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Moniteau County Judges/Commissioners

Below are brief biographical sketches of deceased Moniteau County Judges/Commissioners.

From the time Moniteau County was created in 1845 until 1984, the job of today's County Commissioner was called County Judge.


These were presented at the annual Chamber of Commerce Dinner in the fall of 2007.  The material presented here was researched by James Albin and taken from obituaries and cemetery records, among other sources.


Buford Allee – Buford was born December 4, 1823, the son of William Allee. He spent his entire life in Moniteau County. He was a farmer. He was married three times. He died February 13, 1908 and is buried in the Allee Cemetery, part of his fathers farm.


James Inglish – James was born in Tennessee and came to Missouri in 1815. He was a farmer and served on the county court from 1845-1854. He also served in the general assembly as a representative. His wife was Mary Vivion a daughter of Isaiah Vivion who was one of the earliest settlers in what became Moniteau County. He died August 21, 1876.


Drury Venable – There is a Drury Venable who lived in Pilot Grove Twp in 1860. He was married to Shaney Fry July 2, 1837 in Cooper County. He was a farmer and had several children. He must have left the county some time in the 1860’s.


Charles Hart – Charles was one of four Hart brothers who came to Moniteau County in the 1850’s. He was a native of  Pennsylvania. During the Civil War he moved to St Louis, then to Iron County. He was serving as a judge of the county court there, when he died at the age of 78 in June, 1896.


Miles Allee – Miles was born February 7, 1828 and spent his life in the county. He served on the county court and was elected probate judge in 1866, serving for twenty five years. He was married twice, to Mary Byler and Eliza Hill. He died November 4, 1898 and is buried in the Allee Cemetery.


Hampton Brown – Hampton was born September 1, 1831 in Cooper County. He was a county official when the court house was built in 1868. He was a member of the Baptist Church in Tipton. His wife was Rowena Stephens and they had four children. He died May 10, 1920 and is buried in the Tipton Odd Fellows Cemetery.


Henry Twiehaus – Henry was born June 9, 1820 at Westfallen Germany. He came to America in 1838. He served on the county court and several years as a justice of the peace.  His first wife was Engel Strattman and his second wife was Margaretta Lenkening. He died September 4, 1905 and is buried in the California Evangelical Cemetery.


Peter Nickles – Peter was born July 7, 1824 in Switzerland, coming to America in 1847. He learned to make shoes when he was young. He settled in Jamestown by 1857, becoming a business man. He owned a hotel and then the Brown Store which later became part of the Jamestown Mercantile Store. His wife was Maria Gross and they had six children. He died April 3, 1904 and is buried in the Grace Methodist Cemetery in Jamestown


Hilliard Henry Hudson – Henry was born March 17, 1821. He came to Moniteau County in 1845. He was a deputy tax collector for Linn Township before his service on the county court. Hilliard and his wife had eight children. He died July 27, 1881 and is buried in Mt Zion Cemetery near Jamestown.


Andrew J Hudson – Andrew was born January 8, 1845. He served during the Civil War on the confederate side. His father Hilliard died in office and Andrew was appointed by Governor Crittenden to fill out his father's term. He ran for office after this term and was elected to continue as a judge. His wife was Sallie Bruce. He died October 30, 1921 and is buried in Mt Zion Cemetery near Jamestown.


Newton Jasper Robertson – Newton was born September 7, 1840 near Russellville. He was engaged in the lumber and mercantile business at Clarksburg a few years. He lived on a farm near Union Church for forty five years. His wife was Catherine Russell and they had eleven children. He died June 5, 1912 and is buried in the Union Christian Cemetery near High Point.


Judson Boyd – Judson was born February 6, 1853 in Lagrange, Indiana. He came with his parents to Missouri after the Civil War and settled on a farm northwest of Versailles. He resided in the state of California for a while, returned to Versailles and then moved to Tipton in 1878. He was in business in Tipton, helped organize the first telephone company in Tipton and served as mayor. He was serving his second term as post master at Tipton when he died August 31, 1914. His wife was Eva Blanchard. He is buried in the Tipton Odd Fellows Cemetery.


