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List of Names in Linn Township Cemeteries


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With over 3,700 known burials in 39 locations, Linn township has the most burial locations of any township in the county. The numerous family burial sites in Linn township are the earliest burials in Moniteau County with the Johnson, Hickam and Union Baptist cemeteries having burials in the 1820s and 1830s. Many of these early burials were only marked with fieldstones and over time have been lost to nature.


Linn township covers the northern part of the county, north of Moniteau Creek. It is bordered on the west by Cooper County, the east by the Missouri River and includes the towns of Jamestown, Lupus and Sandy Hook.


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Cemeteries in Moreau Township (# of burials):

Advent United Church of Christ (490)

Bethel Methodist (60)

Cedron Catholic (288)

Cofer (8)

Concord (307)

Cook (4)

Copp Chapel (236)

Crum (6)

Fulcher (2)

German Methodist (21)

Grace Methodist (490)

Hardiman/Williams (16)

Hickam (174)

Hill and Beatty (4)

Houk (8)

Howard (10)

Hudson (4)

Immanuel Lutheran (162)

Inglish (16)

Jamestown United Church of Christ (381)

Johnson (3)

Kaserman (1)

Kenny (5)

Kubli (96)

Kuhn (4)

Lacy (5)

Longan (20)

Maupin (13)

Miller (14)

Mt Zion (556)

Pettigrew (94)

Renfrow (4)

Shull/Hickcox (7)

Sperber (1)

Splice Creek (38)

Todd (3)

Union Baptist (312)

Williams (3)

Wilson (11)

Wyss (1)

Zaugg (2)

Last Name First Name Middle -- Comments (if noted) -- Cemetery


? ? -- stone name missing -- Cedron Catholic

? ? -- name on stone unreadable -- Cedron Catholic

? ? -- Top of stone missing date on bottom part Jul 14, 1850 -- Kenny
? ? -- One stone top missing -- Pettigrew
? ? -- Metal funeral home marker - no names or dates -- Pettigrew
? ? -- Zaugg
? -- E H appears to be a footstone -- Williams

---rkner William Samuel -- Lacy

Unknown -- Advent UCC
Unknown Infant -- Union Baptist

Unknown Infant -- Union Baptist




Acers Calperna -- Mt Zion
Acers Ida Elizabeth -- Mt Zion

Acre Bert Ernest -- Advent UCC

Acre Emma Margaret -- Advent UCC


Adair Arch Teel -- Concord
Adair Cora E -- Mt Zion
Adair Lucille -- Mt Zion

Adams Aileen F -- Grace Methodist
Adams Frank -- Concord

Adams Henry F -- Grace Methodist
Adams Sophia -- Concord
Adams William F -- Concord

Adkins Polly Lee -- Copp Chapel

Aegerter Albert Edwad -- Union Baptist

Aegerter Arthur J -- Jamestown UCC
Aegerter Charles -- Jamestown UCC
Aegerter Charles William -- Jamestown UCC

Aegerter Elizabeth -- Jamestown UCC
Aegerter Emma C -- Grace Methodist
Aegerter Godfrey -- Grace Methodist
Aegerter Godfrey Edward -- Grace Methodist
Aegerter Joe M -- Grace Methodist

Aegerter John -- Jamestown UCC
Aegerter John Herbert -- Grace Methodist
Aegerter Lena -- Jamestown UCC
Aegerter Leonard E -- Union Baptist

Aegerter Marie Anna -- Jamestown UCC
Aegerter Samuel -- Grace Methodist
Aegerter Selma -- Union Baptist

Aegerter Thomas William -- Jamestown UCC

Akers Amanda Jane -- Union Baptist
Akers Augusta R -- Union Baptist
Akers Elizabeth -- Union Baptist
Akers Fred -- Union Baptist

Akers James -- Union Baptist
Akers Mary E -- Union Baptist

Albin Elmer -- Advent UCC

Alexander Boyd I -- Maupin
Alexander Georgia -- Mt Zion
Alexander Ida -- Mt Zion
Alexander Infant -- d/o N C & M A Alexander -- Mt Zion
Alexander James E -- Mt Zion
Alexander James T -- Maupin
Alexander Joseph -- Mt Zion
Alexander Julia A -- Mt Zion
Alexander Kate -- Mt Zion
Alexander Lucy -- Mt Zion
Alexander Lucy A -- Maupin
Alexander Magie May -- Maupin
Alexander Martha -- Mt Zion
Alexander Nero -- Mt Zion
Alexander Nero C -- Mt Zion

Alexander Ripley -- Mt Zion
Alexander Rosa -- Maupin
Alexander Walter -- Jamestown UCC

Alexander Willie -- Mt Zion

Allbright Edwin Benjamin -- Jamestown UCC

Allen Infant -- s/o M & Mary S Allen -- Copp Chapel
Allen Mary S -- Copp Chapel
Allen Tonnie -- Copp Chapel

Alter Jacob -- Cedron Catholic
Alter Magdalena -- Advent UCC


Althoff Mary M -- Union Baptist
Althoff William F -- Union Baptist

Amalia Louise -- Advent UCC


Ambrosh Joseph -- Bethel Methodist

Anderson Della L -- Mt Zion

Anderson Elizabeth -- Advent UCC
Anderson Robert R -- Mt Zion


Andrew M C -- Mt Zion
Andrew W H -- Mt Zion

Ash A V -- Concord

Ash Garry Gene -- Concord

Ash Margaret Irene -- Concord


Ashlock James Lynn -- Grace Methodist


Atkinson Rosa A -- Union Baptist


Backer Barbara -- Cedron Catholic

Backer Elizabeth -- Cedron Catholic

Backer Frank -- Cedron Catholic

Baer Adam -- Advent UCC
Baer Anna C -- Advent UCC
Baer Carl Richard -- Advent UCC
Baer Caroline -- d/o John Baer -- Advent UCC
Baer Christena -- Advent UCC
Baer Emma R -- Advent UCC
Baer F William -- Advent UCC

Baer Frances Marie -- Advent UCC

Baer Frank A -- Advent UCC
Baer George Herbert -- Advent UCC
Baer Gerald William -- Advent UCC

Baer Harold Lee -- Advent UCC
Baer Infant -- s/o J & C Baer Advent UCC
Baer Infant -- d/o J & C Baer -- Advent UCC
Baer Infant -- s/o J & C Baer -- Advent UCC
Baer Infant -- Advent UCC
Baer Infant -- Infant of A & K Baer -- Advent UCC
Baer Infant -- s/o J & C Baer -- Advent UCC
Baer Jacob B -- Advent UCC
Baer Johann -- Advent UCC
Baer John C -- Advent UCC
Baer John P -- Advent UCC
Baer John Sr. -- Advent UCC
Baer Kathryn -- Advent UCC
Baer Maria M -- Advent UCC
Baer Marion -- Advent UCC

Baer Mary Elizabeth -- Cedron Catholic
Baer Mathilda -- Advent UCC
Baer Nickolas -- Advent UCC
Baer Paul David -- Advent UCC

Baer Philip B -- Advent UCC
Baer Selma M -- Advent UCC
Baer Shirley Jean -- Advent UCC

Baer Sophia -- Advent UCC
Baer Thelma -- Advent UCC

Baer Twins -- Advent UCC
Baer Twins -- Advent UCC

Baily Marie -- Hickam


Baker A J -- Cedron Catholic
Baker August -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Augustus -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Bertha -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Elaine -- Advent UCC
Baker Eva -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Gusta -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Henry -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Herman W -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Jacob -- Cedron Catholic
Baker John -- Cedron Catholic
Baker John A -- Cedron Catholic
Baker John M -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Joseph J -- Cedron Catholic

Baker Josephine -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Katheryn -- Cedron Catholic
Baker L V -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Leo -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Leo R -- Advent UCC

Baker Leslie A -- Concord

Baker Louisa C -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Louise K -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Mabel Elaine -- Advent UCC

Baker Mabel H -- Advent UCC

Baker Margaret -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Margie K -- Concord

Baker Mary A -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Mary C -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Mary Lou -- Advent UCC

Baker Pauline -- Cedron Catholic
Baker Robert L -- Advent UCC


Ballard James T -- Copp Chapel

Banwarth Augustine J -- Cedron Catholic

Banwarth Bertha Mary -- Cedron Catholic

Banwarth Gertrude -- Cedron Catholic

Banwarth Mary Katherine -- Cedron Catholic


Banworth Frank -- Cedron Catholic
Banworth John Michael -- Cedron Catholic
Banworth Joseph -- Cedron Catholic

Barker Dinus I -- Union Baptist
Barker George P -- Union Baptist
Barker Maggie May -- Union Baptist
Barker Minnie M -- Concord
Barker Sarah J -- Union Baptist

Bass Charles R -- Copp Chapel
Bass Phillip M -- Copp Chapel
Bass Sarah E -- Copp Chapel
Batty Alonza J -- Grace Methodist
Batty Anna -- Cedron Catholic

Batty Edith M -- Immanuel Lutheran

Batty Frances C -- Immanuel Lutheran

Batty Frank -- Immanuel Lutheran
Batty Infant -- Immanuel Lutheran
Batty Ralph William -- Immanuel Lutheran

Bauer Henry -- Advent UCC
Bauer Julianna E -- Advent UCC
Bauer Mary -- Grace Methodist
Bauer William -- Grace Methodist

Beatty Amanda C -- Hardiman/Williams
Beatty Dolly O -- Hardiman/Williams
Beatty George W -- Hill and Beatty
Beatty Harriet -- Hill and Beatty

Beckemeier Anna Emma -- Jamestown UCC
Beckemeier Fredrich H -- Jamestown UCC
Beckemeier John W -- Grace Methodist
Beckemeier Louis W -- Grace Methodist

Beckemeyer infant -- twin son -- Immanuel Lutheran

Beckemeyer infant -- twin daughter -- Immanuel Lutheran


Beckemyer Henry -- Immanuel Lutheran


Becker Ignatz -- Cedron Catholic


Beckermeier infant -- Immanuel Lutheran


Beeker Tishie -- Union Baptist


Belgorod Helen -- German Methodist


Benz Edward G -- Advent UCC

Berger Elizabeth -- German Methodist

Berger Frank A -- Jamestown UCC
Berger J Elias -- German Methodist

Berger John -- Jamestown UCC
Berger Marianna -- Jamestown UCC
Berger Nick -- German Methodist


Berthhold W H -- Grace Methodist

Beutler Gottfried -- Jamestown UCC
Beutler Jacob Edmund -- Jamestown UCC
Beutler Katie Bell -- Jamestown UCC
Beutler Rosina -- Jamestown UCC

Bieri Anna -- Advent UCC
Bieri Anna M -- Advent UCC
Bieri Clarice M -- Jamestown UCC
Bieri Florence L -- Advent UCC

Bieri Fred J -- Advent UCC
Bieri Henry W -- Jamestown UCC
Bieri Jessie -- Union Baptist
Bieri John -- Advent UCC
Bieri John C -- Advent UCC

Bieri Lydia -- Advent UCC

Bieri Nathaniel Ray -- Jamestown UCC

Bieri Paul Henry -- Advent UCC

Bieri Ray U -- Jamestown UCC

Bieri Roger F -- Advent UCC
Bieri Ulrich -- Advent UCC

Bigler Anna -- Jamestown UCC
Bigler Peter -- Jamestown UCC

Binggeli Sophia E -- Mt Zion


Blackburn Nannie K -- Union Baptist

Blank Albert -- Grace Methodist
Blank Anna M -- Advent UCC
Blank Christenia -- Grace Methodist
Blank Frank -- Grace Methodist
Blank Infant -- d/o John & Jennie Blank -- Splice Creek
Blank John J -- Advent UCC
Blank William W -- Grace Methodist

Bodamer Anna B -- Grace Methodist
Bodamer Charles -- Grace Methodist
Bodamer Christopher -- Grace Methodist
Bodamer Frederick -- German Methodist
Bodamer Jacob -- German Methodist
Bodamer Mary Amelia -- Grace Methodist
Bodamer William -- Grace Methodist

Bohannon Thomas -- Mt Zion

Bolin Adeline E -- Advent UCC

Bolin Gladys Laverne -- Mt Zion

Bolin Harold Truman -- Mt Zion

Bolin Howard E -- Advent UCC

Bolin Sylvia A -- Advent UCC


Borghardt Charlotte -- Jamestown UCC
Borghardt Christian F -- Jamestown UCC
Borghardt Christian Fredrick -- Jamestown UCC
Borghardt Fredrich H -- Jamestown UCC
Borghardt Henry W -- Jamestown UCC
Borghardt Hugo -- Jamestown UCC

Borghardt Johanna Marie -- Jamestown UCC

Borghardt Mary -- Jamestown UCC
Borghardt Peggy -- Jamestown UCC


Bornhauser Ben P -- Advent UCC
Bornhauser Caroline -- Advent UCC
Bornhauser Clara F -- Advent UCC
Borts Gary Dale -- Mt Zion
Borts Jacob -- Mt Zion

Borts John Jacob -- Mt Zion

Borts Joseph -- Mt Zion
Borts Mary Adeline -- Mt Zion
Borts Norma -- Mt Zion
Borts Viola F -- Mt Zion
Bower Susan M -- Concord

Boyce Mildred May -- Hickam

Boyles Emily L -- Concord
Boyles Infant -- d/o Chas & Emily L Boyles -- Concord
Boyles Infant -- /o C C & Ethel Boyles -- Hickam
Boyles Mary E -- Concord


Bradford Mary J -- Schull/Hickcox

Bradley Pamela S -- Mt Zion


Brady Mirtie -- Copp Chapel
Brady Sarah E -- Copp Chapel
Brady Taylor B -- Copp Chapel
Brady Thomas William -- Copp Chapel
Braun Johnnie -- Kubli

Braun Mary -- Kubli


Brightwell Esther P -- Advent UCC

Brightwell Eugene -- Advent UCC


Brizendine Agnes Ellen -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Alexander -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Amelia K -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Bettie -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Brittany Morgan -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Cecil -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Charles C -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Chester R -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Clifford Eugene -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Dalton Tanner -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Doris Mae -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Eliza A -- Union Baptist
Brizendine Eliza Jane -- Union Baptist
Brizendine Emma H -- Union Baptist
Brizendine Glen Norman -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Henry L -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Henry Porter -- Union Baptist
Brizendine Herbert Lee -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Hilliard -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Hugh Robert -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Infant -- d/o Allie & Mary E Brizendine -- Union Baptist
Brizendine Isaac -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Joel D -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Johnie D -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Junior Joseph -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Katherine L -- Union Baptist
Brizendine Leonard J -- Union Baptist
Brizendine Lillian -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Lucy B -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Mary -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Mary E -- Union Baptist

