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Inglish Family Cemetery listings


Located on private land about 2 miles southwest of Sandy Hook.


The Recordings of Linn Township Cemeteries states: Other graves are in this cemetery. No other information is now available as stones have been removed. Most of the data was obtained from the Inglish Family record. Information supplied by Hugh J Inglish in December 1967.



James Albin and Alan Sparks visited this cemetery on May 26, 2010.  The stones are laying inside an old metal hog house.


Various pieces of stones, some with readable inscriptions and others with nothing identifiable on them. Some of these pieces are parts of stones for people listed below.


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* = Calculated Date based on age; d/o = daughter of; s/o = son of; w/o = wife of; m = married


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Last Name, First Name, Middle, Birth Date, Death Date, Comments


Hickcox Margaret -- 1812 Dec 15 - 1868 Aug 02 -- w/o J P Martin; late wife of J F Hickcox; Stone broken; 2nd wife of J P Martin


A genealogy of this Inglish family can be found here.

Inglish Ann -- d/o John Jr & Mary Hughes Inglish; No stone found, but data thought to be correct
Inglish Hutchin B -- 1809 - 1839 Feb 04 -- s/o John Sr & Mary Inglish
Inglish Infant -- 1860 Jul 27 - 1860 Nov 25 -- Infant s/o John Inglish Jr & Mary E Inglish -- Pic 1: Pic 2: Pic 3:
Inglish Infant -- Infant s/o John Inglish Jr & Susan Martin thought to be buried here
Inglish John -- 1819 Apr 28 - 1866 May 31 -- s/o John Inglish Sr & Mary Inglish
Inglish John (Sr) -- 1776 Aug 21 - 1844 Aug 29 -- 1777 Oct - 1844 Aug 29 Aged 66y 10m on stone -- Pic 1: Pic 2: Pic 3: Pic 4:
Inglish Mary Bruton -- 1776 Aug 21 - 1850 Apr 14 -- w/o John Inglish Sr
Inglish Mary E (Hickcox) -- 1835 Feb 18 - 1881 Feb 14 -- 3rd w/o John Inglish Jr
Inglish Mary Hughes -- first w/o John Inglish Jr, thought to be buried here
Inglish Susan Martin -- 1832 -     -- 2nd w/o John Inglish Jr, thought to be buried here; born about 1832


A genealogy of this Martin family can be found here.

More data on this family can also be found here.
Martin Adam -- 1824 Aug 03 -      -- s/o Jonathan P & Polly Martin
Martin Jonathan P -- 1799 Nov 27 - 1854 Mar 07

Martin Oliver -- s/o Jonathan P & Polly Martin
Martin Polly -- 1806 May 14 - Bef 1828 Apr

 -- w/o J P Martin; d/o John Inglish Sr & Mary Inglish; she had died prior to 1828 Apr 06 when he married Margaret Shipley, his 2nd wife (no dates)


Whitley Paul -- 1782 Jul 30 - 1835 Sep 23 -- First buried in this cemetery. In 1910, body moved to Harris Cemetery in Cooper County

        -- Pictures of original and present stone in Harris Cemetery: Pic 1: Pic 2: Pic 3:


From the March 25, 1854 Jefferson City Inquirer


KILLED - Jonathan P. Martin, of Moniteau County, died a few days since from the effect of a blow received from a deck hand on the steamer Timpour No. 2. As we learn, the facts are about these: The Timpar had stopped to take on some coal from the landing of Mr. Martin, who became dissatisfied with the manner in which some of the hands filled the measure, and some words passed between him and one engaged in filling a box, when the deck hand raised his shovel and struck Mr. Martin on the head. Mr. M. did not think he was seriously hurt, and had his wound dressed without experiencing any great pain, and went to bed apparently as well as could be expected, but awoke in the morning in great pain, and in a few hours was a corpse. Mr. Martin formerly resided in this county, and was twice elected Sheriff, and afterwards elected to the House of Representatives.


From the Harris Cemetery on the Cooper County, MOGenWeb site:


The inscription on Paul Whitley's stone states: "Paul was the founder of the Whitley School Fund, Patron of Education and Friend of the Poor." Melton's "History of Cooper County, Missouri, page 285 - Paul Whitley willed his property to his wife for her life, and, at her death, it was to go to the public schools of an area now comprising Moniteau Township, Cooper County. The widow, with her nephew, Lewis Reed, moved to Texas in 1851. Returning in 1855, she died of cholera on a steamboat and was buried on a bank of the Mississippi River near Vicksburg.


Before her death, she entrusted to slave woman she owned, $2,000 in gold. The slave woman, with a Negro man, later known as Alex Crum because he was bought by Anderson Crum of Moniteau County and several slave children, returned to Pisgah, Cooper County. There, the Negro woman turned over to David Jones, executor of the Whitley estate, the gold she had carried in a belt around her waist, and surrendered herself and the children to be sold. Proceeds from the slave sale were applied to the fund, in all amounting to $13,000.


In 1910, the Cooper County court, appropriated $1,000 to remove Paul Whitley's body to Harris Cemetery, south of Prairie Home and to erect an impressive monument. The court also set aside $300, interest from which is used for permanent upkeep of the grave."



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