John Ziebold – John was born December 23, 1837 in Wagenstadt Germany. He came to the United States in the 1850’s, settling on Ohio, coming to Moniteau County in 1861. He resided on a farm near Clarksburg before moving to California and purchasing a house. His wife was Marie Schnaiter. He died January 1, 1911 and is buried in the California Odd Fellows Cemetery.


Joseph Taylor – Joseph was born June 17, 1838 in Miller County. After serving on the confederate side during the Civil War, he resided in Lincoln County, Arkansas. He was elected as sheriff of that county. He moved to Moniteau County in 1881. He was elected in 1898 as a judge of the county court. He died March 7, 1906 and is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery.


Absalom Jefferson Renshaw – Absalom was born December 3, 1845 near Tipton. In 1902 he ran against Joseph Taylor and was elected as judge of the county court. His wife was Geneva Crawford. He died October 24, 1905 and is buried in the Tipton Masonic Cemetery.


William Jasper Fulks – William was born January 27, 1846 on a farm near Bethel Mennonite church. He moved to California at the age of 19. He started in business in California in 1873. He started at the Beam & Pierson store purchasing half interest in the store. Eventually it became the W J Fulks mercantile company. He was in business at this location nearly fifty seven years. He was elected county treasurer in 1882, in 1886 as sheriff and 1888 as collector. In 1905 when Jeff Renshaw died, he was appointed to the position as county judge.  He served out that term and was elected and served until 1910. His wife was Sarah Sappington.  He died March 10, 1930 and is buried in the California Masonic Cemetery.


John Jacob Scheurer – John was born September 10, 1848 in Switzerland. He came to America in 1866. He was a farmer, He served as a district judge from 1902-1904, the elected as presiding judge in 1910. He was married to Annie Steiner and after her death to Annie Gentzsch, He died November 21, 1917 and is buried in the Kubli Cemetery.


Edward Nischwitz – Edward was born January 20, 1866 in California. He followed his father in the cabinet making and furniture business. They also ran an undertaking business. His store burned in 1921 and he didn’t rebuild. He became a furniture salesman and maintained interest in several farms. He was an alderman in California and mayor in 1907-08. He was elected presiding judge of the county court in 1914, serving eight years. His wife was Selma Ehrhardt.  He died April 19, 1941 and is buried in St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery in California.


Daniel Boone Baxter – Daniel was born April 25, 1862 in Cooper County. He attended Clarksburg College. He taught school and farmed. He was elected county collector in 1897 and 1899. He was elected presiding judge in 1922 and served four years. His wife was Lucy McDaniel. He died June 12, 1938 from injuries sustained in an automobile accident and is buried in Green Grove Cemetery.


Joseph Savage Robertson – Joseph was born September 7, 1866 near Latham. He spent his life after marriage on a farm near Union church, moved to Clarksburg and then to a place near California. He served on the county court over twenty years, retiring December 31, 1946 at age eighty. His father served two terms on the county court. He died July 3, 1953 and is buried in Hickman Cemetery near Clarksburg.


John Wesley Lawson – John was born Oct 17, 1885 near the Moniteau Advent Church. He served as clerk of Oak Grove School. He was elected judge in 1946 and again in 1950.  He was never married.  He died January 28, 1952 and is buried in the Moniteau Advent Cemetery.


Porter Donley – Porter was born June 3, 1900. He had a farm southwest of California. He served two terms as presiding judge of the county court. He was married to Ellen Gish. He died February 24 , 1976 and is buried in Hickman Cemetery at Clarksburg.


Charley Stock – Charley was born June 8, 1904, north of Jamestown. He was a farmer for several years. He was elected presiding judge in 1962 and served until 1982. He was married to Clara Reuszer. He passed away April 1, 1991 and is buried in St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery.


John George Albin – George was born January 22, 1932 in Cooper County, north of Clarksburg. He served in the army during World War II. He farmed, raised cattle and drove a truck for Ralston Purina. He was appointed to fill the position of second district commissioner when Gene Wilson died in office. He ran for presiding commissioner in 1982 and was elected serving one term. He was married to Edna Miller from Kansas. After her death in 1982, he married Clara Moody. George and Edna were the parents of seven children. He passed away April 21, 2005 and is buried in Hickman Cemetery near Clarksburg.


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