California Congregational Church (May 11, 1867 - June 17, 1883)

Merged with Presbyterian Church in 1883


From the March 11, 1880 California Democrat:


Congregational Church - Rev. J. W__, Pastor. Services regularly every 2d and 4th Sunday in each month at 11 o'clock A.M. Sabbath School regularly every Sunday at 3 o'clock P.M.


Part of an article from the April 9, 1914 Moniteau County Herald newspaper:

The New Presbyterian Church

Dedicated to His Service, Imposing and Attractive


On June 17, 1883, took place the union with the Congregational church of California. The Congregational church was organized May 11, 1867, with seven members, Mrs. Charlotte Moore being the only surviving member. The first pastor was Rev. F. G. Sherrill from 1868 to 1876. By this union the following persons were received into the membership of the Presbyterian Church: A. B. Stevenson, Mrs. Lydia J. Stevenson, Miss Emma J. Stevenson, H. B. Stevenson, Adam J. Light, Mrs. Carloine Light, John W. Moore, Mrs. Charlotte W. Moore, John M. Williams, and Mrs. Alice G. Williams.


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