Moniteau County Missouri

1887 County Death Records


ACKERMAN, DOLLY.  Died 25 May 1887.  5PM.  13d.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Burris Fork Twp.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Premature Birth.  Buried: Enloe Cem.  Undertaker: Geo. Ramering, Russellville.  J. B. Martin, Russellville.  Reported 2 Jun 1887.


BEALER, JOHN S.  Died 20 Mar 1887.  3PM.  11m.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Scarlet fever.  Buried: Salem Cem.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  J. B. Stewart, Clarksburg, MO.  Reported 17 Jun 1887.


BLACKBURN, no other name.  Died 20 Feb 1887.  3AM.  Infant.  Female.  White.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Premature Birth.  Buried: 20 Feb 1887.  Mrs. Grays Cemetery.  Taylor & Farris, Olean, MO.  W. S. Allee, Olean, MO.  Reported 9 Mar 1887.


BLOCH, IDELA NEOMI.  Died 2  Aug 1887.  3AM.  1y, 5m, 13d.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Missouri.  Died 3 miles north of California.  Cause: Pneumon­ia-Scarlet  fever.  Buried: Bloch Sch. House.  C. F. Nischwitz, California.  J. P. H. Gray, California.  Reported 5 Apr 1887.


BRUCE, KELLY.  Died 6 Jan 1887.  12:30PM.  6m, 18d.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Moniteau Co.  Cause: Pneumonitis.  Buried: 7 Jan 1887, Zion Church.  Undertaker: Hech & Heysseil, Jamestown.  J. L. Morrison, James­town.  Reported 27 Jan 1887.


CLAY, no other name.  Died 2 Jan 1887.  11AM.  11d.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Moniteau Co.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Buried: 3 Jan 1887, Zion Church.  Undertaker: Hecht & Heyssel, Jamestown.  J. L. Morrison , Jamestown.  Reported 27 Jan 1887.


CRUM, HENRY K.  Died 4 May 1887.  8AM.  90y, 4m, 17d.  Widower.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Virginia.  Resident: 33 yrs.  Died: Moreau Twp.  Cause: Old age.  Buried: 5 May 1887, Mt Moriah Cemetery.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz & Son, California.  J. B. Steward, Clarksburg, MO.  No date of report.


DUKE, MARY ANN.  Died 1 Mar 1887.  5:10AM.  52y, 11m, 4d.  Widow.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Johnson Co., Indiana.  Resident: 47y.  Died: Pilot Grove Twp.  Cause: Heart Disease and consumption.  Buried: 2 Mar 1887, Sappington Cem. by Neighbors.  W. J. Bybee of Pilot Grove Twp.  Reported 18 Mar 1887.


ENLOE, HUGH.  Died 28 Jan 1887.  29y, 11m, 2d.  Married.  Male. White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Moniteau.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Consumption.  Buried: Enloe Cemetery.  Undertaker: H. Twiehaus, California.  J. B. Martin, Russellville, MO.  Reported 22 Feb 1887.


EPPEL, EMILY A.  Died 22 Jan 1887.  5AM.  5y, 5m.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: near Jamestown, Moniteau Co.  Cause: Scarlet Fever.  Buried: 22 Jan 1887, Zion Church.  Undertaker: Hech & Heyssell, Jamestown.  J. L. Morrison, Jamestown. Reported 27 Jan 1887.


FITCHEN, AMERICA.  Died 8 Jun 1887.  3PM.  34y, 2m, 16d.  Married.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Tipton.  Cause: Consumption.  Buried: 9 Jul or 10 1887, Masonic Cem, Tipton.  Undertaker: B. Woodrum, Tipton.  Finis McClanahan, Tipton.  Recorded 1 Aug 1887.


FOLEY, ELIZABETH.  Died 11 Jun 1887.  Married.  Female.  American.  Born: Kentucky.  Resident: 20 yrs.  Died: Moniteau Co.  Cause: Phthisis.  Buried: 12 Jun 1887, Newkirk Cemetery.  Undertaker: B. Woodrum, Tipton.  Finis McClanahan, Tipton, MO.  Reported 12 Jul 1887.


