Moniteau County Missouri

1886 County Death Records


BAHRENBERG, MRS. CATHERINE.  Died 21 Jan 1886.  4PM.  35y, 4m, l7d.  Married.  Female.  White.  Housewife.  American.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: at Parsonage, Jamestown, MO.  Cause: Pernicious Anemia.  Buried: 23 Jan 1886, Jamestown, MO.  L. M. Harrison, MD of Jamestown.  Reported 25 Feb 1886.


BAILEY, BABE OF COMMODORE & MARY E.  Died 6 Feb 1886.  2AM.  2 hours old.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau.  Resident: 2 hrs.  Died: Moreau Twp.  Cause: Premature birth caused by excess of liquor amnii-period of jestation 7 months - Feble Vital Powers.  Mt. Moriah Cem by friends.  J. B. Stewart MD of Clarksburg.  Reported 4 Mar 1886.


BENTON, WM.  Died 16 Aug 1886.  21y, 3m, 10d.  Single.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  Resident: 21 yrs.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Consumption, No date or place of burial entered.  W. M. Sterling, MD High Point.  Reported 22 Nov 1886.


BRIZENDINE, JOHN.  Died 27 Feb 1886.  2:20AM.  6y.  Single.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Texas.  Resident: 6 months.  Died: High Point.  Cause: Heart Clot - Had been sick 3 days with remittent fever, but had subsided and patient convalencent.  Buried: Feb 1886, High Point.  W. M. Sterling, MD of High Point.  Reported 6 Mar 1886.


CARPENTER, BELLE.  Died 13 Apr 1886.  22y, 2m.  Female.  Black.  American.  Born: Kentucky.  Resident: 6 years.  Died: Moniteau Co.  Cause: Phthisis Pulmonalia.  Buried: 14 Apr 1886, Porter Graveyard.  M. Stoddard of Pleasant Mt MO.  Reported 11 May 1886.


CARPENTER, ROBERT.  Died 16 Feb 1886.  5PM.  About 40y.  Widower.  Male.  Black.  Farmer.  Born: Unknown.  Died: Harrison Twp . Cause: Nephritis.  Buried: 17 Feb 1886, Porters.  Undertaker: M. Stoddard of Olean.  H. H. Brockman, MD of Pleasant Mt. MO.  Reported 17 Mar 1886.


CLENNIN, GOTHEIB NICHOLAS.  Died 8 Jun 1886.  5PM.  30y.  Married.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Tuscarawas Co. Ohio.  Resident: 20 yrs.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Pachy Meningitis.  Buried: 8 Jun 1886. Rohrbach Graveyard.  Undertaker: C.F. Nischwitz of Calif. L.F.Cray and J.F.H. Gray of Calif. Reported 12 Jun 1886.


CORDER, THOMAS.  Died 6 Mar 1886.  3PM.  80y, 4m, 12d.  Married.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Virginia.  Resident: about 46 yrs.  Died: Pilot Grove Twp.  Cause: Senile Debility.  Buried: 8 Mar 1886, Sappington Grave Yard.  Undertaker: William Jobe, Pilot Grove Twp.  W. J. Bybee, MD of Pilot Grove Twp.  Reported 19 Mar 1886.


CRUM, ISABELL JANE.  Died 2 Apr 1886.  7PM.  65y, 7m, 9d.  Widow.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Ohio.  Resident: 40 years.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Consumption.  Buried: 4 Apr 1886 Old Salem.  Undertaker: C.F. Nischwitz of Calif. J.E. Inglish of Moniteau Co. Reported 1 May 1886.


DEAKINS, AMANDA.  Died 7 Aug 1886.  3AM.  52y, 17d.  Married.  Female.  White.  Housewife.  American.  Born: Missouri.  Resident: 52 yrs.  Died: Jamestown.  Cause: Pencopmommia.  Buried: Union Church Grave Yard - no date given.  Undertaker: Heck & Heyssel of Jamestown.  J. L. Morrison of Jamestown.  Reported 18 Aug 1886.


ENLOE, BENJ. E.   Died 21 Apr 1886.  10AM.  1y, 14d.  Single.  Boy.  White.  American.  Born: Burris Fork Twp.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Buried: 22 Apr 1886 Enloe Cem.  Undertaker: Isaac Van pool of Russellville, MO.  J. B. Martin of Russellville, MO.  Reported 11 May 1886.


