Clarksburg Baptist Church (1876-Present)



From Moniteau County Missouri History 2000:

Clarksburg Baptist Church was established March 26, 1876 by eight Charter Members, three from Mt Pleasant Baptist Church. These were Rev J B Box, Rev Nicholas Allee and Deacon John Allee. One history lists the first pastor as Rev Allee and another has Rev Box serving. Bro James Lander was elected the first clerk.


From the records:

We the undersigned Presbytery do hereby certify that James A Lander, Mary A Lander, E T Renshaw, Elizabeth Renshaw, Elizabeth Siegenthaler, and E G Renshaw, known to be members of the Baptist Church at Clarksburg, on the fourth Sunday in March, 1876, by the undersigned Presbytery

James B Box

Nicholas Allee


This church was accepted into Concord Baptist Association in 1877. Baptists in Clarksburg first worshiped with Methodist, Christians and Presbyterians in the Union Church, whose building was erected in 1874. Later Baptists built their own church building to house the establishment of Clarksburg Baptist Church in 1876. Another church history dates the dedication of this building as April 1882 with Rev Palmer preaching. It may have taken that long to finish the building. Meantime, services were held in Clarksburg Baptist College.


The church drew up some resolutions pertaining to the conduct and discipline of its members: gambling, drunkenness, profanity and dancing were the sins stated in the resolutions.


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