Presbyterian Church (1869-April 26, 1970)

High Point



From the High Point Community History:

Copy on file at the Moniteau County Historical Society


The Presbyterian Church was organized in 1872. Rev. James Young was the first minister and had great influence in organizing the church. Early members were the Newton, McNair, Hale, Snyder, and Parkes families. Families who became members later were the Finkes, Tisings, Morris, Shorts, Kays, Gracy, Davenports, Phillips, E J Giers, Heggs and Nails.


Church was held once a month and Sunday School every Sunday. Mrs. Lula Short was superintendent and teacher for many years. The Christian Church didn't have a Sunday School so they came to the Presbyterian Sunday School. Families who came were the Williams, Normans, Collins, Miller, McGills, and Sappingtons.


The church also had a Ladies Aid Society. They met once a month in the members homes. A big event was the Chrysanthemum show. It was held each November. The ladies worked all summer to see who could grow the biggest, most beautiful mum. A ribbon was given for a prize.


The young people would put on a play as a part of the mum show. This event was held in Tising's machine shed located directly behind the store. The ladies served oyster stew and homemade ice cream. A very large crowd attended these shows. The last one was held in 1941.


In the summer, late July or August, and ice cream supper was held. People came from miles around to eat good homemade ice cream and cake. The money made from these two events was used for the upkeep of the church.


The church remained active through the years and had an annual Christmas program. As membership continued to decrease the church finally disbanded in 1970. The Presbyterian Church was located at the west edge of High Point on property now owned by Kenneth Porter.



From the August 20, 1935 California Democrat:

On only three occasions has there been no session of the school during the 50 years it has been operating. Each of these times the weather was such as to make it impossible. Once it was 36 degrees below zero.


The High Point Presbyterian church was organized April 15, 1868, by the Rev. James Young, Presbyterian minister who lived in the High Point community 17 years, afterwards locating in Crawford County, Indiana, where he died. The present [1935] church building was erected a few years after that. In those days the Methodists had a church at High Point and conducted a Sunday school and most of the Presbyterians attended it until they organized their own in 1885. Reverend Young was the first pastor of the church and also preached at Linn Creek. Mrs. W. B. Hale is his daughter.


Years ago the High Point Sunday school was nicknamed "The Evergreen Sabbath School" by the Presbytery.


Miss Nell Young of Broken Arrow, Okla., another daughter of the Rev. Mr. Young, is an elder in the High Point church, having been the second woman in the United States to be made an Elder. Only in recent years have women in the Presbyterian church been permitted to hold the office of Elder.


There is one other elder, W. B. Hale and J. M. Short is the only deacon.


One of the activities of the church is the annual Chrysanthemum Show at High Point, sponsored by the ladies aid. This show is now 33 years old. A Christmas program is given annually.


The Rev. Neil S. Baughman of Sedalia is pastor of the church, preaching there one Sunday evening each month. It is said that while his salary is small, he is never allowed to return to his home without his monthly pay having been tendered. The church is never in debt.



In the March 19, 1953 California Democrat, the pastor is listed as Louis W Drake.



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Note: The dates of organization and disbandment come from the Presbyterian Church USA History website. According to the website, the records for this church are held at the Presbyterian Historical Society, 425 Lombard St., Philadelphia, PA.



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