty children went to the original Clark school. According to Iola Potts, none of the graves could be Petty graves because she knows where all these people are buried. If you refer to the 1980 Moniteau County History book, pages 158 and 159, covering the Clark and Clark-Collier families, you will note Arch Marshall Clark came west in 1837 - married Mary Jane Chapman in 1840 and their eldest child, a son, named Arch Marshall Clark, Jr. and a younger daughter, Mary Ellen Clark, born in 1840, married Dan Collier whose family came to Missouri from Indiana during the Civil War to settle in Moniteau County. One could speculate that the A.M. Clark noted on the 1877 land map is one of the Arch Marshall Clark's noted here. One could further speculate that these graves belonged to the Clark family.


Harold Collier's (1995) farm deed covers the land owned by N.M. Chenault and A.M. Clark on the 1877 land map.


Note: There were two Clark School Houses - the original one mentioned above and the second one that was disbanded when the rural schools were consolidated in 1951.


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