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Edward Follin Family


The following information was emailed from Brenda Pike of Wellington, Florida.


The Daughters of 1812 placed a military marker on Edward Follin's grave in Spring 2006.


Below, the stones for Mary and Edward Follin in Sappington/Community Chapel cemetery south of California, Missouri.

Edward Follin was a War of 1812 Patriot.  Edward's father, John, was a Revolutionary War Patriot (See 
Edward Follin married Mary Ann Vermillion.

Edward and Mary Ann Vermillion Follin had the following children:

  1. Mary Ellen Follin - married Jesse Kindle in 1852. She died March 1, 1896.
        Children of Jesse and Mary Follin Kindle were:
            John H Kindle born August 04, 1854
            Anna E Kindle born (date unknown)
            Andrew G  Kindle born (date unknown)
            Sarah  Kindle born (date unknown); died in her 18th year
            Norris U Kindle born June 15, 1858
            William Kindle born (date unknown); died at 9 years of age

            John H Kindle married Alice Thomas, November 29, 1888.
                Children of John and Alice Thomas Kindle were:
                    Ola M Kindle born August 26, 1890
                    Sylvia Lee Kindle born July 23, 1891
                    Velma Kindle born January 1896
                    One died in infancy

            Anna E Kindle married Louis Palmer, January 4, 1881.
                Children of Louis and Anna Kindle Palmer were:
                    Dollie Palmer born August 14, 1882
                    May Palmer born February 2, 1884

            Andrew G Kindle married Eva Switzger.
                Children of Andrew and Eva Switzger Kindle were::
                    Ralph Kindle born September 1891
                    One child died in infancy

            Norris U Kindle married Laura House, August 12, 1883.
                Children of Norris and Laura House Kindle were:
                    Jesse E Kindle born October 18, 1884
                    Willie U Kindle born December 24, 1885
                    Lucille Kindle born September 25, 1887
                    Ethel E Kindle born September 8, 1889
                    Claud S Kindle born September 11, 1896
                    Nellie Kindle born September 7, 1899

  2. Benjamin F Follin married Amanda C Hall in 1864
        Children of Benjamin and Amanda Hall Follin were:
            Edward C Follin born March 21,1866; died August 4, 1895
            Rosa C Follin born July 9, 1870
            Ira D Follin born October 5, 1874
            Estelle Follin born December 17, 1876

            Rosa C Follin married Thomas Forsythe, January 2, 1894.
                Children of Thomas and Rosa Follin Forsythe were:
                    Lester Forsythe born November 10, 1894
                    Clarence Forsythe born (date unknown)

            Ira D Follin married Jessie M Follin, daughter of George E Follin (being cousins), January 29, 1895.
                Children of Ira and Jessie Follin were:
                    William Herbert Follin born May 11, 1896
                    Richard R Follin born July 5, 1898

Eliza Ann Follin married Reuben Jenkins

Above, Reuben and Eliza Jenkins stone in Sappington/Community Chapel Cemetery.


Above, a postcard noting "grandpa" Reuben Jenkins' death in 1910.

Middle picture is ________. 

Picture on the right is of various articles on Reuben and Eliza Jenkins and their obituaries.


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