FREELY, RACHAEL F.  Died 11 Mar 1887.  8AM.  32y.  Married.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Ohio.  Resident: 9 yrs.  Died: California.  Cause: Typhoid fever.  Buried: City Cem.  C. F. Nischwitz, California.  J. P. H. Gray, California.  Reported 28 Mar 1887.


GENTZSCH, JOSEPHINE F.  Died 9 Mar 1887.  9:50AM.  Single.  12y, 9d.  Female.  White.  American.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: California.  Cause: Scarlet Fever.  Buried: Odd Fellows Cem.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  J. P. H. Gray, California.  Reported 16 Mar 1887.


HUTCHISON, CHAS. LEE.  Died 21 Jan 1887.  6AM.  6m, 1d.  Male. White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: near Jamestown.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Buried: Mt. Zion Church.  Undertaker: Hecht & Heyssel, Jamestown.  Jno. H. Christian, Jamestown.  Reported 9 Feb 1887.


LAPSLEY, MARY MINNELLE.  Died 29 Jan 1887.  7:25PM.  17y, 7m.  Married.  Female.  White.  Music Dealer.  American.  Born: Georgetown MO.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: California.  Cause: Cerebral Apofalexia.  Buried: 31 Jan 1887, I.O.O.F. Cem.  Undertaker: F. Nischwitz. California.  J. P. H. Gray MD of Calif­ornia.  Reported 2 Feb 1887.


MC DANIEL, RACHEL.  Died 1 Jun 1887.  25y, 4m, 7d.  Female.  White.  American.  Resident: 25 yrs.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Consumption.  Buried: Allee's Cemetery.  C. F. Nischwitz.  Recorded 17 Jun 1887.


MC DONALD, SINDRAH.  Died 3 Apr 1887.   6AM.  69y.  Married.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Penn.  Resident: 2l yrs.  Died: 3 miles southwest California.  Buried: Flag Springs Church.  J. P. H. Gray, California.  Reported: 19 Apr 1887.


MILLER, NANCY K.  Died 5 Jun 1887.  12:45PM.  62y, 1m, 2d.  Married.  Female.  White.  Housewife.  American.  Born: Butler Co. Penn.  Died: Clarksburg, MO.  Cause: Paralysis.  Buried: 8 Jun 188? Clarksburg Cemetery.  Undertaker: J. H. Twiehaus, California.  Finis McClanahan, Tipton, MO.  Reported 1 Jul 1887.


OTTO, CLARA.  Died 19 Jan 1887.  10PM.  7d.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Moniteau Co.  Cause: Croup.  Buried: 20 Jan 1887, City Cem. California.  Undertaker: Tweihaus & Son, California.  Wm. Otto, Father, California, MO.  Reported 26 Jan 1887.


REUSCH, CAROLINE S.  Died 10 Apr 1887.  3PM.  3y, 5m, 11d.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Linn Twp.  Cause: Extensive burn.  Buried: 11 Apr 1887, Jamestown.  Undertaker: Jamestown Merch. Co.  J.E. Inglish, Walker Twp, Moniteau Co.  Reported 4 May 1887.


ROHRBACH, SR., JOHN.  Died 19 Feb 1887.  5PM.  70y, 1m.  Married.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  Swiss.  Born: Switzerland.  Resident: 23 yrs.  Died: 4 miles north of California.  Buried: Highland Cem.  Undertaker: C.F. Nischwitz, California.  J. P. H. Gray, California.  Reported 5 Mar 1887.


ROLL, BERTHA.  Died 14 Jan 1887.  9:30AM.  1y, 6m, 8d.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Inflamation of bowels and stomach.  Buried: 16 Jan 1887, Sweetwater Cemetery.  Undertaker: F. Nischwitz, California.  J. E. Inglish, California.  Reported 5 Feb 1887. 


ROLL, GURTIE.  Died 15 Jan 1887.  10:15AM.  1y, 6m, 8d.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Inflamation of bowels and stomach.  Buried: 16 Jan 1887, Sweetwater Cemetery.  Undertaker: F. Nischwitz, California.  J. E. Inglish, California. Reported 5 Feb 1887.


