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From Goodspeed's 1889 History of Cole, Moniteau, etc Counties, Missouri:

The oldest record of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Tip≠ton is dated April 9, 1864. J. C. Smith was then presiding elder; J. Laughran, preacher; I. S. Ferguson, David Wilson, Z. Yard, A. Hoy and Joseph Enos, members. At this time I. S. Ferguson was chosen recording steward, and was licensed to preach. The several classes of the circuit were Syracuse, High Point, Clark's Station, California, Proctor, Moreau and Hopewell, the tax derivable from all being $405. In 1865 T. H. Haggerty was presiding elder, with J. E. Gardner, preacher: Ferguson and Newcomb, local preachers; W. H. Conn and L. Newcomb, stewards. In April, of this year, the Tipton Sunday-school claimed fifty-five scholars and nine teachers, with a library of ninety-four volumes. T. McMeekin was superintendent, and James Harker, secretary. In September W. N. Miller was appointed steward of the High Point class, T. J. Hart of the California class, and R. Campbell of the Syracuse class. In December, 1865, Moniteau, Russellville and Versailles are named as belonging to this circuit, and in 1867, Otterville. At California the few members worshiped in the Baptist Church and at Tipton and Clarksburg in the school-house. In September, 1867, a great camp-meeting was held at Proctor, south of Versailles. C. M. Holliday was then a superannuated elder. In 1868 Excelsior and Cave Mill classes were added to the circuit. In July, 1868, William Demott was circuit preacher, the enrolled membership 115, including the new class at McGills (later called Oak Grove and now Green Grove). In May, 1869, Rev. M. Sorin was elder; Penn Station was added to the circuit, and in August Ben Hill, a colored man, was licensed to preach. The building at Tipton was completed in 1870. In 1871 A. Manship was pastor, with Dr. A. O. Magill, local preacher. In 1872 J. K. Tuttle was presiding elder, and A. Wakeman, pastor, who in 1873 gave place to J. W. Johnson. In 1875 L. Jean was preacher, and the name of A. Thomas appears as trustee. In 1876 C. M. Holliday was preacher, and W. K. Marshall, elder, but in May A. H. Parker signs the pastor's report. J. N. Pierce was elder and J. W. Grant was pastor in 1878 and in 1879 the latterís place was occupied by W. G. Cowan. In 1881 O. M. Stewart presided, with J. B. Daniel preacher in charge, the latter succeeded in 1882 by J. S. Porter and the former in 1883 by William Stephens. In June, 1884, E. W. Howell signs the pastorís report; in 1885, J. K. Tuttle; in 1886, W. G. Cowan and S. B. Campbell. The presiding elder in 1887 was W. K. Collins, and the pastor, W. B. Wood. The latter gave place to Herbert Haynes in 1888, who in turn was replaced by A. P. Sail away in 1889, with W. M. Ferguson secretary of the con≠ference.


From Ford's 1936 History of Moniteau County:

The Tipton Methodist Church was organized prior to 1864, the first record available being April 9, of that year. At that date J. C. Smith was presiding elder, J. Laughram pastor, I. S. Ferguson., David Wilson, Z. Yard. A. Hoy and Joseph Enos members. At that time I. S. Ferguson was chosen recording steward and licensed to preach. A church building was completed in 1870.


From the 1980 History of Moniteau County:

The First Methodist Sunday School in Tipton was organized in the home of Andrew Atkenson who lived 5 miles southeast of Tipton, The exact date is not known, but it occurred sometime between 1840 and 1855. After a time, the group organized a church and were served by a Circuit rider minister. Mr. Atkenson paid the salary of the minister until the new church was able to take care of its own financial obligations.


The first church services were held in Tipton's public school, then located on Morgan Street. The first Methodist Church building in Tipton was dedicated In December 1870. It was located on Osage Street, just north of the present post office. The first parsonage was built on the corner of Osage and Morgan Streets, next to the church building.


Some of the early members of the congregation, besides Mr. Atkenson, were Mrs. Mary Atkenson Charles, Isaac Shelby Ferguson, Jane Atkenson, Sarah Atkenson, George and William Nation Atkenson.


In 1904 the parsonage was moved to a lot on Cooper Street that was donated to the church by W. M. Ferguson. It was moved to make room for a new church building which was constructed on the corner lot. The new church building was dedicated on September 24, 1905, by the presiding Elder of the district, Rev. E. J. Hunt., Rev. A. M. Crippen was the pastor during this period of building and relocation.