Brizendine Mary Murrell -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Maude M -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Nancy J -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Newton F -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Ora A -- Mt Zion
Brizendine Tom -- Mt Zion

Brizendine Walter Byron -- Mt Zion

Brizendine William Riley -- Union Baptist

Broder Anna Margereth -- Grace Methodist
Broder John H -- Grace Methodist
Broder John T H -- Grace Methodist

Brooks Eldon -- Concord
Brooks Hazel L -- Concord


Brosi John -- Kubli


Brown D E -- Copp Chapel
Brown Peter -- Advent UCC
Brown Rachel -- Advent UCC
Brown Sadie Chrisman -- Copp Chapel
Brown William Leroy -- Bethel Methodist


Bruce A L -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Albert -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Alfred -- Hickam
Bruce Alice A -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Atilda -- Hickam
Bruce B T -- Hickam
Bruce Balsora E -- Hickam
Bruce Beatrice -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Betty Joan -- Pettigrew
Bruce Carrie -- Mt Zion
Bruce Charles Wesley -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Charley T -- Hickam
Bruce Clara -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Claudenia -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Coleman -- Hickam
Bruce Coleman M -- Hickam
Bruce Daniel Tucker -- Hickam

Bruce Darrell B -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Delma M Crews "Mary Jane" -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Doris A (Lehman) -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Dorothy May -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Effie -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Eliza -- Hickam
Bruce Elizabeth -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Elizabeth -- Hickam
Bruce Ella -- Hickam
Bruce Ella R-- Mt Zion
Bruce George -- Copp Chapel
Bruce George W -- Hickam
Bruce Geroid Daniel "Sam" -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Gillie T -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Gladys E -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Grace -- Hickam
Bruce Harland W -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Hattie -- Hickam

Bruce Helen Elizabeth -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Hester -- Hickam
Bruce Hick Smith -- Hickam
Bruce Ida May -- Mt Zion
Bruce Infant -- s/o Hogan Bruce & wife -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Infant -- s/o Ed & Ethyl Bruce -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Infant -- s/o R B & M M Bruce -- Hickam
Bruce Infant -- d/o C & B Bruce -- Hickam
Bruce Infant -- Hickam
Bruce Infant -- s/o H T & E I Bruce -- Miller
Bruce James -- Mt Zion
Bruce James Hogan -- Copp Chapel
Bruce James K -- Copp Chapel
Bruce James T -- Mt Zion

Bruce Jesse Clark -- Mt Zion

Bruce John -- Mt Zion
Bruce John T -- Mt Zion
Bruce Kellie -- Mt Zion
Bruce Lavond Lea -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Lelia -- Hickam
Bruce Levi M -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Lydia M -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Mag -- Hickam
Bruce Maggie -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Margaret -- Mt Zion
Bruce Margaret P -- Mt Zion
Bruce Mary E -- Mt Zion
Bruce Matilda -- Mt Zion
Bruce Meredith -- Pettigrew
Bruce Milton B -- Mt Zion
Bruce Missouri A -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Morton -- Mt Zion
Bruce Nellie Musick -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Paulina -- Mt Zion
Bruce Richard -- Mt Zion
Bruce Robert Sterling -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Russell Truman -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Sarah -- Mt Zion
Bruce Scott -- Hickam
Bruce Sonya Donnette -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Susan -- Mt Zion
Bruce Thomas -- Mt Zion
Bruce Wayne A -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Wilimoth -- Miller
Bruce William -- Mt Zion
Bruce Willie -- Copp Chapel
Bruce Wyla E -- Copp Chapel

Bueneman Anne Marie Rudolph -- Jamestown UCC

Bueneman Erwin H (Rev) -- Jamestown UCC

Buerky America H -- Concord
Buerky Bertie -- Mt Zion
Buerky Carl E -- Concord
Buerky Carl E Jr -- Concord

Buerky Christian -- Jamestown UCC
Buerky Henry F -- Mt Zion
Buerky Herman W -- Concord

Buerky John C -- Concord
Buerky Leona V -- Concord

Buerky Louisa -- Jamestown UCC
Buerky Lucy V -- Concord

Burger Andreas -- Kubli

Burger Annie Christiana -- Grace Methodist

Burger Alexander -- Kubli

Burger Anna C -- Grace Methodist
Burger Elizabeth -- German Methodist
Burger Elizabeth -- Kubli

Burger Emma K -- Advent UCC
Burger Esther A -- Advent UCC
Burger Florence C -- Advent UCC

Burger Fred A -- Jamestown UCC

Burger Fredie W -- Advent UCC
Burger Hulda -- Advent UCC
Burger J Ehrhardt -- German Methodist
Burger John -- Advent UCC
Burger John Christian -- Jamestown UCC
Burger John F -- Jamestown UCC
Burger John J -- Immanuel Lutheran

Burger Katharina -- Advent UCC
Burger Louis E -- Advent UCC
Burger Lucy J -- Jamestown UCC

Burger Maria Katharina -- Advent UCC
Burger Martin H -- Advent UCC

Burger Mary Haldiman -- Jamestown UCC
Burger Mary R -- Kubli

Burger Samuel -- Jamestown UCC
Burger Stella Kathryn -- Jamestown UCC

Burgi Elizabeth M -- Grace Methodist
Burgi Emily Jane -- Grace Methodist
Burgi Franklin Oscar -- Grace Methodist
Burgi Infant -- Grace Methodist
Burgi John -- Grace Methodist
Burgi L F -- Grace Methodist

Burroughs Frances E -- Immanuel Lutheran

Butcher Margaret Maxine -- Copp Chapel


Bybee Julia A -- Grace Methodist

Byler Alonzo G -- Union Baptist
Byler Infant -- d/o J W & S E Byler -- Union Baptist
Byler Infant -- d/o J W & S E Byler -- Union Baptist
Byler Mayme -- Union Baptist


Cagle Jeffrey G -- Union Baptist
Cagle Sherman Darrel -- Union Baptist
Cain Eula Marie -- Mt Zion
Campbell Clara T -- Mt Zion
Campbell Ottis Guy -- Copp Chapel

Carmichael Audrey C -- Copp Chapel

Carmichael Robert J -- Copp Chapel


Carpenter Eliza Jane -- Mt Zion
Carpenter Henry -- Mt Zion

Carpenter James Franklin -- Mt Zion
Carpenter John -- Mt Zion


Carroll Jefferson -- Concord

Carroll Joe B -- Concord
Carroll Margaret -- Concord
Cary Mary A -- Hickam
Cary William -- Hickam

Cassil Alice -- Concord
Cassil Anna B -- Bethel Methodist
Cassil Bruce -- Bethel Methodist
Cassil Bessie -- Pettigrew
Cassil Catharine Mildred -- Mt Zion

Cassil Christena -- Bethel Methodist
Cassil Clyde Byron -- Mt Zion

Cassil Dewey A V -- Concord
Cassil Donald -- Bethel Methodist

Cassil Elias -- Concord

Cassil Francis Eugene -- Concord
Cassil Harry Burton -- Concord
Cassil Infant -- d/o E & S Cassil -- Bethel Methodist
Cassil John -- Concord
Cassil John N -- Bethel Methodist
Cassil Louisa -- Concord

Cheanault Calvin Dewey -- Copp Chapel
Cheanault Charles Sherman -- Copp Chapel
Cheanault Isaac D -- Copp Chapel
Cheanault M J -- Copp Chapel
Cheanault Mollie -- Copp Chapel
Cheanault Mollie F -- Copp Chapel
Cheanault Ona May -- Copp Chapel
Cheanault Robert J -- Copp Chapel

Cheatham Infant -- s/o J B & Virginia Cheatham -- Hickam
Cheatham Infant -- c/o George & Eulah Cheatham -- Hickam
Cheatham John Boswell -- Hickam
Cheatham Mary Lee -- Hickam
Cheatham Minnie -- Hickam
Cheatham Myra Eunice -- Hickam
Cheatham Virginia -- Hickam

Chenault Angeline A -- Copp Chapel
Chenault James M -- Copp Chapel
Chenault Joseph -- Copp Chapel

Childress -- Bethel Methodist
Childress -- Mt Zion
Childress Albert B -- Mt Zion
Childress Cora M -- Bethel Methodist
Childress Dorothy G -- Grace Methodist

Childress H Smith -- Mt Zion
Childress Harry N -- Bethel Methodist
Childress Kenneth L -- Grace Methodist

Childress Lewis E -- Union Baptist
Childress Martha Francis -- Mt Zion
Childress Minnie M -- Union Baptist
Childress Nancy M -- Mt Zion
Childress Thomas Benton -- Mt Zion

Chiles Clement -- Bethel Methodist

Chiles Effie -- Mt Zion
Chiles Florence E -- Mt Zion
Chiles Hannah -- Mt Zion

Chiles Lucy Ellen -- Mt Zion
Chiles Tarlton -- Mt Zion
Chiles Wesley -- Splice Creek

Chrisman Arch R -- Copp Chapel
Chrisman Eliza J -- Copp Chapel
Chrisman Irma B -- Copp Chapel
Chrisman Isaac -- Copp Chapel
Chrisman James A "Mug" -- Copp Chapel
Chrisman Josephine -- Copp Chapel
Chrisman Mary E "Liz" -- Copp Chapel
Chrisman Minnie L -- Copp Chapel
Chrisman Owen B -- Copp Chapel
Chrisman Ronney Lee -- Copp Chapel

Ciprian Frances E -- Mt Zion


Clancy Annie E -- Cedron Catholic
Clancy John W -- Cedron Catholic
Clancy Opal M -- Cedron Catholic
Clancy Robert H -- Hickam

Clancy Truman -- Cedron Catholic


Clark Grover R -- Grace Methodist
Clark Lydia Helen -- Grace Methodist

Clay Alonzo Newton -- Mt Zion
Clay Arizona -- Hickam
Clay Bertie May -- Mt Zion
Clay C Columbus -- Hickam
Clay Celeste V -- Hickam
Clay Charles -- Hickam
Clay Dorsey W -- Mt Zion

Clay Eliza B -- Mt Zion
Clay Ella -- Mt Zion

Clay Fannie E -- Mt Zion
Clay Gertrude W -- Mt Zion

Clay Green -- Mt Zion
Clay Helen L -- Jamestown UCC

Clay Henry F -- Mt Zion
Clay Henry Hudson -- Jamestown UCC

Clay Infant -- s/o C C & Mollie Clay -- Hickam
Clay Infant -- d/o C C & Lucy Clay -- Hickam
Clay infant -- Mt Zion

Clay James G -- Mt Zion

Clay James Lee -- Hickam

Clay Jeremiah -- Hickam

Clay Jesse Thompson -- Mt Zion
Clay Jessie -- Mt Zion

Clay John G -- Hickam
Clay John M -- Mt Zion
Clay John Milton -- Hickam
Clay John Moore -- Mt Zion

Clay Joseph -- Hickam
Clay Lucy Ann -- Mt Zion
Clay Malvy -- Mt Zion
Clay Mary E -- Mt Zion
Clay Mattie -- Hickam
Clay Ruth Jahn -- Hickam

Clay Sabrina -- Hickam
Clay Sarah -- Hickam
Clay Twins -- s/o C C & Mollie Clay -- Hickam
Clay William G -- Mt Zion
Clay Wilmer -- Mt Zion

Cline Clara M -- Concord

Cline James R -- Concord


Clouser Billy -- Splice Creek

Cofer Barbara Ann -- Concord
Cofer Emma Mae -- Concord
Cofer Evert  Concord

Cofer Flosie Cladis -- Concord
Cofer George E -- Concord
Cofer George W -- Cofer
Cofer Infant Son -- Cofer
Cofer Jerome D -- Grace Methodist
Cofer Jerome D -- Jamestown UCC

Cofer John F -- Cofer
Cofer Joseph H W -- Cofer
Cofer Joseph N -- Concord
Cofer Louise -- Grace Methodist
Cofer Louise M -- Jamestown UCC

Cofer Lucinda S -- Cofer
Cofer Martha Susan -- Concord
Cofer Roy M -- Concord
Cofer Sophia E -- Grace Methodist
Cofer Susan A -- Cofer
Cofer Warren Martin -- Cofer

Coffman Ann T -- Copp Chapel
Coffman Betty Joe -- Copp Chapel
Coffman Bower "Doc" -- Copp Chapel
Coffman Carl Newton -- Copp Chapel
Coffman Cora Bell -- Copp Chapel
Coffman Donald R -- Copp Chapel

Coffman Ewing -- Copp Chapel
Coffman Infant -- Copp Chapel
Coffman Isaac Newton -- Copp Chapel
Coffman James -- Copp Chapel
Coffman James C -- Copp Chapel
Coffman Josephine -- Copp Chapel
Coffman Letha -- Mt Zion
Coffman Velma -- Copp Chapel
Coffman Winterbaurn -- Copp Chapel

Coleman Carl -- Concord
Coleman Charles F -- Concord
Coleman Dollie -- Concord
Coleman George W -- Concord

Coleman Gertrude -- Concord
Coleman Helen M -- Advent UCC

Coleman Infant -- Mt Zion
Coleman John W -- Concord

Coleman Leo Trumon -- Concord
Coleman Nero -- Concord
Coleman Sarah Elizabeth -- Concord
Coleman William F -- Advent UCC


Cook Abbie -- Concord

Cook Anna -- Grace Methodist
Cook Annetta V -- Concord
Cook Charles -- Concord
Cook Elizabeth -- Concord
Cook Hugh Elmer -- Concord
Cook Mary L -- Concord
Cook Phoebe Jane -- Mt Zion
Cook Samuel -- Cook
Cook Samuel V -- Concord
Cook Vera -- Concord
Cook Whitney Morgan -- Concord


Coombs Velma Coffman -- Copp Chapel

Cooper Ben Dorsey -- Copp Chapel
Cooper Charles A -- Copp Chapel
Cooper Dora A -- Copp Chapel
Cooper Infant -- Copp Chapel
Cooper Mont R -- Copp Chapel
Cooper Montie E -- Copp Chapel

Coots Clara -- Bethel Methodist
Coots Joseph Ambrose -- Bethel Methodist

Copas William B -- Mt Zion


Copp Elizabeth -- Copp Chapel
Copp Michael -- Copp Chapel

Cordrey Clarence W -- Jamestown UCC

Cowans Robert Lee -- Mt Zion

Cox Angeline -- Mt Zion
Cox Cora -- Pettigrew
Cox Darryl Hugh -- Mt Zion

Cox Hugh Meredith -- Mt Zion

Cox Luther -- Mt Zion
Cox Marie Erlene -- Mt Zion

Cox Patsy Ann -- Mt Zion

Cox Robert Hugh -- Mt Zion

Cox Robert P -- Pettigrew

Craig Joseph -- Lacy

Cramer Clarence James -- Grace Methodist


Crosby Beulah F -- Grace Methodist


Crum Alfred -- Crum
Crum Anderson L -- Union Baptist
Crum Anderson P -- Crum
Crum Charles G -- Union Baptist
Crum Cynthia -- Union Baptist
Crum Infant -- d/o A P & L S Crum -- Crum
Crum Infant -- s/o A P & Litisha Crum -- Crum
Crum Jane -- Pettigrew
Crum Letitia -- Union Baptist
Crum Litisha S -- Crum
Crum Mary -- Longan
Crum Missaniah W -- Union Baptist
Crum Missouri A -- Union Baptist
Crum Robert O -- Longan
Crum Sanford -- Longan
Crum William H -- Union Baptist