ENLOE, HARRIET A.  Died 17 Jan 1886.  7AM.  6m, 21d.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Burris Fork Twp.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: I did not see her in her last sickness but from the history of the case, I suppose she had Dysengtary as she was troubled with that all her life.  Buried: 18 Jan 1886, Enloe Graveyard.  Undertaker: David Van pool, Burris Fork Twp.  J. B. Martin MD of Russellville.  Reported 12 Feb 1886.


GERHARDT, THOMAS.  Died 24 Mar 1886.  9:25PM.  65y.  Widower.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  German.  Born: Westphalia Prussia.  Resident: 30 years.  Died: Moreau Twp.  Cause: Embolism.  Buried: 27 Mar 1886, Catholic Church Cem.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz of California.  Burke & Priest of California.  Reported 22 Apr 1886.


GRAHAM, A. L.   Died 15 Dec 1886.  5AM.  45y.  Married.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Jefferson Co, KY.  Died: Moniteau Co.  Cause: Thought to be internal hemmorage.  Resident: 31 yrs.  Buried: 16 Dec 1886 Morrow Cem.  Undertaker: B. Woodrum, Tipton.  Finis McClanahan, Tipton.  Reported 11 Jan 1887.


HAMPTON, JOBE.  Died 5 Jan 1886.  4AM.  82y, 11m, 23d.  Widower.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Coke Co, Tenn.  Resident: 50 yrs.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Consumption.  Buried: 6 Jan 1886 Old Salem Church.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz of Calif.  J. P. H. Gray MD of Calif.  Reported 12 Feb 1886.


HARVY, MARY E.  Died 23 Nov 1886.  7PM.  22d.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Linn Twp.  Resident: 22 days.  Died: Linn Twp.  Cause: Pneumonia Fever.  Buried: 24 Nov 1886, Jamestown.  Undertaker: Jamestown Merc. Co.  J. E. Inglish of Moniteau Co.  Reported 18 Dec 1886.


HEINRICH, CATHRINE M.  Died 28 Nov 1886.  5PM.  16y, 11m, 9d.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Resident: 16 yrs.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Malarial Fever.  Buried: German Evangelican Church, Linn Twp.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz of California.  H. B. Gray, 4 miles north California.  Reported 9 Dec 1886.


HENRY, ESTHER JANE.  Died 9 Aug 1886.  1PM.  51y, 5m, 17d.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Miffrin? Co. PA.  Resident: 19 yrs.  Died: Tipton.  Cause: Dropsy.  Buried: 10 Aug 1886 Adellows Cemetery.  Undertaker: B. Woodrum.  Finis McClanahan, Tipton.  Reported 7 Sep 1886.


HOBRECHT ALBERT.  Died 28 Nov 1886.  3PM.  44y, 3m, 12d.  Married.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Cooper Co.  Resident: 44 yrs.  Died: California.  Cause: Congestion of the Stomach.  Buried: 30 Nov 1886, City Cem. California.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  M. M. Prentiss, California.  Reported 11 Dec 1886.


HOLDERMAN, MARY ETA.  Died 25 Sep 1886.  8PM.  15d.  Single.  Female.  White.  Missourian.  Born: Linn Twp.  Resident: 15 days.  Died: Linn Twp.  Cause: Congestion of the lungs.  Buried: 26 Sep 1886, Jamestown.  Undertaker: Heck & Heysell, Jamestown.  J. E. Inglish, Moniteau Co.  Reported 28 Oct 1886.


HOWARD, LUTHER.  Died 15 Mar 1886.  2:30AM.  9y, 5m, 10d.  Single.  Male.  Colored.  American.  Born: California.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Harrison Twp but then is crossed out.  Cause: Phthisis Pulmonalis.  Immediate cause Bronchitis caused by exposure.  Buried: 15 Mar 1886 Potters field, California.  Undertaker: Henry Twiehaus.  M. M. Prentiss MD of Calif.  Reported 27 Mar 1886.


HOWARD, RHAY.  Died 22 Nov 1886.  1y, 4m.  Male.  Colored.  American.  Born: Tipton.  Died: Tipton.  Cause: Deformity and Whooping cough.  Buried: 23 Nov 1886 Tipton.  Undertaker: B. Woodrum, Tipton.  Finis McClanahan, Tipton.  Reported 4 Jan 1887.


