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Phillips Cemetery listings


The Phillips cemetery is located south-southwest of High Point in Township 43, Range 15, Section 29. 

GPS Coordinates: 38 26.582  -92 36.752


This cemetery is not in the Moniteau County Cemetery books.



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Directions to cemetery: From High Point, go west on Hwy C until coming to the intersection with Cedar Trail Rd. It is approx. 2.85 miles from Hwy 87-Rt C junction to Cedar Trail Rd. Turn left (south) and travel approximately 2.23 miles until coming to a creek. Just before getting to the creek, there will be a double gate. The cemetery will be up the hill in the field with a couple of trees, as seen to the left of center in far left picture above.  This cemetery is on private property - remember to always get permission prior to visiting and always respect others property including land and livestock.


The stones are all laying flat next to a couple of trees. Marie Wood and James Albin visited this cemetery in February 2006. Alan Sparks and James Albin visited the cemetery March 10, 2006 and October 12, 2009 when the pictures were taken.



* = Calculated Date based on age; d/o = daughter of; s/o = son of; w/o = wife of; m = married


= Click for picture


Last Name, First Name, Middle, Birth Date, Death Date, Comments

Denny Sarah H -- 1835 Oct 12 - 1859 Feb  -- w/o John W Denny -- Pic 1: Pic 2: Pic 3: Pic 4: Pic 5:


Phillips Ann -- 1824 Jan 03 - 1852 Feb 13 -- d/o George & Ann Phillips -- Pic 1: Pic 2: Pic 3: Pic 4: Pic 5:
Phillips George -- 1796 Mar 18 - 1884 Dec 08 -- Aged 88y -- Only footstone with G P; Probably George Phillips
Phillips James T -- 1826 Nov 06 - 1852 Apr 26 -- s/o George & Ann Phillips -- Pic 1: Pic 2: Pic 3: Pic 4:
Phillips Lucy -- 1805 -     -- Only footstone with L P; Probably Lucy Phillips; w/o George Phillips


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