Cullison Floyd F -- Grace Methodist

Cullison Verla -- Grace Methodist


Daehler Anna E -- Grace Methodist


Davis Emma -- Bethel Methodist

Deakins Edna J -- Union Baptist
Deakins Elbert D -- Union Baptist
Deakins James -- Union Baptist
Deakins Lemanda -- Union Baptist
Deakins Lucinda -- Union Baptist
Deakins Robert L -- Union Baptist
Deakins Sophia -- Union Baptist
Deakins Sophia G -- Union Baptist
Deakins William E -- Union Baptist

Dearing Alexander W -- Concord
Dearing Alice A -- Union Baptist
Dearing Amelia L -- Concord
Dearing Annie V -- Concord
Dearing Anthony D -- Concord
Dearing Bessie M -- Concord
Dearing Billy Joe Sr -- Concord

Dearing Charles -- Concord
Dearing Christena E -- Concord
Dearing Doniphan T -- Concord
Dearing Edward Arthur -- Concord

Dearing Elijah W -- Concord
Dearing Eliza Ann -- Union Baptist
Dearing Elizabeth R -- Concord
Dearing Emily L -- Concord

Dearing Hattie B -- Concord
Dearing Infant -- Concord
Dearing Infant -- Concord
Dearing Infant -- Concord
Dearing James Sr -- Concord

Dearing James A -- Concord
Dearing James W -- Concord
Dearing John -- Concord

Dearing John E L -- Concord

Dearing John Irven -- Union Baptist

Dearing John W -- Union Baptist
Dearing Leonard M -- Concord

Dearing Lewis -- Concord
Dearing Lillian Florence -- Concord

Dearing Loyd -- Concord
Dearing Lucy -- Concord
Dearing Margaret -- Concord
Dearing Martha -- Concord
Dearing Mary -- Concord
Dearing Mary Belle -- Concord
Dearing Mary R -- Concord

Dearing Ora Alice -- Concord
Dearing Paul -- Union Baptist
Dearing Rebecca -- Concord
Dearing Revy -- Concord
Dearing S Margaret -- Concord
Dearing Stephen M -- Concord
Dearing William -- Concord
Dearing William A -- Concord
Dearing William Anthony -- Concord
Dearing William B -- Concord
Dearing Willis Albert -- Concord
Dearing Sr James -- Concord

Deatherage Blanche N -- Grace Methodist

Deatherage Charley C -- Pettigrew
Deatherage Edgar S -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Elizabeth J -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Elizabeth V -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Flora Ellen -- Mt Zion
Deatherage G  Mt Zion

Deatherage Gilbert A -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Grover -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Infant -- d/o Walter & Roxey Deatherage -- Hickam
Deatherage Jane Elizabeth -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Jeanetta -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Jesse -- Mt Zion
Deatherage John Franklin -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Letitia -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Luster E -- Pettigrew
Deatherage Margaret -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Mariah Caroline -- Mt Zion

Deatherage Mary A -- Pettigrew
Deatherage Matthew Henry -- Mt Zion

Deatherage Missouri A -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Nancy W -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Nero Curtis -- Mt Zion

Deatherage Robert J -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Susan -- Mt Zion
Deatherage Wilbur -- Grace Methodist
Deatherage William Aubrey -- Mt Zion
Deatherage William B -- Pettigrew
Deatherage William G -- Mt Zion
Deatherage William P -- Mt Zion

Deraps Leon Bertrand -- Cedron Catholic


Derendinger Anna E -- Jamestown UCC
Derendinger Anna M -- Jamestown UCC

Derendinger Brian Keith -- Jamestown UCC
Derendinger Harvey M -- Jamestown UCC

Derendinger Herbert -- Jamestown UCC
Derendinger John Rudolph -- Jamestown UCC

Dermann Wilhelm Johann -- Jamestown UCC


Dewein Walter H -- Grace Methodist

Dick Anna Margaretha -- Cedron Catholic
Dick David Luther -- Advent UCC

Dick Emma -- Advent UCC
Dick Fredricka -- Advent UCC
Dick Henry -- Advent UCC
Dick John -- Cedron Catholic
Dick John F -- Cedron Catholic

Dick Martin -- Advent UCC
Dick Paul James -- Cedron Catholic

Dick Pauline Ann -- Cedron Catholic


Diedrich Barnhart -- Cedron Catholic
Diedrich Catherine -- Cedron Catholic
Diedrich John W -- Cedron Catholic
Diedrich William -- Cedron Catholic

Dietrich Bernhardt -- Cedron Catholic

Dietrich Berteam -- Cedron Catholic

Dietrich Catherine -- Cedron Catholic

Dietrich Gerhardt -- Cedron Catholic

Dietrich John Wilhelm -- Cedron Catholic

Dietrich Mary Anna -- Cedron Catholic


Dietsch Emma A -- Advent UCC
Dietsch Maria M -- Advent UCC
Dietsch Nick -- Advent UCC

Dietzel Alwine -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Charles -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Clara E -- Jamestown UCC
Dietzel Danny C -- Jamestown UCC
Dietzel Dora -- Jamestown UCC

Dietzel Dora E -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Dorothy J -- Grace Methodist

Dietzel Ella S -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Esther Marie -- Grace Methodist
Dietzel Freda -- Jamestown UCC
Dietzel George -- -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Gotlip L -- Jamestown UCC
Dietzel Hazel V -- Jamestown UCC

Dietzel Heinrich -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Henry -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Johann Friedrich -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Johanna -- Advent UCC
Dietzel John H -- Advent UCC
Dietzel John W -- Grace Methodist
Dietzel John W H -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Kathrina -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Lawrence H -- Jamestown UCC

Dietzel M Catherine -- Advent UCC

Dietzel Margaret D -- Advent UCC
Dietzel Marie L -- Jamestown UCC

Dietzel Marie L -- Mt Zion
Dietzel Mary E -- Concord
Dietzel Paul Edward -- Jamestown UCC
Dietzel Rosa L -- Grace Methodist
Dietzel Urban E -- Mt Zion
Dietzel Wesley G -- Grace Methodist

Dietzel William C -- Concord

Dillon Alonzo -- Union Baptist
Dillon Charles -- Union Baptist
Dillon Gertrude L -- Union Baptist
Dillon Julie -- Union Baptist
Dillon Wesley -- Union Baptist

Dilse Amelia A -- Advent UCC
Dilse Omer S -- Advent UCC

Don Carlos Hamp -- Splice Creek
Don Carlos Infant -- Concord
Don Carlos Lewis -- Splice Creek
Don Carlos Nora -- Splice Creek
Don Carlos Thomas Boone -- Concord


Dorn Joseph -- Cedron Catholic

Drechsee Anna M -- German Methodist
Drechsee Johann -- German Methodist

Dunaway Infant -- Concord
Dunaway Lula -- Concord
Duncan David L -- Concord

Duncan Dizana -- Union Baptist
Duncan Mycaga (Rev) W -- Union Baptist
Duncan Nancy -- Union Baptist
Duncan Sarah -- Union Baptist

Dunlap Mollie -- Concord

Dunsmore Eldridge -- Mt Zion

Dunsmore Mary -- Mt Zion


Dusenberg Larry Louis -- Grace Methodist

Dusenberg Shirley Mae -- Grace Methodist


Dziadosz Leona H -- Advent UCC


Eager Earnest -- Pettigrew

Ebberson Margaret -- Cook

Echols John W -- Mt Zion
Echols Mosses P -- Mt Zion

Eddy Baby Girl -- Immanuel Lutheran


Eder Bertha -- Jamestown UCC
Eder Ella W -- Jamestown UCC
Eder Ellanora B M -- Jamestown UCC
Eder Jacob P -- Jamestown UCC
Eder Louis J -- Jamestown UCC

Edwards Amanda -- Mt Zion
Edwards Amanda K -- Mt Zion

Edwards Charlie -- Copp Chapel
Edwards Daniel W -- Mt Zion
Edwards George Ralph -- Mt Zion

Edwards infant -- Mt Zion

Edwards Shubiel Donald -- Mt Zion
Edwards Virginia Bonnie -- Mt Zion


Egger Infant -- c/o P E & E Egger -- Jamestown UCC

Eggiman Anna -- Jamestown UCC

Eggiman Jakob -- Jamestown UCC

Eggimann Elizabeth -- Grace Methodist
Eggimann Emilie -- Grace Methodist
Eggimann John -- Grace Methodist
Eggimann Kindlein -- Grace Methodist
Eggimann Sophia -- Kubli


Ehrhardt Samuel E -- Kubli


Elffner Dora -- Cedron Catholic

Elffner Eva -- Cedron Catholic
Elffner Henry -- Cedron Catholic

Elffner Jakob -- Cedron Catholic
Elffner Johnn -- Cedron Catholic
Elffner Joseph -- Cedron Catholic

Elffner Marie -- Grace Methodist
Elffner Nikolaus -- Cedron Catholic

Elliott Andrew J -- Union Baptist
Elliott Louisa N -- Union Baptist
Elliott Robert Lee -- Union Baptist
Elliott Thomas G -- Union Baptist

Ellis Charles M -- Grace Methodist
Ellis Emma L -- Grace Methodist
Ellis Esther S -- Grace Methodist
Ellis George -- Mt Zion

Embree Georgia -- Concord

Emrich Anna Maria -- Cedron Catholic

Emrich Elesebeth -- Cedron Catholic

Emrich Johann A -- Cedron Catholic


Enloe Minnie Ethel -- Mt Zion

Eppel Emily A -- Mt Zion

Epple infant -- Union Baptist

Epple Louis -- Union Baptist
Epple Margaretha -- Union Baptist

Ermisch Bella Grace -- Jamestown UCC

Ermisch Emerie Michelle -- Jamestown UCC


Ernst Anna -- Cedron Catholic
Ernst Annie -- Cedron Catholic
Ernst Augustus -- Cedron Catholic
Ernst Carl Jacob -- Jamestown UCC
Ernst Carol Joan -- Advent UCC

Ernst Casper -- Advent UCC
Ernst Catherine -- Cedron Catholic
Ernst Charles H -- Advent UCC
Ernst Clara -- Advent UCC

Ernst Cornelius -- Advent UCC
Ernst Edgar H -- Advent UCC
Ernst Elizabeth -- Cedron Catholic
Ernst Emil -- Advent UCC
Ernst Emma -- Advent UCC
Ernst Emma K -- Cedron Catholic
Ernst Emma M -- Advent UCC
Ernst F Herbert -- Advent UCC

Ernst Gertrude C -- Advent UCC

Ernst Grace M -- Jamestown UCC

Ernst Henry -- Cedron Catholic
Ernst Henry E -- Advent UCC
Ernst Herbert Lee -- Advent UCC

Ernst John A -- Advent UCC
Ernst John C -- Advent UCC
Ernst Joseph A -- Cedron Catholic
Ernst Josephine C -- Advent UCC

Ernst Mary -- Cedron Catholic
Ernst Mary A -- Advent UCC
Ernst Mary A -- Cedron Catholic
Ernst Pauline -- Advent UCC
Ernst W -- Advent UCC
Ernst William Frank -- Cedron Catholic

Etzel Jason Lee -- Concord


Faubion Martha A -- Copp Chapel

Felder Anna -- Cedron Catholic
Felder Anna K -- Cedron Catholic
Felder Catherine -- Cedron Catholic
Felder Henrich -- Cedron Catholic
Felder Johann J -- Cedron Catholic
Felder Kathryn -- Cedron Catholic

Felder Peter Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Felder Ursula -- Cedron Catholic

Ferguson Bobby F -- Advent UCC

Ferguson Donna R -- Advent UCC


Fischer Alma W K -- Immanuel Lutheran
Fischer Amalia Agnes -- Immanuel Lutheran
Fischer Amanda L -- Grace Methodist
Fischer Amelia A -- Immanuel Lutheran
Fischer August -- Cedron Catholic
Fischer August Gustave -- Immanuel Lutheran

Fischer Charles F August -- Grace Methodist
Fischer Christine P -- Grace Methodist
Fischer Ernest William -- Grace Methodist
Fischer Florence L -- Grace Methodist
Fischer Fredrick W -- Immanuel Lutheran
Fischer Henry -- Grace Methodist
Fischer John W -- Grace Methodist
Fischer Louweas -- Immanuel Lutheran
Fischer Mary J -- Immanuel Lutheran
Fischer Oscar J -- Grace Methodist
Fischer Richard -- Grace Methodist

Fisher August -- Immanuel Lutheran
Fisher Claude -- Grace Methodist
Fisher Emma C -- Grace Methodist
Fisher Frank -- Grace Methodist
Fisher Infant -- s/o M T & Melissa J Fisher -- Kubli

Fisher Melissa J -- Kubli

Fisher Mose T -- Kubli

Fisher Nancy T -- Grace Methodist

Fitzpatrick Minnie -- Concord

Flesher Ed -- Concord

Flesher John -- Concord
Fletcher George I -- Concord
Fletcher Laura -- Concord
Fletcher Layton L -- Concord

Flippin Elsie D -- Immanuel Lutheran

Flippin Larry G -- Mt Zion

Flippin Richard L -- Immanuel Lutheran

Flippin Sheila -- Immanuel Lutheran


Foley Dell W -- Copp Chapel
Foley Docia Lee -- Copp Chapel
Fortson Malcolm W -- Union Baptist

Foster Logan Michael -- Copp Chapel

Fowler Angela Louise -- Hickam

Fowler John Shelby -- Hickam

Fowler Julia E -- Hickam

Fowler Lucille Barbara -- Hickam

Fowler Mary Jane -- Hickam

Fowler Susie L -- Hickam
Fowler William -- Hickam
Fowler William Florence -- Hickam

Francis Infant -- s/o E & A Francis -- Advent UCC

Francken Theodor U -- Cedron Catholic


Franken John -- Cedron Catholic
Franken John M -- Cedron Catholic
Franken John Martin -- Cedron Catholic

Franken Lorena -- Cedron Catholic
Franken Margaret -- Cedron Catholic
Franken Mary -- Cedron Catholic