SCHEURER, EMMA.  Died 2 Feb 1887.  8PM.  2y, 9m, 19d.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Scarlet Fever.  Buried: 4 Feb 1887, Jamestown.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  J. E. Inglish, California.  Reported 5 Feb 1887.


SCHEURER, THEO. F.  Died 26 Jan 1887.  8PM.  9m, 25d.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Scarlet fever.  Buried: 28 Jan 1887, Jamestown.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  J. L. Inglish, California.  Reported 5 Feb 1887.


SCHURER, FREDRICK J.  Died 2 Mar 1887.  2AM.  7y, 10m, 1d.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Diagnosis acute Brights disease.  Buried: Salem Church Cem.  Undertaker: H. Twiehaus, California.  J. B. Martin, Russellville.  Reported 19 Mar 1887.


SMITH, OLIVER L.  Died 24 Jun 1887.  7PM.  35y, 1m, 11d.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  Married.  American.  Born: Butler Co. PA.  Resident: 19 yrs.  Died: Moreau Twp.  Cause: Cancer.  Buried: 25 Jun 1887, Clarksburg, MO.  Undertaker: Cullers of Tipton.  J. B. Steward, Clarksburg.  No date of report.


SNORGRASS, ISAAC.  Died 23 Sep 1887.  66y.  Married.  Male.  White.  Merchant.  American.  Born: Kentucky.  Resident: 47 yrs.  Died: Tipton, Moniteau Co.  Buried: 25 Sep 1887 Masonic Cem. Tipton.  Undertaker: B. Woodrum.  Tipton.  Finis McClanahan, Tipton.  Reported 20 Oct 1887.


SPALDING, LLOYD C.  17 Dec 1887.  6AM.  2y, 8m, 17d.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: St. Louis, MO.  Died: Tipton MO.  Cause: Blood Poison.  Buried: 18 Dec 1887 Masonic Cem.  Undertaker: B. Woodrum, Tipton, MO.  F. McClanahan, Tipton, MO.  No date of report.


SPRAGUE, GUY DUDLEY.  Died 5 Jan 1887.  12:40AM.  6y, 3m, 11d.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: California.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: California.  Cause: Scarlet fever, anginose form.  Buried: 6 Jan 1887, I.O.O.F. Cemetery.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  M. M. Prentiss, Calif.  Reported 21 Jan 1887.


TOOMES, MAUD.  Died 15 Feb 1887.  7AM.  3m, 22d.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Moniteau Co.  Died: Pilot Grove Twp.  Cause: Congestion of stomach and bowels.  Buried: 15 Feb 1887, Flag Spring Cem.  Wm. ?kermet.  N. J. Bybee.  Reported 9 Feb 1887.


TUCKER, JOHN.  Died 15 Jan 1887.  60y.  Male.  White.  City Recorder.  Single.  American.  Born: Hamshire.  Died: California, MO.  Cause: Bronchitis.  Buried: 16 Jan 1887, City Cem.  Undertaker: H. Twiehaus, California.  H. Kluber, California.  Reported 28 Feb 1887.


WATSON, SARAH F.  Died 7 Apr 1887.  7PM.  34y, 3m, 11d.  Married.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: Ill.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Puerperal fever.  Buried: Enloe Cem.  Undertaker: H. C. Atkins, High Point.  J. B. Martin, Russellville.  Reported 23 Apr 1887.


WELLER, GEO. HENRY.  Died 21 Jan 1887.  10PM.  1y, 2m, 21d.  American.  Male.  White.  Born: Moniteau.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Diagnosis re­mittent fever.  Buried: German Chn. Undertaker: G. Raming, Russellville.  J. B. Martin, Russellville.  Reported 22 Feb 1887.


WHITAKE, HENRY D.  Died 14 May 1887.  9AM.  67y.  Widower.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Ashtabuln Co. Ohio.  Resident: 2 yrs.  Died: Moreau Twp.  Cause: Chronic pneumonia-malaria.  Buried: Flag Spring Cem.  Undertaker: Twiehaus.  J. B. Steward, Clarksburg, MO.  Reported 17 Jun 1887.

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