HUME, JAMES L.  Died 3 Mar 1886.  7PM.  21y, 3m.  Single.  Male.  White.  Laborer.  American.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: California.  Cause: Consumption.  Buried: 8 Mar 1886, High Point.  E. L. Priest m of Calif.  Reported 10 Mar 1886.


HUTCHISON, ALIE MAY.  Died 5 Nov 1886.  5AM.  1y, 5m.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: California.  Resident: 1 yr.  Died: California.  Cause: Malarial Fever.  Buried: Old Town Graveyard - no date given.  Undertaker: Twiehaus, California.  J. P. H. Gray, California.  Reported 9 Nov 1866.


JOBE, BARTHOLOMEW.  Died 2 Mar 1886.  3:30AM.  80y.  Widower.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Tenn.  Resident: 70 yrs.  Died: California.  Cause: Old age.  Buried: 3 Mar 1886 Old Town Cem.  Undertaker: C.F. Nischwitz.  Gray & Son MD’s of California.  Reported 6 Mar 1886.


JOHNSON, LEONA P.  Died 16 Nov 1886.  12:30PM.  2y, 9m, 7d.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Harrison Twp.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Buried: Mrs. Grays.  M. Stoddard, Olean.  W. S. Allee, Olean.  Reported 6 Jan 1887.


KIRCHHOFF, CHAS. WM.  Died 7 Jan 1887.  4:30PM.  3d.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Moniteau Co.  Cause: Cramps.  Buried: 9 Jan 1887, Salem Church.  Undertaker: Twiehaus & Son, California.  W. F. Kirchhoff, California.  Reported 15 Jan 1887.


LONGAN, INFANT OF C.A.  Died 18 Nov 1886.  19d.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Resident: 19 days.  Died: 6 miles N. E. California.  Cause: Catarhal Pneumonia.  Buried: Salem Church.  J. P. H. Gray, California.  Reported 8 Dec 1886.


MAUPIN, JOHN.  Died 12 Sep 1886.  9PM.  68y, 2m, 5d.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  Married.  American.  Born: Linn Twp.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Linn Twp Mo.  Cause: Ascites.  Buried: 14 Sep 1886, Family Graveyard by Friends.  H.B. Gray 4 miles north of California.  Reported 2 Oct 1886.


MC CUTCHEON, WM. E.  Died 22 Jan 1886.  5AM.  32y.  Married.  Male.  White.  Painter.  American.  Born: Boonville, MO.  Resident: 32 yrs.  Died: Clarksburg, MO.  Cause: Typhoid Pneumonia.  Buried: 23 Jan 1886 Clarks­burg.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, Calif.  W. J. Atkinson MD of Clarksburg.  Reported 1 Feb 1886.


MC GIRK, INFANT CHILD OF ROBERT & MARY.  Died 20 Jan 1886.  5PM.  5d.  Single.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: McGirk.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: McGirk.  Cause: Premature with congenital obstruction of gall ducts causing Jaundice with inflamation of stomach and bowels.  Buried: 21 Jan 1886 McGirk Cem.  Undertaker: Augh. Hagemeyer of McGirk.  H. W. Bramel MD of McGirk.  Reported 13 Feb 1886.


MC MILLIN, JOHN S.   Died 3 Nov 1886.  20y, 4m, 7d.  Single.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Tenn.  Resident: 11 years.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Re­mittent fever.  Buried: Sappington Grave Yard.  Undertaker: Seyffert & Twiehaus of California.  J. B. Martin, Russellville, Mo.  Reported 1 Dec 1886.


MILLER, GEORGE ELLIS.  Died 21 Nov 1886.  2½AM.  8m, 10d.  Single.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Walker Twp.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Buried: 21 Nov 1886, Salem Church.  Undertaker: C.F. Nischwitz, California.  H. B. Gray, 4 miles north California.  Reported 22 Nov 1886.


MILLER, LEWIS RAY.  Died 16 Dec 1886.   6AM.  1y, 8m, 26d.  Single.  Male.  White.  Missourian.  Resident: 1 yr.  Died: Near Sandy Hook, MO.  Cause: Dropsy.  Buried: 17 Dec 1886, Linn Twp.  Undertaker: Hecht & Heysell, Jamestown.  J. L. Morrison, Jamestown.  Reported 18 Dec 1886.


MORRIS, HENRY H.  Died 5 Dec 1886.  1y, 9m, 1d.  Male.  White.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Whooping cough.  Complication of scalp wound by fall on a stone.  Buried: 6 Dec 1886 Miller Co. MO.  Undertaker: M. Stoddard of Olean.  W. S. Allee, Olean, MO.  Reported 4 Jan 1887.