Fredhoxel Elizabeth -- Cedron Catholic

Freeman Samuel -- Pettigrew

Frey Louisa Eveline -- Mt Zion

Fricke David L -- Grace Methodist

Fricke Frank F -- Hickam

Fricke John H -- Grace Methodist
Fricke Katie L -- Hickam

Fricke Roberta J -- Grace Methodist

Fricke Sophia M -- Grace Methodist

Frost Caroline R -- Concord
Frost Lorenzo -- Concord
Frost Madie -- Concord

Fuget James M -- Miller

Fulcher Alexander -- Fulcher
Fulcher Ansalom -- Union Baptist
Fulcher Caroline -- Fulcher
Fulcher James H -- Concord
Fulcher Martha -- Union Baptist
Fulcher Martha Jane -- Concord

Fullrich Charley C -- Jamestown UCC
Fullrich Elizabeth -- Grace Methodist
Fullrich Emma L -- Grace Methodist
Fullrich Frances C -- Jamestown UCC

Fullrich Frank -- Grace Methodist
Fullrich Freddie -- Grace Methodist
Fullrich Frederich William -- Grace Methodist
Fullrich Iola -- Grace Methodist

Fullrich Lizzie -- Grace Methodist
Fullrich Lydia R -- Jamestown UCC
Fullrich Mary -- Grace Methodist
Fullrich Otto E -- Jamestown UCC

Fullrich Rose -- Grace Methodist
Fullrich Walter A -- Grace Methodist

Fullrich Sr William -- Grace Methodist


Gabriel John -- Bethel Methodist

Gallagher Margaret -- Hickam
Gallagher William Ray -- Hickam

Gardner Nancy Gann -- Grace Methodist

Gardner Troy Lee -- Grace Methodist


Garner Lena M -- Immanuel Lutheran

Garrett A Greenwood -- Mt Zion
Garrett Annie -- Mt Zion
Garrett Edna -- Mt Zion
Garrett George P -- Mt Zion

Garrett Infant -- s/o J A P & Gertrude Garrett -- Mt Zion
Garrett Infant -- s/o J A P & Gertrude Garrett -- Mt Zion
Garrett Jessie Lee -- Mt Zion

Garrett Joseph R -- Mt Zion
Garrett Phoeba E -- Mt Zion
Garrett Rosa -- Mt Zion

Garrett Stephen J -- Mt Zion
Garrett Wallace -- Mt Zion

Garrett William -- Mt Zion

Gatchet A M -- Grace Methodist
Gatchet George E -- Grace Methodist
Gatchet Jacob -- Grace Methodist
Gatchet Pauline L -- Grace Methodist
Gatchet Samuel -- Kubli


Gatschet Clara -- Grace Methodist
Gatschet Dora Emma -- Concord
Gatschet Grace S -- Concord
Gatschet Laura A -- Concord
Gatschet Martha F -- Concord
Gatschet Mary Ann -- Concord
Gatschet Mary Jane -- Concord
Gatschet Michael -- Concord
Gatschet Susan Bidy -- Concord

Gatschet Thomas W -- Concord
Gatschet William -- Concord

Geier Henry -- Advent UCC
Geier John G -- Advent UCC
Geier Rosa -- Advent UCC
Geier Sophia A -- Advent UCC

Geiger Adolph -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Anna Francis -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Audrey P -- Jamestown UCC

Geiger Carl -- Jamestown UCC

Geiger Charles -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Charles A -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Child -- c/o A & E Geiger -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Christena A -- Advent UCC
Geiger Eliza -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Elizabeth -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Emma -- Grace Methodist
Geiger Emma C -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Ferdinand W -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Frances D -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Frank L -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger George Heinrich -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Godfrey G -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Gottfried -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Henry Adolph -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Hubert C -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Infant -- Grace Methodist
Geiger Jacob Louis -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Karl G -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Larry T -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Lola Etta -- Jamestown UCC

Geiger Lydia R -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Magdaline -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Mary A -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Rose Mary -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Rosetta E -- Jamestown UCC
Geiger Thomas Herbert -- Jamestown UCC

Geiger Walter T -- Jamestown UCC

Geiger William R -- Jamestown UCC

Geminden Anna M -- Advent UCC
Geminden Anna Marie -- Advent UCC

Geminden Emma L -- Advent UCC
Geminden Henry -- Advent UCC
Geminden Infant -- German Methodist
Geminden Jacob Von -- Advent UCC
Geminden John William -- Advent UCC

Geminden M Marie -- Advent UCC

Geminden Mabel -- German Methodist
Geminden Thomas C -- Advent UCC

Gentzsch A K -- Concord
Gentzsch Alice Shipley -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Anna -- Jamestown UCC
Gentzsch Augusta F C -- Jamestown UCC
Gentzsch Caroline M -- Jamestown UCC
Gentzsch Charles P -- Jamestown UCC
Gentzsch Christina E -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Delia O -- Kubli

Gentzsch Edward L -- Concord
Gentzsch Elizabeth -- Concord
Gentzsch Esther L -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Frank S -- Jamestown UCC
Gentzsch Fred H -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Fredrich -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Geraldine B -- Jamestown UCC

Gentzsch Grace M -- Grace Methodist

Gentzsch Harry -- Jamestown UCC
Gentzsch Hazel M -- Concord
Gentzsch James M -- Kubli

Gentzsch Herman -- Grace Methodist

Gentzsch Hubert C -- Grace Methodist

Gentzsch John George -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch John M -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Josephine Eckerle -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Julia -- Jamestown UCC
Gentzsch M Matilda -- Grace Methodist

Gentzsch Margaret -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Margaret E -- Kubli

Gentzsch Mary M -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Michael -- Advent UCC
Gentzsch Sam E -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Truman H -- Jamestown UCC

Gentzsch William -- Concord
Gentzsch William E -- Concord
Gentzsch William H -- Grace Methodist
Gentzsch Willie C -- Kubli


George Allie D -- Mt Zion
George Carrie M -- Grace Methodist
George Clarence E -- Mt Zion
George Claudia -- Mt Zion
George Connie Jean -- Jamestown UCC
George Delphia -- Mt Zion
George Dillard -- Mt Zion
George Dora B -- Mt Zion
George Drew -- Mt Zion
George Edna Lee -- Mt Zion
George Frank W -- Jamestown UCC
George Hattie Mae -- Mt Zion
George Henry -- Mt Zion
George J Fletcher -- Mt Zion
George Jewell D -- Mt Zion

George Jincy -- Mt Zion
George Marvin Raymond -- Union Baptist

George Norma Mae -- Mt Zion

George Norman Edwin -- Jamestown UCC
George Peny -- Mt Zion
George Powell H -- Mt Zion
George Ruth -- Mt Zion
George Sophia C -- Jamestown UCC
George Vester J -- Grace Methodist
George Virgia -- Mt Zion
George Willie -- Mt Zion

Gerlach A June -- Immanuel Lutheran

Gerlach Albert -- Immanuel Lutheran
Gerlach Annie Fischer -- Immanuel Lutheran
Gerlach Clarence F -- Immanuel Lutheran

Gerlach Frederick Ernest -- Immanuel Lutheran
Gerlach Godfrey A -- Immanuel Lutheran

Gerlach Infant -- s/o F E & wife -- Immanuel Lutheran
Gerlach Maude -- Immanuel Lutheran
Gerlach Rose A -- Immanuel Lutheran

Gerlach Ryan Dean -- Jamestown UCC
Gerlach Sharon Kay -- Immanuel Lutheran
Gerlach Shirley Lee -- Immanuel Lutheran
Gerlach William A -- Immanuel Lutheran


Gfeller Christian -- Kubli

Gfeller Maria -- Kubli


Gibson Alverta -- Advent UCC
Gibson Shelly -- Advent UCC

Gilbert Nealey -- Mt Zion

Giles Henry D "Uncle Doug" -- Copp Chapel
Giles Mattie -- Copp Chapel
Giles Virginia Lou -- Copp Chapel


Glover Robily -- Union Baptist

Goebel John W -- Bethel Methodist


Good Arzela T -- Copp Chapel
Good Elizabeth -- Copp Chapel
Good Francis M -- Copp Chapel
Good George M -- Copp Chapel
Good Jewel -- Copp Chapel
Good Julia B -- Copp Chapel
Good Michael -- Copp Chapel
Good (Rev.) Isaac -- Copp Chapel

Gradoff Infant -- Hickam
Gradolf Amelia V -- Jamestown UCC
Gradolf August A -- Concord
Gradolf Dora B -- Concord
Gradolf Elias W -- Jamestown UCC
Gradolf Juliana -- Grace Methodist

Gray Dona E -- Mt Zion
Gray Dora E -- Mt Zion

Gray Emory Gale -- Mt Zion

Gray James W -- Mt Zion
Gray John M -- Mt Zion

Gray Levi Jefferson -- Mt Zion
Gray Martha -- Longan
Gray Mary -- Copp Chapel
Gray Mike -- Splice Creek
Gray Phoebe -- Mt Zion

Gray Robert A -- Mt Zion

Gray Susan C -- Mt Zion

Green Sarah -- Mt Zion
Gregg Eliza Ann Louis -- Mt Zion
Gregg William A -- Mt Zion

Gregory Wilson -- Concord

Griesbach Barbara -- Advent UCC
Griesbach Bertha M -- Advent UCC

Griesbach Frank J -- Advent UCC
Griesbach Fredericka -- Grace Methodist

Griesbach Henry C -- Advent UCC
Griesbach Joanna M -- Advent UCC
Griesbach Johann -- Advent UCC
Griesbach Johann Paulus -- Advent UCC
Griesbach John -- Advent UCC
Griesbach John C -- Advent UCC
Griesbach John H -- Advent UCC
Griesbach Lucy -- Advent UCC
Griesbach Martin -- Advent UCC
Griesbach Sarah A -- Advent UCC
Griesbach Wilmoth -- Advent UCC

Griffin Harry B -- Hickam
Griffin Rockwell -- Hickam

Griffith James D -- Union Baptist
Griffith Oneta A -- Union Baptist

Grossenbacher Alfred -- Kubli

Grossenbacher Alvin J -- Mt Zion

Grossenbacher Anna -- Kubli

Grossenbacher child -- c/o Alfred Grossenbacher -- Kubli

Grossenbacher John -- Kubli

Grossenbacher Marie -- Kubli

Grossenbacher Robert Ellis -- Kubli


Grossglauser Adolph -- Kubli

Grossglauser Clara M -- Jamestown UCC

Grossglauser Elisa -- Kubli

Grossglauser Ida Marie -- Kubli

Grossglouser John -- Grace Methodist
Grossglauser Otto J -- Jamestown UCC


Gugger John -- Grace Methodist

Guggisberg Friedrich -- Grace Methodist


Habegger Anna Lydia -- Grace Methodist
Habegger Elizabeth -- Grace Methodist
Habegger Ernst -- Grace Methodist
Habegger John -- Grace Methodist
Habegger Karolina -- Grace Methodist
Habegger Kindlein -- Grace Methodist
Habegger Maria -- Grace Methodist
Habegger Rosie -- Grace Methodist
Habegger Sophia -- Grace Methodist

Hadler Emma Elizabeth -- Kubli

Hadler John Jacob -- Kubli


Haefele (Rev) Theodore Milton -- Advent UCC

Haldeman Elizabeth -- Jamestown UCC
Haldeman John -- Jamestown UCC
Haldeman Margaretha -- Jamestown UCC
Haldeman Maria Ida -- Jamestown UCC
Haldeman Rudolph -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman Albert H -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman Alexander F -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Anna -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Anna Forestine -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman Bessie C -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Christian -- Kubli

Haldiman Delila -- Grace Methodist
Haldiman Dorothy L -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman Elisabeth -- Kubli

Haldiman Elizabeth -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Emma L -- Grace Methodist
Haldiman Emma L -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Frank A -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Frederick -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Godfrey -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Gracy A -- Kubli

Haldiman Infant -- s/o O M & F M Haldiman -- Kubli

Haldiman Infants -- Infant son & daughter of Christian & Catherine Haldiman -- Kubli

Haldiman Jacob F -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Jacob F Jr -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman John -- Kubli

Haldiman John C -- Kubli

Haldiman John F -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman John M -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman Katherine -- Kubli

Haldiman Leslie E -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman Lewis -- Grace Methodist
Haldiman Louise C -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Marcella Jo -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman Maria Ellen -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Marianna -- Kubli

Haldiman Mary L -- Kubli

Haldiman Mathias -- Kubli

Haldiman Quentin Raymond -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman Ruby A -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman Ruby M -- Jamestown UCC

Haldiman Rudolph L -- Grace Methodist
Haldiman Sophia L -- Kubli

Haldiman Thomas A -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Wesley J -- Jamestown UCC
Haldiman Willie J -- Kubli


Haley Rebecca J -- Mt Zion
Haley William R C -- Mt Zion

Hall A F C -- Union Baptist
Hall Infant -- d/o M & A F C Hall -- Union Baptist
Hall Manerva -- Union Baptist
Hall Rhoda -- Union Baptist

Hammock Ada F -- Grace Methodist

Hammock Ella A -- Grace Methodist
Hammock Ernest F -- Grace Methodist

Hammock Fred T -- Grace Methodist

Hammons Houston -- Mt Zion

Hammons John A -- Hickam
Hammons William -- Hickam

Hampton Arnold H -- Mt Zion

Hampton B E -- Grace Methodist
Hampton Bernice F -- Mt Zion

Hampton Charles Wesley -- Concord
Hampton Clara Bruce -- Grace Methodist
Hampton Clayton -- Mt Zion
Hampton Columbus C -- Mt Zion
Hampton Dennis -- Splice Creek
Hampton Edna M -- Mt Zion

Hampton Elvin B -- Mt Zion
Hampton Erma -- Mt Zion
Hampton Euda Jane -- Grace Methodist
Hampton George -- Mt Zion
Hampton Henry Clark -- Grace Methodist
Hampton Henry L -- Grace Methodist
Hampton Hester M -- Concord
Hampton Huston H -- Concord
Hampton Infant -- Mt Zion
Hampton Infant -- Splice Creek
Hampton James Brown -- Mt Zion
Hampton James -- Splice Creek
Hampton James E -- Mt Zion

Hampton Job -- Concord
Hampton John N -- Splice Creek
Hampton John W -- Splice Creek
Hampton Kelly -- Mt Zion
Hampton Leonard G -- Mt Zion
Hampton Leroy -- Mt Zion
Hampton Maggie -- Splice Creek
Hampton Mary A -- Concord
Hampton Mary R -- Concord
Hampton Maude -- Mt Zion
Hampton Michael -- Pettigrew
Hampton N W -- Splice Creek
Hampton Newton -- Splice Creek
Hampton Ollie -- Mt Zion
Hampton Ora Kenney -- Grace Methodist
Hampton Paul -- Mt Zion
Hampton S M -- Splice Creek
Hampton Sally -- Splice Creek
Hampton Sara M -- Splice Creek
Hampton Sarena -- Mt Zion
Hampton Sidney T -- Concord
Hampton Wayne  Mt Zion

