Moniteau County Missouri

1888 - 1894 County Death Records



VANPOOL, GEORGE.  Died 11 Feb 1888.  9:30AM.  76y.  Married.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: KY.  Resident: 50 yrs.  Died: Burris Fork Twp.  Cause: Erysipilas.  Buried: Enloe Cem.  Undertaker: Herman Seyffert, California.  W. M. Sterling, High Point, MO.  Reported 10 Mar 1888.



KOSSMAN, EMMA T.  Died 19 Nov 1892.  2AM.  9y, 3m, 29d.  Single.  Female.  White.  American.  Born: California.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: California.  Cause: Diptheritic Inflamation of the Postemore lungs and throat.  Buried: I.O.O.F. Cemetery.  Undertaker: C. F. Nischwitz, California.  M. M. Prentiss, MD California.  Reported 19 Dec 1892.



KUBLI, INFANT (not named).  Died 21 Aug 1893.  1 hours.  Single.  Male.  White.  American.  Born: Linn Twp.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Linn Twp.  Cause: Immaturity. Born after 6 months gestation.  Buried: 22 Aug 1893 Kubli Cem.  F. W. T. Heyssel, Jamestown.  W. A. Dearing, MD, Jamestown.  Reported 30 Aug 1893.


ROTH, HERMAN R.  Died 4 Aug 1893.  3AM.  1y, 6m, 21d. Single.  Male.  White.  American.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Walker Twp.  Cause: Cholora Infantum as a complication to Illis colitis.  Buried: 5 Aug 1893.  Rohrbach Cem.  Undertaker: E. C. Nischwitz, California, MO.  T. C. Campbell, MD, California.  Reported 12 Aug 1893.



HOUK, MARY ANN.  Died 21 Mar 1894.  8PM.  63y, 3m, 25d.  Married.  White.  German.  Born: Germany.  Resident: 59 yrs.  Died: Linn Twp.  Cause: Paralysis in the motor areas of the Brain.  Buried: 23 Mar 1894.  At Home, Private Burial Place.  Jamestown Merc Co.  W. A. Dearing MD of Jamestown.  Reported 24 Mar 1894.


JOHNSON, MILLARD FILMORE.  Died 15 Apr 1894.  11:30AM.  36y, 5m, 8d.  Married.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Linn Twp.  Resident: 36 yrs.  Died: Linn Twp.  Cause: Tuberculosis of Kidneys & Bladder peritonitis immediate cause.  Buried: 16 Apr 1894 Union Cem.  Undertaker: F. W. T. Heyssel, Jamestown.  W. A. Dearing, MD Jamestown.  Reported 10 May 1894.


NELSON, JESSE.  Died 2 Mar 1894.  10AM.  58y, 3m, 6d.  Married.  Male.  White.  Farmer.  American.  Born: Linn Twp.  Resident: Lifetime.  Died: Linn Twp.  Cause: Lobar Pneumonia of right lung (Alcaholism).  Buried: 4 Mar 1894 Union Cem.  Undertaker: F. W. T. Heyssel, Jamestown.  W. A. Dearing MD, Jamestown.  Reported 24 Mar 1894.

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