Union Baptist Church (1822-1960)

West of Jamestown

Merged w/Mt Zion Baptist Church in 1960 to form Jamestown Baptist Church


History of Jamestown, Missouri 1837-1987:


The year Missouri was admitted to statehood, 1821, elder John B Longan with his family moved from Cooper County and settled on his farm in Cole County (now Moniteau). As soon as he had his cabin home in order he invited his friends to assemble with him for religious worship. On August 31, 1822 "The United Baptist Church of Cole County" was organized.


The first church was built near a big spring known as Bodman Spring on the Hardin Redick farm. About 1828 the house and all the records for seven and one-half years were destroyed by fire. It was then decided to move the church to a more central location about a mile and one-half south, now the Union cemetery site, and build another log church. In a period of sixteen years the church had 134 members and needed to build another.


The third church was built between 1858 and 1865. The second one was set apart for black people.


The fourth church, built in 1888, a frame 30' x 40' is now part of the Jamestown Baptist Church in Jamestown.


In April 1960 Union Baptist Church and Mt Zion Baptist Church, north of Jamestown, each voted to consolidate and form a new church in Jamestown. Mt Zion Baptist Church was built in 1924.


On February 26, 1962, the Jamestown Baptist Church was incorporated and the Union Baptist Church was moved into Jamestown to be used as the auditorium. A basement and new education rooms were added at this time.


In 1986 a new baptistery, choir area and storage rooms were added to the auditorium.


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