Hampton William Alexander -- Concord
Hampton William Bruce -- Grace Methodist

Handy Sherman -- Mt Zion

Hanna Dora -- Union Baptist

Hanna Elizabeth -- Concord
Hanna George A -- Union Baptist
Hanna Jane M -- Concord
Hanna Thomas W -- Union Baptist

Harbour Beulah H -- Mt Zion
Harbour I Laverne -- Mt Zion
Harbour Jewell Hewitt -- Mt Zion
Harbour Lizzie Lee -- Mt Zion
Harbour Porter R -- Mt Zion
Harbour Ralph Dean -- Mt Zion

Hardiman Eugene -- Hardiman/Williams
Hardiman Isaiah -- Hardiman/Williams
Hardiman Nancy J -- Hardiman/Williams
Hardiman Sarah -- Hardiman/Williams
Hardiman Thomas J -- Hardiman/Williams

Hardy Olla R -- Concord

Hardyman Nancy -- Union Baptist
Hardyman Squire -- Union Baptist

Harker Minnie -- Concord


Harris Amanda L -- Union Baptist
Harris Burdie M -- Union Baptist
Harris Catherine (Kitty) -- Union Baptist

Harris Douglas E -- Union Baptist
Harris Edith E -- Union Baptist
Harris Emma Lydia -- Advent UCC

Harris George B -- Union Baptist
Harris Hugh D -- Union Baptist
Harris Infant -- Twins of Elmer & Jennie Harris -- Union Baptist
Harris Infant -- s/o L E & J H Harris -- Union Baptist
Harris James H -- Union Baptist
Harris John T -- Union Baptist
Harris Lavina -- Union Baptist
Harris Lena M -- Advent UCC

Harris Letta -- Union Baptist
Harris Lucinda E -- Union Baptist
Harris Robert Lacy -- Advent UCC

Harris Roy Eugene -- Union Baptist
Harris William C -- Union Baptist
Harris William Jack -- Advent UCC
Harris William M -- Union Baptist
Harris Willie Lee -- Cedron Catholic

Hart John Echols -- Mt Zion

Hart Joseph H -- Mt Zion
Hart Julia Frances -- Mt Zion
Hart Mary Ann -- Mt Zion

Harvey Mary -- Concord

Hatfield Audrey -- Copp Chapel

Hay Eugene -- Cedron Catholic

Hayes Bonnie -- Bethel Methodist
Hayes Laura F -- Mt Zion
Hayes Richard -- Bethel Methodist

Haynes Katherine -- Hickam
Haynes William L -- Hickam

Heather Harve -- Hickam
Heather Lula Mae -- Hickam


Hecht Albert W -- Immanuel Lutheran
Hecht Alma -- Immanuel Lutheran
Hecht Alvina A -- Immanuel Lutheran
Hecht Clara A -- Immanuel Lutheran
Hecht Emma L -- Immanuel Lutheran
Hecht Flora -- Immanuel Lutheran
Hecht G Reinholdt -- Immanuel Lutheran
Hecht Gustava -- Immanuel Lutheran
Hecht Henry G A -- Immanuel Lutheran
Hecht Infant -- Jamestown UCC
Hecht Theodore A -- Immanuel Lutheran
Hecht Truman E -- Jamestown UCC

Hederick Christian F -- Jamestown UCC


Hees Argo C -- Grace Methodist

Hees Cameron Lee -- Grace Methodist

Hees Marjorie L -- Grace Methodist

Hees Murrel L -- Grace Methodist

Hees Shelba D -- Grace Methodist


Heil Granville Smith -- Copp Chapel

Heiland Carol Jean -- Cedron Catholic

Heinen Anna Maria -- Cedron Catholic
Heinen Gertrude -- Cedron Catholic
Heinen Jacob -- Cedron Catholic
Heinen Johanna -- Cedron Catholic
Heinen Johann Sr -- Cedron Catholic
Heinen John -- Cedron Catholic
Heinen Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Heinen Maria E -- Cedron Catholic
Heinen Wilhelm -- Cedron Catholic

Heinrich Anna -- Advent UCC
Heinrich Christian E -- Advent UCC
Heinrich F D -- Advent UCC

Heinrich George J -- Advent UCC
Heinrich George T -- Advent UCC

Heinrich Infant -- Advent UCC
Heinrich Johann -- Advent UCC
Heinrich Johann E -- Advent UCC
Heinrich Louise B -- Advent UCC
Heinrich Magdalena -- Advent UCC
Heinrich Thomas A -- Advent UCC


Heisler Anne -- Cedron Catholic
Heisler Carl -- Cedron Catholic
Heisler Kressenstia -- Cedron Catholic
Heisler Lorenz -- Cedron Catholic

Hellering Alvina Emma -- Advent UCC

Hellering George J -- Advent UCC
Hellering Henry -- Advent UCC
Hellering Wilhelmine K -- Advent UCC

Henderson Benjamin -- Mt Zion
Henderson Roxie -- Mt Zion

Hengen Anna -- Cedron Catholic
Hengen Jacob -- Cedron Catholic
Hengen Peter -- Cedron Catholic

Henry Eda L -- Advent UCC
Henry Edna L -- Advent UCC

Henry Franklin L -- Advent UCC
Henry Lula B -- Advent UCC
Henry Paul S -- Advent UCC

Henry Ruth E -- Advent UCC

Henry Thomas A -- Advent UCC
Henry Truman A -- Advent UCC


Herfurth Anna -- Grace Methodist
Herfurth August -- Jamestown UCC
Herfurth Bertha -- Jamestown UCC
Herfurth John F -- Advent UCC
Herfurth Julius E -- Jamestown UCC
Herfurth Leo Michael -- Grace Methodist

Herfurth Mike -- Grace Methodist
Herfurth Wilhelmenia -- Advent UCC

Herndon Alger D -- Union Baptist
Herndon Edmund -- Bethel Methodist
Herndon Elizabeth F -- Bethel Methodist
Herndon Emma L -- Bethel Methodist
Herndon Grace M -- Union Baptist
Herndon Jewell R -- Union Baptist
Herndon Laura M -- Union Baptist
Herndon Letitia -- Mt Zion
Herndon Margie F -- Mt Zion
Herndon Mark Allan -- Union Baptist

Herndon Mary Jane -- Bethel Methodist
Herndon Paulina -- Mt Zion
Herndon William Thomas -- Mt Zion

Herrnleben Anna -- German Methodist
Herrnleben Anna E -- Grace Methodist
Herrnleben Benjamin Franklin -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben C E -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben Caroline F -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben Charles Edward -- Advent UCC

Herrnleben Christian -- German Methodist
Herrnleben Flora S -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben Fred -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben Henry -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben Infant -- d/o B F & Mary Herrnleben -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben Infant -- s/o B F & Mary Herrnleben -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben John -- German Methodist
Herrnleben Laura -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben Louisa M -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben Mary -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben Mary A -- Advent UCC
Herrnleben Ted C -- Advent UCC

Hert Infant -- Concord


Hertzig Edward -- Grace Methodist
Hertzig John -- Grace Methodist
Hertzig Mary -- Grace Methodist
Hertzig Mary E -- Grace Methodist
Hertzig Rosa -- Grace Methodist

Heyssel Albert -- Immanuel Lutheran
Heyssel Alwin -- Immanuel Lutheran
Heyssel August F G -- Immanuel Lutheran
Heyssel C D -- Grace Methodist

Heyssel Edward F A -- Immanuel Lutheran
Heyssel Elbert Alfonso -- Immanuel Lutheran
Heyssel Frederick Emil -- Immanuel Lutheran
Heyssel Henrietta E -- Immanuel Lutheran
Heyssel Meta R -- Grace Methodist

Heyssel Minehart F -- Immanuel Lutheran
Heyssel Pauline W -- Immanuel Lutheran

Heyssel Willie -- Immanuel Lutheran

Hickam A Wayne -- Hickam

Hickam B Jeanette -- Hickam

Hickam Carrie F -- Hickam
Hickam Clara Ethel -- Hickam
Hickam Dora V -- Hickam
Hickam Elizabeth -- Hickam
Hickam Elizabeth M -- Hickam
Hickam Harold D -- Hickam
Hickam Jasper -- Hickam

Hickam Jesse Frank Sr -- Hickam

Hickam Joseph -- Hickam
Hickam Joseph Herbert -- Hickam
Hickam Joseph S -- Hickam

Hickam Kelly -- Hickam
Hickam Lachner -- Hickam
Hickam Laura J -- Hickam
Hickam Lon Stephens -- Hickam
Hickam Lonnie E -- Pettigrew
Hickam Louise Evelyn -- Hickam
Hickam Margaret -- Advent UCC
Hickam Mildred -- Pettigrew
Hickam Nannie -- Hickam
Hickam Ruth Jean -- Hickam
Hickam Shelby H -- Hickam
Hickam Steven W -- Hickam

Hickam Susan -- Hickam
Hickam Susan M -- Hickam
Hickam Vanburen -- Hickam
Hickam Vessie -- Hickam
Hickam Virginia Lee -- Hickam
Hickam William -- Hickam

Hickcox James Fordyce -- Hickam
Hickcox Johnnie -- Concord
Hickcox Margaret -- Inglish
Hickcox Melinda -- Schull/Hickcox


Hicks Dorothy -- Copp Chapel
Hicks John -- Copp Chapel
Hicks Loreta Faye -- Hickam

Hicks Mable A -- Copp Chapel
Hicks Raymond F -- Copp Chapel

Higdon Elizabeth Nickles -- Concord
Higdon Robert E -- Bethel Methodist

Hildebrand Adam -- Concord

Hildebrand Mary -- Concord


Hill Cora Belle -- Hill and Beatty
Hill Franklin -- Mt Zion
Hill Noah Brown -- Hill and Beatty
Hill Ruth -- Longan

Hoback Infant -- Union Baptist

Hodge B Lucille -- Grace Methodist

Hodge Edward P -- Grace Methodist


Hodler Albert E -- Jamestown UCC
Hodler Amelia Sophia -- Kubli

Hodler Charles C -- Kubli

Hodler Christina -- Jamestown UCC
Hodler Donald R -- Grace Methodist
Hodler Edward R -- Grace Methodist
Hodler Emma Elizabeth -- Kubli

Hodler John F -- Kubli

Hodler John J -- Kubli

Hodler Lena M -- Kubli

Hodler Maggie M -- Grace Methodist
Hodler Mary -- Kubli

Hodler Matilda -- Kubli

Hodler Rosa Lee -- Jamestown UCC
Hodler Rudolph -- Kubli

Hodler Sandra Fay -- Grace Methodist
Hodler William -- Jamestown UCC

Hoellerich Adam -- Grace Methodist
Hoellerich Anna K -- Grace Methodist
Hoellerich Barbara -- Grace Methodist

Hoellering Anna Sophia -- Advent UCC
Hoellering C Louise -- Advent UCC
Hoellering Henry -- Advent UCC
Hoellering John G -- Advent UCC
Hoellering Matilda -- Advent UCC
Hoellering William P -- Advent UCC

Hoepfinger Caroline -- Advent UCC
Hoepfinger Elisabeth -- Advent UCC
Hoepfinger Infant -- Advent UCC
Hoepfinger J Karl -- Advent UCC
Hoepfinger Karl -- Advent UCC
Hoepfinger Martin W -- Advent UCC
Hoepfinger William F -- Advent UCC

Hoffman John -- Cedron Catholic
Hoffman Laura -- Cedron Catholic
Hofmann Nicolas -- Advent UCC

Holdermann Wilhelm Johann -- Jamestown UCC

Hollenbeck Juanita Ellie -- Grace Methodist
Hollenbeck Max Eugene -- Grace Methodist

Hollering Anna M -- Advent UCC
Hollering Christian -- Advent UCC

Hopper Sarah -- Mt Zion


Hornbeck Mary E -- Union Baptist

Hosmann Alex -- Jamestown UCC
Hosmann Anna E -- Jamestown UCC
Hosmann Archie N -- Concord

Hosmann Christian -- Jamestown UCC
Hosmann Earl C -- Union Baptist
Hosmann Henry A -- Concord
Hosmann Jacob -- Jamestown UCC
Hosmann Lela M -- Jamestown UCC

Hosmann Lewis F -- Jamestown UCC
Hosmann Marianna -- Jamestown UCC
Hosmann Matilda -- Jamestown UCC
Hosmann Oscar L -- Jamestown UCC

Hosmann S Arthur -- Concord
Hosmann Velma T -- Jamestown UCC

Hosmann William B -- Jamestown UCC
Hosmann William Truman -- Concord

Hoss Alfred B -- Grace Methodist


Hossman Elizabeth -- Concord

Hossman John -- Kubli


Hossmann Christian J -- Jamestown UCC
Hossmann Mary Magdalin -- Concord


Houk Acie B -- Union Baptist
Houk Anna Mary -- Houk
Houk Bell -- Mt Zion
Houk Christena M -- Union Baptist
Houk Edward Jacob -- Mt Zion

Houk J H -- Houk
Houk Minna Esado -- Houk
Houk N A P -- s/o Squire & Mary Houk -- Houk
Houk S H S -- d/o Squire & Mary Houk -- Houk
Houk Squire -- Houk
Houk Susan -- Houk

Houx Infant -- d/o J R & L Houx -- Miller
Houx Lucinda -- Miller

Howard Albert M -- Union Baptist
Howard Alpha -- Union Baptist
Howard Arlen T -- Concord
Howard Avery L -- Union Baptist
Howard Charles E -- Concord
Howard Cornelius B -- Union Baptist
Howard Elizabeth -- Union Baptist
Howard Ella J -- Union Baptist
Howard Eugene R -- Union Baptist
Howard Harriet -- Union Baptist
Howard Henry -- Concord
Howard Henry B S -- Union Baptist
Howard Hugh M -- Union Baptist
Howard Infant -- Union Baptist
Howard Johanna C -- Union Baptist
Howard John D -- Union Baptist
Howard Josiah -- Howard
Howard Lulu Grace -- Concord
Howard Lydia -- Howard
Howard Malinda E -- Howard
Howard Manerva A -- Union Baptist
Howard Martin -- Union Baptist
Howard Mildred Mae -- Concord

Howard Minnie -- Union Baptist
Howard Missaniah C -- Howard
Howard Ogale -- Union Baptist
Howard Paris -- Union Baptist
Howard Stella M -- Union Baptist
Howard Thomas H -- Howard
Howard Uel R -- Concord