MORRIS, IDA.  Died 10 May 1886.  1AM.  20y, 5m, 22d.  Married.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Ohio.  Died: Harrison Twp.  Buried: 12 May 1886 Mrs. Grays.  Undertaker: M. Stoddard of Olean.  W. S. Alice of Olean.  Reported 22 Jun 1886.


MORRIS, ROBERT H.  Died 11 Nov 1886.  2AM.  31y, 9m, 7d.  Married.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Maries Co.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Moreau Twp.  Cause: Phthisis Pulmonalis.  Buried: 12 Nov 1886 Pisgah Cem.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  W. J. Atkinson, Clarksburg.  Reported 3 Dec 1886.


NANCE, INFANT OF ISAAC & ELIZ.  Died 27 Sep 1886.  6½AM.  3 hours old.  Single.  Boy.  White.  American.  Born: Burris Fork Twp.  Resident: 3 hours.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Buried: Enloe Graveyard.  Undertaker: Henry Adkins, High Point.  J. B. Martin, High Point.  Reported 14 Oct 1886.


PHILLIPS, MRS.  Died 1 Feb 1886.  2PM.  48y.  Married.  Female.  White.  Housewife.  Died: Harrison Twp.  Cause: Maglignant Erysplus.  Buried: 2 Feb 1886.  Undertaker: M. Stoddard of Olean, MO.  W. S. Allee MD of Olean.  Reported 22 Apr 1886.


PORTER, HENRY.  Died 25 Apr 1886.  8PM.  16y, 11m, 22d.  Single.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Moniteau.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Moniteau.  Cause: Gastritis.  Buried: 26 Apr 1886, Porter Graveyard.  Undertaker: M. Stoddard of Olean.  H. H. Brockman MD of Pleasant Mt MO.  Reported 11 May 1886.


PORTH, MICHAEL HUBERT.  Died 21 Sep 1886.  4y, 1m.  Single.  Male.  White.  German.  Born: Duesseldorph, Germany.  Resident: 3yrs.  Died: Tipton.  Cause: Conjestion of the brain.  Buried: 22 Sep 1886, Tipton Catholic Cem.  Undertaker: B. Woodrum, Tipton.  Finis McClanahan, Tipton.  Reported 18 Oct 1886.


POWELL, CLARANCE.  Died 31 Jul 1886.  2AM.  2y, 6m.  Single.  Male.  White.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Dysentery.  Buried: Burris Fork Twp.  Undertaker: H. C. Atkins of High Point.  W. F. Sterling of High Point.  Reported 11 Aug 1886.


ROBBERTS, CLIDE D.  Died 5 Jul 1886.  5AM.  2y.  Single.  Male.  White.  Born: Cooper Co.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Congestion Brain & Bowels.  Buried: 6 Jul 1886, Tillery Cem.  Undertaker: H. C. Atkins, of High Point.  W. F. Sterling of High Point.  Reported 11 Aug 1886.


ROESCH, SOPHY.  Died 24 Dec 1886.  5AM.  4y.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Near Jamestown, Moniteau Co.  Cause: Scarlet Fever.  Buried: 25 Dec 1886, Jamestown.  J. T. Merc. Co. Jamestown.  J. S. Morrison, Jamestown.  Reported 27 Jan 1887.


ROTH, ANNA.  Died 9 Jun 1886.  11y, 7m, 3d.  Single.  Female.  White.  Swiss.  Born: Switzerland.  Resident: 3½ years.  Died: Walker Twp.  Buried: High Hill Schoolhouse.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz of Calif.  H. B. Gray, 4 miles north of Calif. MO.  Reported 11 Jun 1886.


SAMMERHAUSER/N, JOHN.  Died 10 Mar 1886.  54y.  Married.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  German.  Born: Pertezenhof.  Resident: 3 years.  Died: Moreau Twp.  Cause: Dropsy.  Buried: 12 Mar 1886, Catholic Church Cem.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, of Calif.  Burke & Priest of Calif.  Reported 29 Apr 1886.


SCOTT, WALTER MINOR.  Died 22 Nov 1886.  4AM.  1y, 6m, 21d.  Single.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Walker Twp.  Resident: 1 yr.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Catarrhal Pneumonia.  Buried: 22 Nov 1886, Salem Church.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz.  J. P. H. Gray & C. B. Gray, California.  Reported 22 Nov 1886.