In June 1941, a basement was excavated under the church building, with practically all the labor being donated by members and friends of the congregation. In June 1954, ground was broken for a five room annex for Sunday School rooms which was added onto the north of the church building. Rev. M. A. Thomas was pastor of the charge at this time. Dedication of the annex was delayed until Sunday, May 7, 1956, so that Bishop Eugene M. Frank would be present for the dedicatory services. The annex was built and paid for in less than a year at an approximate cost of $6.500 by a congregation of less than 100 members.


In 1950 a new parsonage was built on Randolph Street on a lot purchased from Mrs. Roy Finley The parsonage was built and paid for within a year at a cost of $11,000 Rev. N Dark Holt was pastor at this time.


In 1962, the Methodists sold their church building and constructed the present building on U.S. Highway 50. A new parsonage was built south of the church building in 1972.


Rev. Ralph H LaForge holds the record for the longest pastorate of 10 years (1968-1978) Other pastors who served long pastorates during the history of the church include Rev. J. T. Ricketts, Rev. M. A. Thomas, and Rev. Joe T. Lightner. Rev. Asher W. McDaniel is the present pastor, having served the Tipton United Methodist Church since August 1, 1978.


From The Illustrated History of Tipton, Missouri 1858-2008:

The first Methodist Sunday School was organized sometime between 1840 and 1855 by Andrew Atkenson in his home five miles southwest of Tipton. The group continued to meet each week and later organized a church, served by a circuit rider, paid by Mr. Atkenson until the group could afford to hire a regular pastor.


In the new town of Tipton services were held in Tipton's Union church/school building on Morgan Street. According to a history in the December 21, 1923 Tipton Times, the charter members included Nelson Brown and wife; Mr. Enos and wife; Tobias Newkirk and wife and two sons, Andrew and Calvin; Isaac Ferguson and daughter, Angeline; Thomas Petree, Elizabeth Dubbs, Margaret Kelley, and Mary Atkenson (Charles).


The first building was dedicated in December 1870. The parsonage was located on the northwest corner of Osage and Morgan streets with the church on the next lot north.


In 1893, a revival held at the church was deeemed "the most remarkable meeting Tipton has seen for years." The novice preacher was Rev. Anthony McClanahan, a Tipton boy, who had been engaged in the railway mail service for 8-10 years. He appealed to men and women "to turn to God and live better lives ... As a result of his labors, there were seventy conversions and twenty-five additions ... One feature of the meeting was the union of several members of the M.E. Church, South, with the M.E. congregation."


A lot on Cooper Street was donated by W.M. Ferguson and the parsonage was moved there around 1904 to make room for a new church. The church building was moved slightly north on Osage Avenue and turned into a business. Emmett Snorgrass' Pantatorium was located there for many years and it is still in use today as a business building.


Rev. A. M. Crippen was the pastor serving during the relocation and building project. He served both Fortuna and Tipton Methodist churches. The white frame building was dedicated on September 24, 1905 by the Presiding Elder of the District, Rev. E. J. Hunt. It was debt-free as no Methodist church building may be dedicated until all debts have been paid.


In June 1941, a basement was excavated under the church with most of the labor donated by members and friends of the congregation. In June 1954, ground was broken for a five-room annex on the north side of the church building. Rev. M. A. Thomas was pastor in charge at the time of this building program and George Newkirk supervised the construction. It was erected at a cost of $6,500. The annex was dedicated on May 7, 1956 by Bishop Eugene M. Frank of St. Louis.


In 1956 Rev. N. Clark Holt held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new parsonage on Randolph Street, just west of Ferguson Avenue, on a lot purchased from Mrs. Roy Finley. That new parsonage cost $11,000, which was paid off in less than a year. The old parsonage was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Dueber.


In 1962, a new, modern building was erected on a two-acre lot on the south side of Highway 50, just east of Park Avenue purchased from John Braden for an estimated $55,000. The structure was designed by Burl Sammons of Sedalia and built by Borchers and Heimsoth of Cole Camp at a cost of $70,000. It was dedicated on May 27, 1962, by Bishop Eugene M. Frank of St. Louis. The pastor at the time was Rev. Joe Lightner. Nelson Stonner was chairman of the church board.


The main auditorium had a capacity of 200 in the pews with an overflow area for 60 or more in adjoining classrooms with sliding doors. The buildings included nine rooms besides the auditorium, including the pasotr's sudy, classrooms, fellowship hall with kitchen, and restrooms.


A new pasonage was erected in 1972 directly south of the church, but facing Briar Lane. A sidewalk joins it to the church. Land for the parsonage was given to the church by Ewald Fischer.


The longest serving pastor was Rev. Ralph H. LaForge, who served ten years from 1968-1978. The pastor in 2008 is Robert Bullock. He has served both the Tipton and Fortuna churches since July 1, 2006.


There have been more than 40 different pastors at the Tipton United Methodist Church.


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