Howard Warren M -- Union Baptist
Howard William -- Union Baptist

Howe Alice -- Hickam
Howe Herbert -- Hickam
Howe William -- Hickam

Hudson Andrew J -- Mt Zion
Hudson Annie -- Mt Zion
Hudson Clay -- Mt Zion
Hudson Eliza -- Mt Zion
Hudson Helen -- Mt Zion
Hudson Hensley -- Hudson
Hudson Hester -- Mt Zion
Hudson Hilliard Henry -- Mt Zion
Hudson Infant -- Hudson
Hudson Infant -- Union Baptist
Hudson James B -- Hudson
Hudson James Owen -- Mt Zion
Hudson Laura B -- Union Baptist
Hudson Nellie -- Mt Zion
Hudson Owen -- Mt Zion
Hudson Paulina Moore -- Mt Zion
Hudson Reverdy -- Mt Zion
Hudson Richard Malcomb -- Union Baptist
Hudson Roy F -- Mt Zion
Hudson Sallie -- Mt Zion
Hudson Thomas C -- Hudson
Hudson Willie -- Mt Zion

Hurt Mary F -- Concord

Hutchison Alexander A -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Alpha A -- Bethel Methodist
Hutchison Amanda H -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Andrew -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Beulah -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Carl R -- Mt Zion

Hutchison Charles Lee -- Mt Zion

Hutchison Charley -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Cromer -- Jamestown UCC
Hutchison David -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Donald -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Dorothy R -- Mt Zion

Hutchison Harold -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Harriet -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Helen -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Henry Pleas -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Ida Lee -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Ida Mary -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Infant -- Mt Zion

Hutchison Infant -- Mt Zion

Hutchison Infant -- Mt Zion

Hutchison Infant -- Mt Zion

Hutchison Infant -- Mt Zion

Hutchison J Boyd -- Bethel Methodist
Hutchison John A -- Bethel Methodist
Hutchison John Andy -- Mt Zion

Hutchison John W -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Joseph -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Judia -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Lawrence -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Lewis E -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Maggie M -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Mahala -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Martha -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Mary -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Monroe -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Nellie M -- Jamestown UCC

Hutchison Nettie Lee -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Novella -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Otto -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Paul Revy -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Pearl -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Pleas -- Bethel Methodist
Hutchison Pleas Henderson -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Ples H -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Rea -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Richard H -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Rivey Parmer-- Mt Zion
Hutchison Robert H -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Rodger E -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Sara -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Sarah Jane -- Mt Zion

Hutchison Susie A -- Mt Zion
Hutchison Thomas Benton -- Mt Zion
Hutchison William -- Mt Zion

Hyssel Carrie -- Grace Methodist
Hyssel F W T -- Grace Methodist


Imhoff Alvin Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Amelia A -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff Anton -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Bennie -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Bertha A -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff Catherine -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Christina -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Dalton H -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff Doris J -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Elizabeth -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Emma -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff F Ann -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Felix -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Genevieve -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff George -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Hulah M -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Irene P -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff John -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff John J -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff Johnie -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Joseph August -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Joseph F -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff Leo Michael -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff Louisa -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Maik -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff Mary -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Michael -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Nicholas Fore -- Cedron Catholic

Imhoff Paul Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Pearl -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff R Allan -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Rosa Caroline -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Sylvester -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff Teel William -- Cedron Catholic
Imhoff William E -- Cedron Catholic


Inglish Ann -- Inglish
Inglish Birtie -- Concord
Inglish Elsie -- Union Baptist

Inglish George B -- Maupin
Inglish Helena -- Concord
Inglish Hutchin B -- Inglish
Inglish Ida May -- Concord
Inglish Infant -- Infant s/o John Inglish Jr & Susan Martin thought to be buried here -- Inglish
Inglish Infant -- Infant s/o John Inglish Jr & Mary E Inglish -- Inglish
Inglish John -- Inglish
Inglish John (Sr) -- Inglish
Inglish Katie -- Concord
Inglish Lucy Catherine -- Maupin
Inglish Margaret J -- Concord
Inglish Mary Bruton -- Inglish
Inglish Mary E -- Maupin
Inglish Mary E (Hickcox) -- Inglish
Inglish Mary Hughes -- Inglish
Inglish Ripley Brown Alexander -- Maupin
Inglish Susan Martin -- Inglish
Inglish William -- Concord

Inman Cora -- Union Baptist

Inman John Wesley -- Union Baptist


Inmond James -- Howard
Inmond Lebby -- Howard
Inmond T -- Howard


Jackson Anna Flora -- Mt Zion

Jackson Caswell -- Mt Zion
Jackson Ford L -- Mt Zion
Jackson George Frederick -- Mt Zion
Jackson Henry -- Mt Zion
Jackson Infant -- s/o C W & Emma Jackson -- Mt Zion
Jackson Mary Adaline -- Mt Zion
Jackson Mildred L -- Mt Zion
Jackson Sirena -- Mt Zion

Jahn Christopher -- Mt Zion
Jahn Henry G -- Grace Methodist
Jahn Infant -- Infant of Martin & Mary Jahn -- Bethel Methodist
Jahn Kathryn F -- Bethel Methodist
Jahn Louis G -- Bethel Methodist
Jahn Mariann -- Grace Methodist
Jahn Martin L -- Bethel Methodist
Jahn Mary D -- Bethel Methodist
Jahn Rosa B -- Bethel Methodist
Jahn Ruth -- Mt Zion

Jobe Albert -- Cedron Catholic
Jobe Charlie -- Union Baptist
Jobe M F -- Union Baptist
Jobe Margaret L -- Union Baptist
Jobe Mary -- Cedron Catholic
Jobe Minnie -- Union Baptist

Joest Anna M -- Cedron Catholic


Johnson -- d/o I V & Rachel Johnson -- Union Baptist
Johnson ? -- w/o James Johnson; Broken stone -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Amanda J -- Union Baptist
Johnson Anna L -- Mt Zion
Johnson Bert -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Chas N -- Mt Zion
Johnson Edna Mae -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Eliza H -- Mt Zion
Johnson Ellen J -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Flora Leona -- Union Baptist
Johnson Irvin -- Union Baptist
Johnson Isaac P -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Isaiah Vivion -- Union Baptist
Johnson Jesse Greer -- Union Baptist
Johnson John Crittenden -- Union Baptist
Johnson L Artimishia -- Union Baptist
Johnson L Florence -- Union Baptist
Johnson Lamanda -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Laura Belle -- Union Baptist
Johnson Lee Roy -- Hickam
Johnson Lloyd B -- Union Baptist

Johnson Mandarin Knox -- Union Baptist
Johnson Marie Corinne -- Union Baptist
Johnson Millard E -- Union Baptist
Johnson Moses -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Nancy -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Nancy Idora -- Union Baptist

Johnson Ollie B -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Phillip -- Johnson

Johnson Prudence -- Union Baptist
Johnson Rachel -- Union Baptist
Johnson Robert L -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Roberta M -- Union Baptist
Johnson Rosa Rimel -- Copp Chapel
Johnson Rosemary Ann -- Pettigrew
Johnson Selah O -- Union Baptist
Johnson Snelling -- Union Baptist
Johnson Snelling R -- Union Baptist
Johnson Sylvanius -- Hickam
Johnson Waldo P -- Union Baptist
Johnson William Pinkney -- Union Baptist

Jones Harriet -- Cook
Jones James Dewey -- Mt Zion
Jones L E -- Mt Zion
Jones W B -- Mt Zion
Jones (M.D.) William E -- Concord

Joplin Thomas William -- Union Baptist


K C C -- Advent UCC

Kaiser Anna -- Copp Chapel
Kaiser Paul S -- Copp Chapel
Kaiser William -- Copp Chapel

Kaserman Jacob -- Kaserman

Kattelmann Edward G -- Advent UCC

Kattelmann Helen J -- Advent UCC


Kautsch Loren -- Mt Zion
Kautsch Viola L -- Mt Zion

Kautsch Walter A -- Mt Zion


Kay Frances -- Union Baptist
Kay Grace -- Union Baptist
Kay James R -- Howard
Kay Jasper R -- Union Baptist
Kay Lydia S -- Howard
Kay Mary -- Union Baptist
Kay Stella May -- Union Baptist
Kay Theodocia E -- Union Baptist
Kay Truly -- Union Baptist

Keck Alvin W -- Grace Methodist
Keck Anna -- Grace Methodist
Keck Ephriam -- Grace Methodist
Keck Infant -- s/o W & M L Keck -- Grace Methodist
Keck Lucile G -- Grace Methodist
Keck Martha -- Grace Methodist
Keck Thomas F -- Grace Methodist

Keil Friederick W -- Advent UCC
Keil Henry W -- Advent UCC
Keil L V -- Cedron Catholic
Keil Louisa -- Advent UCC
Keil Margaretha -- Advent UCC
Keil Mary -- Advent UCC
Keil Philip -- Advent UCC
Keil William -- Advent UCC

Kelly Cely M -- Union Baptist
Kelly Matilda E -- Union Baptist

Kelly Rachel -- Union Baptist
Kelly Virginia L -- Union Baptist

Kenney Albert -- Bethel Methodist
Kenney Coleman B -- Bethel Methodist
Kenney Elizabeth -- Kenny
Kenney James -- Kenny
Kenney John -- Bethel Methodist
Kenney John W -- Copp Chapel
Kenney Margaret -- Kenny
Kenney Mary E -- Bethel Methodist
Kenney Missouri A -- Copp Chapel
Kenney Nancy E -- Bethel Methodist

Kenny Catherine -- Kenny
Kenny Richard -- Mt Zion
Kenny Ruth J -- Splice Creek
Kenny Sallie -- Splice Creek

Kerksiek Anna Michelle -- Grace Methodist


Khierin Harvie -- German Methodist


Kiesling Albert W -- Advent UCC
Kiesling Elizabeth -- Advent UCC
Kiesling Elizabeth M -- Advent UCC
Kiesling Elnora Lorene -- Advent UCC

Kiesling George J -- Advent UCC
Kiesling Henry T -- Advent UCC
Kiesling Lloyd Charles Jr -- Advent UCC

Kiesling Louis Thomas -- Advent UCC
Kiesling Margaret -- Advent UCC
Kiesling Thomas -- Advent UCC

Kiessling John E (Erhart?) -- Advent UCC


King Annie -- Copp Chapel
King James S -- Copp Chapel

Kingery A Frank -- Copp Chapel
Kingery George W -- Copp Chapel
Kingery James -- Copp Chapel

Kirschman Emma C -- Advent UCC
Kirschman Ernest H -- Advent UCC
Kirschman Louise Magdalene -- Advent UCC


Kirshman Alonzo R -- Jamestown UCC

Kirshman Alvina -- Grace Methodist
Kirshman Auralia M -- Jamestown UCC

Kirshman Calvin C -- Grace Methodist
Kirshman Cora C -- Grace Methodist
Kirshman John -- Grace Methodist
Kirshman Leslie F -- Grace Methodist

Klatt Doris Ann -- Immanuel Lutheran
Klatt George M -- Grace Methodist

Klatt Irene G -- Grace Methodist

Klatt Leacy L -- Immanuel Lutheran
Klatt Owen C -- Immanuel Lutheran

Klein Bernard -- Cedron Catholic
Klein Caroline -- Cedron Catholic
Klein Caroline R -- Cedron Catholic
Klein Catherine -- Cedron Catholic
Klein Elizabeth Katherine -- Cedron Catholic

Klein Gertrude -- Cedron Catholic
Klein Johann Jacob Sr -- Cedron Catholic

Klein John Jacob Jr -- Cedron Catholic

Klein Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Klein Julia -- Cedron Catholic
Klein Katherine -- Cedron Catholic

Klein Mary -- Cedron Catholic
Klein Robert -- Cedron Catholic
Klein Robert -- Cedron Catholic
Klein Rosa -- Cedron Catholic
Klein William Joseph -- Cedron Catholic

Klingeberger Emilie D -- Jamestown UCC
Klingeberger Ida M -- Grace Methodist
Klingeberger John -- Advent UCC
Klingeberger Marie T -- Advent UCC
Klingeberger Peter (Rev) Adolf -- Advent UCC


Knale Emma -- Advent UCC


Knierim Carl Schurtz -- Jamestown UCC
Knierim Elizabeth -- Advent UCC
Knierim Eunice A -- Jamestown UCC

Knierim Henry W -- Jamestown UCC
Knerim Infant -- s/o H W & L J Knerim -- Advent UCC
Knierim Katie -- German Methodist
Knierim Kyle Grover -- Jamestown UCC

Knierim Lizzie C -- Advent UCC
Knierim Louisa J -- Jamestown UCC
Knierim Minnie S -- Immanuel Lutheran
Knierim Sophia T -- Advent UCC

Knipker Alma -- Advent UCC
Knipker August L -- Advent UCC
Knipker Elizabeth E -- Advent UCC
Knipker Florence J -- Advent UCC

Knipker Frank B -- Advent UCC
Knipker Jacob -- Advent UCC
Knipker Johanna K -- Advent UCC
Knipker John -- Advent UCC
Knipker Joseph -- Advent UCC
Knipker Junatia -- Advent UCC
Knipker Loita Kathryn -- Advent UCC

Knipker Louise Marie -- Advent UCC
Knipker Sylvia Ann -- Advent UCC
Knipker William -- Advent UCC
Knipker William T -- Advent UCC


Knoepker Henriette -- Advent UCC
Knoepker Hermann -- Advent UCC

Knoeppker Marie K -- Advent UCC
Knoeppker Verst -- Advent UCC


Knopker George -- Advent UCC
Knopker Herrmann -- Advent UCC
Knopker Johann -- Advent UCC
Knopker Karoline -- Advent UCC

Knorp Carl -- Immanuel Lutheran
Knorp Catherine -- Immanuel Lutheran
Knorp Charlie -- Immanuel Lutheran
Knorp Dorothy L -- Jamestown UCC

Knorp Fred W -- Jamestown UCC

Knorp Lillie M -- Jamestown UCC

Knorp Lucille -- Immanuel Lutheran
Knorp Mena S -- Immanuel Lutheran
Knorp Russel F -- Jamestown UCC


Kobel Betty Marie -- Advent UCC

Kobel E Marie -- Advent UCC

Kobel Ernest -- Advent UCC
Kobel Herbert A -- Advent UCC

Kobel J Ulrich -- Advent UCC
Kobel John -- Advent UCC
Kobel Mary Margaret -- Advent UCC

Kobel Selma F -- Advent UCC
Kobel Sophia -- Advent UCC
Kobel Wilbur Henry -- Advent UCC

Kobel William John -- Advent UCC


Koch Anna M -- Jamestown UCC
Koch Elisa -- Jamestown UCC
Koch William W -- Jamestown UCC