SCRIVNER, INFANT OF BENJ.  Died 15 Mar 1886.  3AM.  10 hours.  Single.  White.  Boy.  American.  Born: Burris Fork.  Resident: 10 hours.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Buried: 16 Mar 1886, Enloe Cem.  Undertaker: Isaac VanPool, Russellville, MO.  J. B. Martin of Russellville.  Reported 21 Jun 1886.


SCRIVNER, NANCY L.  Died 7 May 1886.  3AM.  37y, 2m, 17d.  Married.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Kentucky.  Resident: 32 yrs.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Purperal Fever.  Buried: 8 May 1886, Enloe Graveyard.  Undertaker: Isaac VanPool of Russellville.  J. B. Martin of Russellville.  Reported 1 Jun 1886.


SEYFFERT, JOHANNA F.  Died 17 Dec 1886.  4AM.  76y, 2m, 28d.  Widow.  Female.  White.  German.  Born: Denstaldt.  Resident: 32 yrs.  Died: California.  Cause: Chronic Bronchitis.  Buried: 18 Dec 1886, Salem Church.  Undertaker: H. Twiehaus, California.  Dr. H. Kluber, California.  Reported 20 Jan 1887.


SHUTTLERWORTH, WM. ELDER/N.  Died 29 Jul 1886.  3PM.  6y, 5m, 14d.  Single.  Male.  White.  Missourian.  Born: Moniteau.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Linn Twp.  Cause: Congestion of the Brain.  Buried: 30 Jul 1886.  Undertaker: Heck & Heysell, James­town.  J. L. Morrison, Jamestown.  Reported 18 Aug 1886.


STERLING, HELLEN M.  Died 10 Sep 1886.  1AM.  1y, 5m, 3d.  Single.  Female.  White.  Missourian.  Born: Olean.  Resident: 1yr.  Died: High Point.  Cause: Dysentery.  Buried: I.O.O.F. Cem.  Undertaker: H. E. Atkins, High Point.  Dunlap Allee & Sterling, High Point.  Reported 22 Nov 1886.


TAYLOR, INFANT OF O. M.  Died 6 Dec 1886.  7PM.  2m.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: California.  Died: California.  Cause: Inflamation of Bowels.  Buried: California. Cem.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz of California.  J. F. H. Gray, California.  Reported 7 Dec 1886.


WEINGARTNER, ARNOLD.  Died 25 Aug 1886.  1PM.  37y, 1m, 16d.  Single.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  German.  Born: Rumbach, Germany.  Resident 36 years.  Died: Linn Twp.  Cause: Typhoid Fever.  Buried: 26 Aug 1886, Catholic Graveyard.  Undertaker: Twiehaus & Son, California.  L. M. Gray, Calif.  Reported 28 Aug 1886.


WELLER, SARAH.  Died 25 Nov 1886.  9PM.  1m, 10d.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Walker Twp.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Spasms.  Buried: 26 Nov 1868 at home.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  H. B. Gray, 4 miles north Calif.  Reported 28 Nov 1886.


WILLIAMS, C. P.  Died 7 Jul 1886.  11:20AM.  66y, 7m, 24d.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  Born: Cook Co. East Tennessee.  Resident: 48 yrs.  Died: California.  Cause: Consumption.  Buried: 8 Jul 1886, 3 miles north California.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  Gray & Sons, California.  Reported 13 Jul 1886.


WILLIAMS, SARAH JANE.  Died 6 Apr 1886.  9:30PM.  56y.  Married.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Cole Co. Mo.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Buried: 7 Apr 1886, Williams Grave Yard.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  L. M. Gray, California.  Reported 29 Apr 1886.


WISE, SUSAN MOBLEY.  Died 28 Nov 1886.  2AM.  41y, 8m, 17d.  Married.  Female.  White.  American.  Resident: 17 yrs.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Remittint Fever.  Buried: 29 Nov 1888, Old Salem Church.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz of California.  H. B. Gray, 4 miles N. California.  Reported 8 Dec 1886.


WORLEY, MINNIE C.  Died 18 Dec 1886.  10PM.  3y, 3m.  Female.  White.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Resident: 3 yrs.  Died: Moniteau Co.  Cause: Membranous Croup.  Buried: 19 Dec 1886, Thixtons Cem.  Undertaker: R. G. Scruggs, Atkinsville, MO.  Reported 3 Jan 1887.

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