Sweetwater Christian Church (1843-1896)

Shiloh Christian Church (1896-1960's)

As of 2000, still hold annual meeting

North of California on Hwy N


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From Ford's 1936 History of Moniteau County:


Shiloh church was organized at old Sweetwater, southeast of its present location, in August 1843 with the following charter members: John McNew, Rachel McNew, Charles Smith, Alcy Smith, N A Davis, Nancy Davis, Mary Inglish, Malinda Gouge, James Gouge, Mary Ann Gouge, Jane Powell, Margaret Lamb, Abigail Davis, Phoeby Hickam and Susie Hickam.


The location was a central one at the time the first church was built. The center of the population of the congregation shifted, however, and in 1896 the present Shiloh church was built and a reorganization effected.


From the 1980 History of Moniteau County:

Shiloh Christian church was organized March 30, 1896, from the old Sweetwater Church which was established in August, 1843, by fifteen members who agreed "to live together for the Lord." They took both the Old and New Testaments for their only rule and guide of faith and practice.


The first meetings were held in the Sweetwater Church, and later, in the Shiloh school house. The movement to reorganize the church and to erect a new building was launched by Rev. J D Greer, who had just completed a successful series of meetings in the school building, March, 1896.


At a meeting, called by Rev. Greer, a motion was made, and carried, to erect a "new house of worship" on the present site and to call it Shiloh."


The first officers that were selected are: Elders: John Inglish, Edward Williams, and J P Miller. Deacons: William Fuget, Henry Baushhausen, Milton Inglish, R L Crum and Nathan Williams. Members of the building committee were: Dr. J E Inglish, Judge John Inglish, J P Miller, Marion Elliott and Lewis Harman.


The building committee was given the authority to collect money and build a church, "according to their best judgment as to the present and future needs of the community." It is to this committee that we are indebted for the building that now stands as the Shiloh Christian Church.


From the 2000 History of Moniteau County:


The Shiloh Christian Church, northeast of California on Route N, celebrated its sesquicentennial on Sunday, October 3, 1993. . .


. . . With the coming of the railroad, a number of the members in the southern part of the territory sold their farms to persons who had come in as employees of the construction outfits, and moved further north. . .


The plot of ground for the cemetery, across the road from the church, was purchased in 1897. Mr. William Sartain was the first person to be buried there in 1897.


In addition to the church, the school house still stands on the property. The Shiloh school district first held classes in 1873, with the first teacher, Miss M T Hudson, and 59 pupils. The number of pupils increased so rapidly to over 100, that a second room was built in 1888. The wall between these two rooms was later removed to make one big room.


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