Kocher J G -- Jamestown UCC

Koegler Augusta F -- Jamestown UCC
Koegler Curtis E -- Jamestown UCC
Koegler Dora H -- Jamestown UCC
Koegler Ernest -- Jamestown UCC
Koegler Ernest A -- Jamestown UCC

Koegler Frank M -- Jamestown UCC

Koegler John Charles -- Jamestown UCC
Koegler Louis H -- Jamestown UCC
Koegler Mabel M -- Jamestown UCC

Koegler Martha E -- Jamestown UCC

Koelle Ella J -- Grace Methodist
Koelle Gloria -- Grace Methodist
Koelle John W -- Grace Methodist
Koelle John Wesley -- Grace Methodist


Kolb E Martha -- Advent UCC
Kolb Fredrich -- Advent UCC
Kolb Jacob -- Advent UCC

Korsen Alamanza -- Copp Chapel
Korsen John T -- Copp Chapel

Kratzer Alma M -- German Methodist
Kratzer Godfrey -- Advent UCC
Kratzer Johanna H -- Advent UCC

Kratzer Lula F -- German Methodist
Kratzer Margaret -- Union Baptist

Krausz George P -- Advent UCC

Kronk Richard Bland -- Mt Zion

Kubli      2 concrete markers w/Kubli-No other data inscribed -- Kubli

Kubli 7 Infants     Stone states Emanuel Sr, Maria M, Christian Jr & Sr, Samuel, Louise, Carl, Willie, 7 infants Graves unknown -- Kubli

Kubli Annie Margaret -- Kubli

Kubli Carl -- Kubli

Kubli Caroline -- Kubli

Kubli Christian Jr -- Kubli

Kubli Christian Sr -- Kubli

Kubli Copr Emanuel -- Kubli

Kubli Emanuel Sr -- Kubli

Kubli John -- Kubli

Kubli Karl F -- Kubli

Kubli Louise -- Kubli

Kubli Maria M -- Kubli

Kubli Samuel -- Kubli

Kubli Willie -- Kubli


Kucherer Bernhard -- Advent UCC
Kucherer Katherina -- Advent UCC

Kuehn Martha -- Jamestown UCC

Kuhn Amalie -- Immanuel Lutheran
Kuhn Anna -- Advent UCC
Kuhn Barbara -- Grace Methodist
Kuhn Blanche M -- Advent UCC
Kuhn Christian -- Advent UCC
Kuhn Clarence William -- Jamestown UCC

Kuhn Elnoa Scholle -- Advent UCC
Kuhn Esther -- Advent UCC
Kuhn Florence -- Advent UCC
Kuhn Frances Arlene -- Jamestown UCC

Kuhn Henry -- Immanuel Lutheran
Kuhn John Christian -- Kuhn
Kuhn John F -- Grace Methodist
Kuhn Kitty -- Hickam
Kuhn Louis F -- Advent UCC
Kuhn Louis William -- Grace Methodist
Kuhn Mary C -- Kuhn
Kuhn Mary Catherina -- Kuhn
Kuhn Rosina -- Kuhn
Kuhn Theodore -- Advent UCC
Kuhn Viola May -- Advent UCC
Kuhn Wilhelm G -- Immanuel Lutheran

Kunze Ehregott -- Advent UCC
Kunze Hilda L -- Advent UCC

Kunze Infant -- Advent UCC
Kunze Infant -- Advent UCC
Kunze Oscar A -- Advent UCC

Kunze Selma -- Advent UCC

Kunzey Laura A -- Advent UCC
Kunzey Sophie -- Advent UCC

Kurtz Elise -- Jamestown UCC

Kurtz Gotfried H -- Jamestown UCC

Kurtz Henry J -- Jamestown UCC

Kurtz Jacob -- Jamestown UCC

Kurtz John Frederic -- Jamestown UCC

Kurtz Julia Elisa -- Jamestown UCC

Kurtz Margaret -- Jamestown UCC
Kurtz Rosa Amanda -- Jamestown UCC

Kurtz Rudolf -- Jamestown UCC


Kurz Frederick -- Grace Methodist

Kutzscher Ehregott Otto -- Advent UCC


Lachner Bertha -- Advent UCC
Lachner Emma -- Copp Chapel
Lachner George -- Advent UCC
Lachner Jacob -- Advent UCC
Lachner Jacob Jr  -- Advent UCC

Lachner Louis J -- Advent UCC
Lachner Maud -- Concord
Lachner Paul L -- Advent UCC

Lachner Wanda M -- Advent UCC


Lacy Agnes J -- Lacy
Lacy Arch J (Dr.) -- Lacy
Lacy William A (Dr.) -- Lacy

Lamm Callie K -- Copp Chapel
Lamm Henry S -- Copp Chapel
Lamm Lizzie M -- Copp Chapel
Lamm Mildred Marie -- Copp Chapel

Lamm Nancy -- Hickam

Lamm Paul E -- Copp Chapel

Lancaster Gil Cooper -- Copp Chapel
Lancaster Richard D -- Copp Chapel

Lara Francis James -- Bethel Methodist

Larimore Velma J -- Grace Methodist

Larimore William Cleo -- Grace Methodist

Larimore William N -- Grace Methodist


Lawson Coryelis P -- Union Baptist

Lawson Helenider -- Union Baptist
Lawson Infant -- s/o W D & H Lawson -- Union Baptist
Lawson John Wesley -- Advent UCC

Ledergerber Lydia Hodler -- Jamestown UCC

Leech Ruby Frances -- Union Baptist

Lefever Alva Gregory -- Grace Methodist

Lefever Charles D -- Grace Methodist
Lefever Edna -- Grace Methodist

Lehmann Esther M -- Grace Methodist
Lehmann Gottfried -- Grace Methodist
Lehmann Magdelina -- Grace Methodist

Leonard Anna L -- Concord
Leonard Robert L -- Concord

Less Cathryn M -- Jamestown UCC
Less Charles William Norman -- Grace Methodist
Less Daughter -- Grace Methodist
Less Edward -- Grace Methodist
Less Edward H -- Grace Methodist
Less Emma A -- Grace Methodist
Less Etta M -- Grace Methodist
Less Frank B -- Grace Methodist
Less Freeman -- Grace Methodist
Less Henry W -- Grace Methodist
Less Hubert Lee -- Jamestown UCC
Less Ida E -- Grace Methodist

Less John G -- Grace Methodist
Less John N -- Grace Methodist
Less Koelle P -- Grace Methodist
Less Lenora M -- Grace Methodist
Less Lula V -- Grace Methodist

Less Lydia -- Grace Methodist
Less Margarete -- Grace Methodist
Less Mary -- Grace Methodist
Less Nicklos -- Grace Methodist
Less Walter W -- Jamestown UCC
Less William Norman -- Grace Methodist


Lessenich Catherine H -- Cedron Catholic
Lessenich Joseph M -- Cedron Catholic

Lewis Betty Francis -- Grace Methodist

Lewis Louie Ephraim -- Grace Methodist


Liechti John B -- Jamestown UCC

Light Georgia -- Copp Chapel

Linville Sallie -- Mt Zion

Lloyd Jimmy -- Advent UCC

Locherer Francis J S -- Copp Chapel

Longan B A B -- Longan
Longan Catharine -- Longan
Longan Edward Lashley -- Kubli

Longan George W -- Longan
Longan Jesse B -- Longan
Longan John Bowles -- Longan
Longan Lizzie -- Kubli

Longan Lucy -- Longan
Longan Mary Weber -- Longan
Longan Sarah -- Longan
Longan Susan -- Longan

Lopp John E (Dr) -- Pettigrew
Lowe Frank -- Mt Zion
Lowe Martha -- Mt Zion
Lowe Sallie -- Mt Zion
Lowe William -- Mt Zion

Loyd Esther J -- Advent UCC


Luper Cecil William -- Union Baptist

Luper Helen Marie -- Union Baptist

Luper Jesse Howard -- Union Baptist
Luper William J -- Union Baptist

Lynch Nehemiah -- Concord


Mahoney Thelma B -- Copp Chapel

Maier Baby -- Grace Methodist

Marie Lewis Iven -- Concord

Marshall C Raymond -- Jamestown UCC

Marshall Frances Muri -- Grace Methodist
Marshall J B -- Splice Creek
Marshall John B -- Splice Creek
Marshall Lula F -- Jamestown UCC

Marshall Marion -- Splice Creek
Marshall Marion W -- Grace Methodist
Marshall Nona Mae -- Jamestown UCC
Marshall Oscar L -- Jamestown UCC

Marshall Rebecca -- Splice Creek
Marshall Richard H -- Splice Creek

Martin Adam -- Inglish
Martin Arthur J -- Kubli

Martin Douglas Clinton -- Bethel Methodist
Martin Eliza J -- Concord
Martin Infant -- s/o R S & S Martin -- Miller
Martin Infant -- d/o R S & S Martin -- Miller
Martin Jonathan P -- Inglish
Martin Joyce Faye -- Concord
Martin Laura Frances -- Mt Zion
Martin Nancy -- Concord

Martin Oliver -- Inglish
Martin Polly -- Inglish
Martin S Alice -- Miller
Martin Sarah Eliza -- Bethel Methodist
Martin Virgil Lee -- Jamestown UCC

Martin William Monroe -- Bethel Methodist

Marvin James -- Cedron Catholic

Matson Elizabeth -- Mt Zion

Mattas Lois J -- Union Baptist

Mattas Richard David -- Union Baptist


Matti Caroline L -- Advent UCC
Matti Elisabeth -- Advent UCC
Matti Hans P -- Advent UCC
Matti John G -- Advent UCC

Maupin Caroline E -- Maupin
Maupin Elizabeth -- Maupin
Maupin James -- Maupin
Maupin John -- Maupin

McClanahan Amanda L -- Concord
McClanahan C J M -- Concord

McClanahan Elizabeth -- Copp Chapel
McClanahan Evalina -- Pettigrew
McClanahan James -- Copp Chapel
McClanahan James D -- Concord
McClanahan Juriah -- Copp Chapel
McClanahan Nancy J -- Concord
McClanahan Theodocia -- Copp Chapel
McClanahan Thomas -- Copp Chapel

McDaniel Adam -- Union Baptist
McDaniel Annie -- Union Baptist
McDaniel Christian H -- Concord
McDaniel E S -- Union Baptist
McDaniel Edna -- Union Baptist
McDaniel Edward -- Union Baptist
McDaniel Edward D -- Jamestown UCC
McDaniel Edward P -- Concord
McDaniel Fred T -- Jamestown UCC

McDaniel H [Hiram] L [Long] -- Union Baptist
McDaniel John -- Union Baptist
McDaniel John C -- Union Baptist
McDaniel John T -- Union Baptist
McDaniel Lucas J -- Jamestown UCC
McDaniel Mary M -- Concord
McDaniel Mrs John -- Union Baptist

McDaniel Mrs W R -- Union Baptist

McDaniel Nancy -- Union Baptist
McDaniel O H -- Union Baptist

McDaniel Ora E -- Union Baptist
McDaniel Rebecca -- Union Baptist
McDaniel Rebecca Jane -- Union Baptist

McDaniel Rosena H -- Jamestown UCC
McDaniel Susan -- Union Baptist
McDaniel Susan E -- Union Baptist
McDaniel Susan Elizabeth -- Concord
McDaniel Virgie May -- Union Baptist

McDaniel William D -- Union Baptist
McDaniel William Marion -- Union Baptist

McMahon Laurie Monroe -- Grace Methodist


McMullen Katie Terrell -- Mt Zion


McNay Cleo J -- Grace Methodist
McNay John Lewis -- Grace Methodist

McNay Leah Jo -- Grace Methodist

McNay Velma M -- Grace Methodist

Medley Infant -- Mt Zion

Meng Nellie Ellis -- Grace Methodist

Meredith Franklin -- Pettigrew
Meredith John -- Mt Zion
Meredith Malvy -- Mt Zion

Merritt Adelia A -- Copp Chapel
Merritt Dortha -- Mt Zion

Merritt Henry O -- Copp Chapel
Merritt Mary J -- Copp Chapel

Meule Frederick -- Concord

Meurer Eva -- Cedron Catholic
Meurer G W -- Cedron Catholic

Meyer Alma E -- Jamestown UCC

Meyer Ben -- Cedron Catholic
Meyer Benjamin -- Cedron Catholic
Meyer Gertrude -- Cedron Catholic
Meyer Harry Moore -- Jamestown UCC

Meyer Henry -- Cedron Catholic
Meyer Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Meyer Mary -- Cedron Catholic
Meyer Michael -- Hickam
Meyer Nickolos -- Cedron Catholic
Meyer Willie -- Cedron Catholic
Meyers Angeline -- Concord
Meyers Carl G -- Concord
Meyers Herbert L -- Concord
Meyers Jacob C -- Concord
Meyers Minne -- Concord
Meyers Minnie E -- Concord
Meyers Willard D -- Concord

Miley Anna -- Grace Methodist
Miley Fredericka Griesback -- Grace Methodist
Miley Godfrey -- Grace Methodist
Miley William -- Grace Methodist

Miller Amelia E -- Grace Methodist
Miller Carl E -- Jamestown UCC
Miller Charles -- Grace Methodist
Miller Chris. A -- Grace Methodist
Miller Christopher -- Grace Methodist
Miller Elizabeth -- Concord
Miller Elizabeth Renfrow -- Copp Chapel
Miller Frank A -- Grace Methodist
Miller George W -- Concord
Miller Helen M -- Cedron Catholic

Miller Infant -- Concord
Miller James -- Miller
Miller John -- Grace Methodist
Miller Katharina -- Grace Methodist
Miller Louis -- Concord
Miller Louis F -- Concord
Miller Louis F III -- Concord

Miller Louis F IV -- Concord

Miller Lucinda -- Miller
Miller Mary C -- Grace Methodist
Miller Nettie -- Jamestown UCC
Miller Nettie A -- Concord
Miller Otto F -- Concord
Miller Rachel A -- Mt Zion
Miller Rosa -- Grace Methodist
Miller Rose A -- Concord
Miller Sophia M -- Concord
Miller Stanley L -- Grace Methodist
Miller Susan -- Miller
Miller Susanah -- Concord
Miller William C -- Grace Methodist
Miller William F -- Cedron Catholic


Mills Charles T -- Copp Chapel

Mills Cora Elizabeth -- Copp Chapel

Mills Eldevine -- Copp Chapel
Mills Florence E -- Copp Chapel
Mills Hattie D -- Copp Chapel
Mills Infant -- Copp Chapel
Mills John E -- Copp Chapel
Mills John J -- Copp Chapel
Mills John William -- Copp Chapel
Mills Laura E -- Copp Chapel
Mills Lewis -- Copp Chapel
Mills Mary E -- Copp Chapel
Mills Owen P -- Copp Chapel
Mills Roxey -- Copp Chapel
Mills Willie M -- Copp Chapel

Mitchell Bessie -- Grace Methodist

Mo------ Mary -- Zaugg

Mochel Adelia E -- Grace Methodist
Mochel Charles F -- Grace Methodist

Monrow Leona Wallenmeyer -- Grace Methodist


Moore Abet -- Hickam
Moore Alpha -- Mt Zion
Moore Bailey -- Hickam
Moore Eddie Clinton -- Hickam
Moore Elizabeth Keizer -- Hickam
Moore Gerald I -- Cedron Catholic

Moore Infant -- Hickam
Moore Infant -- Mt Zion
Moore J F -- Mt Zion
Moore James Frank -- Hickam
Moore John -- Hickam
Moore John -- Mt Zion
Moore John A -- Hickam
Moore Kirby -- Hickam
Moore Louisa -- Hickam
Moore Lucy E -- Mt Zion
Moore M Alfred -- Mt Zion
Moore Mahala -- Hickam
Moore Marie -- Mt Zion
Moore Mary -- Mt Zion
Moore Mary S -- Mt Zion
Moore Matilda -- Hickam
Moore Nancy H -- Hickam
Moore Nancy J -- Cedron Catholic

Moore Nancy M -- Hickam
Moore Paulina -- Mt Zion
Moore Polly S -- Union Baptist
Moore Rachel -- Union Baptist
Moore Rebecca -- Union Baptist
Moore Robert -- Hickam
Moore Sarena -- Hickam
Moore Stella J -- Hickam
Moore Thoss -- Hickam
Moore William -- Hickam
Moore William D -- Hickam
Moore Willie E -- Hickam

Mullen Tana M -- Advent UCC


Muri Amanda -- Grace Methodist
Muri Amelia Boillot -- Grace Methodist
Muri Anna -- Grace Methodist
Muri Benjamin Franklin -- Grace Methodist
Muri Charles Henry -- Grace Methodist
Muri Christiana -- Grace Methodist
Muri E Lorene -- Grace Methodist
Muri Edward Thomas -- Grace Methodist
Muri Emma E -- Grace Methodist
Muri Emma Elizabeth -- Grace Methodist
Muri Infant -- s/o B F & E E Muri -- Grace Methodist
Muri John -- Grace Methodist
Muri John Wesley -- Grace Methodist
Muri Mary E -- Grace Methodist
Muri Ralph E -- Grace Methodist
Muri Sophia -- Grace Methodist

Murphy Emmett -- Pettigrew
Murphy Raymond Ernest -- Hickam

Murphy Tony -- Pettigrew


Murray Goldie Mae -- Mt Zion


Murrell Elizabeth -- Bethel Methodist
Murrell Infant -- Seven infants -- Pettigrew

Murrell Jobe -- Pettigrew
Murrell Joicy Brown -- Bethel Methodist
Murrell Laura M -- Bethel Methodist

Murrell Lillie Wise -- Bethel Methodist

Murrell Lula -- Pettigrew

Murrell Mary Viola -- Hickam
Murrell Melvina Jane -- Pettigrew

Murrell Nathan -- Bethel Methodist
Murrell William N -- Pettigrew

Musick Augustus G -- Hickam
Musick Eliza A -- Mt Zion
Musick Ella May -- Mt Zion
Musick Ferdanand Worthington -- Mt Zion
Musick James -- Mt Zion
Musick John V C -- Hickam
Musick Ruth J -- Concord
Musick W Henry -- Concord
Musick Willie -- Mt Zion


Neill Barbara A -- Jamestown UCC
Neill Jacob -- Jamestown UCC

Nelson ? -- Union Baptist
Nelson Alma Lena -- Jamestown UCC
Nelson Amanda D -- Union Baptist
Nelson Jesse -- Union Baptist

Nelson Sarah -- Union Baptist

Newell Less F -- Copp Chapel
Newell Lydia L -- Copp Chapel
Newell Ronnie E -- Copp Chapel


Nichols Larry Dean -- Jamestown UCC
Nichols Robert Bradley -- Jamestown UCC

Nichols Thirsa Mausshardt -- Jamestown UCC


Nickles Alma C -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Anna A -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Anna B -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Benjamin Franklin -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Biddie V -- Concord
Nickles Carolina Gattin -- Jamestown UCC
Nickles Charles E -- Jamestown UCC
Nickles Charles F -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Clara C -- Jamestown UCC
Nickles Gottleab -- Grace Methodist
Nickles John -- Jamestown UCC
Nickles John W -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Katharina -- Jamestown UCC
Nickles Katie J -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Louis B -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Maria -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Nicklaus -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Peter -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Peter [Sr ?] -- Grace Methodist
Nickles Rebecca E -- Grace Methodist
Nickles William E -- Concord

Noel Carrie Lee -- Concord

Northern Marilyn L -- Mt Zion


Nott Gary Lee -- Concord
Nott Grace -- Concord
Nott Joseph H -- Concord

Nott Ralph -- Concord


Nygaard Angeline -- Mt Zion


O'Connor Edith Jane -- Mt Zion
O'Connor James -- Mt Zion
O'dell Grover Houston -- Copp Chapel

Odneal William B -- Todd


Oerly Cynthia Joy -- Concord
Oerly Eula M -- Mt Zion

Oerly Jack D -- Union Baptist
Oerly Jacob U -- Concord
Oerly Jean -- Union Baptist
Oerly Lola M -- Concord

Offield Chris Douglas -- Copp Chapel

Ogden Hester -- Copp Chapel

Olson Dora M -- Copp Chapel
Olson Theodore R -- Copp Chapel

Oneal Abbie -- Concord
Oneal Annie -- Concord
Oneal Infant -- Concord
Oneal John -- Concord
Oneal Mildred -- Concord
Oneal Miles Miller -- Concord

Opitz Katie -- Concord
Opitz Martha A -- Concord
Opitz Matie Dean -- Concord
Opitz Michael G -- Concord

Orr Charles Curtis -- Longan
Orr Elizabeth Barnhart -- Longan
Orr Jacob -- Longan
Orr Laura A -- Longan
Orr Margaret E -- Longan
Orr Margaret E -- Longan

Osborne Ethel F -- Bethel Methodist
Osborne John G -- Bethel Methodist

Oswald George F -- Immanuel Lutheran
Oswald Magdalena E -- Immanuel Lutheran


Ott Abraham -- Johnson

Overbay Cora Bell -- Concord
Overbay Hehie Jane -- Concord
Overbay Sterling Wesley -- Concord


Owings Sophia Wyss -- Grace Methodist
Owings William T (Bill) -- Grace Methodist


Parkes Kasper K -- Grace Methodist

Parkes Lora C -- Grace Methodist

Parmer Infant -- Pettigrew

Parr Gertrude -- Cedron Catholic
Pate Lavina -- Copp Chapel
Pate Thomas R -- Copp Chapel

Pearcy Harold R -- Mt Zion

Pearcy Irene L -- Mt Zion

Pearcy Lloyd E -- Mt Zion


Pedego Edna Cooper "Dolly" -- Copp Chapel
Pedego Margaret Louise -- Concord

Pedego Marjorie -- Concord

Pedego Samuel T -- Concord

Pendarvis Anna Simmons -- Cook
Pendarvis Emma M -- Jamestown UCC
Pendarvis J (Dr) A -- Jamestown UCC
Pendarvis Jacob A -- Jamestown UCC
Pendarvis John Edward -- Jamestown UCC

Pennington Alice -- Union Baptist
Pennington Alice Smith -- Concord
Pennington Amanda L -- Concord
Pennington Aubrey Lewis -- Union Baptist

Pennington Clara Ann -- Union Baptist
Pennington Eliza N -- Union Baptist
Pennington Elizabeth -- Union Baptist
Pennington Fetherstern -- Crum
Pennington Isaac -- Union Baptist
Pennington Jefferson B -- Wilson
Pennington Jesse -- Concord
Pennington Lee -- Union Baptist
Pennington Levi -- Union Baptist
Pennington Maggie -- Union Baptist
Pennington Mary -- Grace Methodist
Pennington Mary -- Union Baptist
Pennington Mary M -- Wilson
Pennington Minervia -- Union Baptist
Pennington Newton -- Union Baptist
Pennington Oliver O -- Union Baptist
Pennington Ollie -- Union Baptist
Pennington Rebecca -- Concord
Pennington Rosa Belle -- Union Baptist
Pennington Stella F -- Union Baptist
Pennington Susan E -- Union Baptist
Pennington William H -- Union Baptist

Peters Eva E -- Advent UCC
Peters Louis H -- Advent UCC

Peterson Lewis John -- Immanuel Lutheran


Pettigrew Alma C -- Grace Methodist
Pettigrew Bettie -- Splice Creek
Pettigrew Cynthia -- Pettigrew
Pettigrew Frank -- Pettigrew

Pettigrew Glenn Edward -- Grace Methodist

Pettigrew Harriet Jane -- Pettigrew
Pettigrew Infant -- Splice Creek
Pettigrew James Thomas -- Pettigrew
Pettigrew Julia -- Splice Creek
Pettigrew Matthew -- Pettigrew
Pettigrew R R -- Pettigrew

Pettigrew Rowena -- Pettigrew

Pettigrew Thomas H -- Grace Methodist
Pettigrew Tom -- Pettigrew

Pettigrew Walter L -- Splice Creek
Pettigrew William G -- Splice Creek

Plank Maria K -- German Methodist

Ploof Gerald A -- Cedron Catholic

Ploof Pauline R -- Cedron Catholic


Poehlmann Barbara -- Immanuel Lutheran
Poehlmann Edwin -- Immanuel Lutheran
Poehlmann Lorenz -- Immanuel Lutheran
Poehlmann Lucille -- Immanuel Lutheran
Poehlmann Robert William -- Immanuel Lutheran

Poehlmann William -- Immanuel Lutheran

Polley Andrew Perry -- Copp Chapel
Polley Clarence G -- Copp Chapel
Polley James P -- Copp Chapel
Polley Nora Agnes -- Copp Chapel

Porter Norma J -- Jamestown UCC

Porter William George -- Jamestown UCC


Potter Arnold L -- Grace Methodist

Potter Arthur C -- Grace Methodist
Potter Camillia -- Mt Zion
Potter Charley -- Mt Zion
Potter Colleen -- Mt Zion

Potter Edgar -- Mt Zion
Potter Edith G -- Grace Methodist
Potter Ellis -- Pettigrew
Potter Eva Susan -- Mt Zion
Potter Evert -- Mt Zion
Potter F L -- Pettigrew
Potter Fannie B -- Mt Zion
Potter Frank M -- Mt Zion
Potter Georgia -- Mt Zion
Potter Infant -- d/o F M & F B Potter -- Mt Zion
Potter Infant -- d/o R A & G A Potter -- Mt Zion
Potter Infant -- s/o S J & N J Potter -- Mt Zion
Potter Infant -- c/o Emmett Potter -- Mt Zion

Potter Jackie Hugh -- Mt Zion

Potter Jill Sue -- Mt Zion


Potter Laurence A -- Mt Zion
Potter Martha L -- Mt Zion
Potter Mrs ? -- had a son named James died of typhoid fever -- Bethel Methodist

Potter Richmond A -- Mt Zion
Potter Robert Ewing -- Pettigrew

Potter Thomas H -- Mt Zion
Potter Truman K -- Mt Zion
Potter Vert B -- Mt Zion

Preul Clara M -- Grace Methodist
Preul William C -- Grace Methodist

Pruitt Mary E -- Union Baptist
Pruitt Owen P -- Union Baptist

Pursley Harold B -- Pettigrew
Pursley Joseph -- Pettigrew
Pursley Preston W -- Pettigrew
Pursley Selma M -- Pettigrew
Pursley U Grant -- Copp Chapel

Pursley Viola -- Pettigrew


Randolph Elizah -- Wilson

Rau Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Rau Katherina -- Cedron Catholic
Rau Katherine -- Cedron Catholic
Rau Maggie -- Cedron Catholic
Rau Peter J -- Cedron Catholic
Rau William -- Cedron Catholic

Redford Arthur -- Union Baptist
Redford Arthur -- Wilson
Redford Elisha P -- Union Baptist
Redford Ellen -- Union Baptist
Redford J Marian -- Union Baptist

Redford James C -- Union Baptist
Redford Jesse -- Union Baptist
Redford Nancy -- Union Baptist
Redford Nancy -- Union Baptist
Redford Nancy Ann -- Wilson
Redford Rebecca -- Pettigrew
Redford Riley -- Pettigrew
Redford William -- Union Baptist

Reding John Samuel -- Union Baptist

Reece John Robert -- Grace Methodist

Reece Julia Faye -- Grace Methodist


Reed Calperna -- Mt Zion
Reed Henry T -- Miller
Reed Nellie S Pettigrew -- Pettigrew
Reed Posten -- Miller

Reel Elizabeth Ann -- Jamestown UCC

Reel Shayne Beckermann -- Jamestown UCC


Reglin Paulina -- Immanuel Lutheran


Reimler -- s/o Georgia Vaughan Reimler/Smith -- Pettigrew
Reimler Alice -- Hickam

Reimler Allie B -- Mt Zion
Reimler Charles W -- Mt Zion
Reimler Elizabeth Emeline -- Hickam

Reimler Ellen E -- Hickam

Reimler Frederick William -- Hickam

Reimler Georgia Vaughan -- same as Georgia Vaughan Smith? -- Pettigrew
Reimler Jane Decima -- Union Baptist

Reimler Malinda -- Hickam

Reimler Mary K -- Mt Zion
Reimler Phillip Andrae -- Hickam

Reimler Robert J -- Mt Zion
Reimler Teddy Gene -- Union Baptist

Reimler William Hewitt -- Hickam


Reiter William -- Cedron Catholic

Renfrow Alamanza -- Renfrow
Renfrow Andy David -- Copp Chapel
Renfrow Annie L -- Copp Chapel
Renfrow Correna M -- Renfrow
Renfrow George W -- Copp Chapel
Renfrow Harriet ? -- Copp Chapel
Renfrow Ida I -- Copp Chapel
Renfrow James C -- Pettigrew
Renfrow James Pierce Sr -- Renfrow
Renfrow John -- Renfrow
Renfrow John A -- Pettigrew
Renfrow Lou -- Copp Chapel
Renfrow Louisa M -- Copp Chapel
Renfrow Mary F -- Hickam
Renfrow Sabrina -- Hickam
Renfrow Sophia L -- Copp Chapel
Renfrow Wilbur E -- Copp Chapel
Renfrow William R -- Hickam

Rentsch S C -- Jamestown UCC

Reusser Caroline -- Jamestown UCC
Reusser Charles -- Jamestown UCC
Reusser Friedrich -- Jamestown UCC
Reusser Helen M -- Jamestown UCC
Reusser Helene M -- Jamestown UCC
Reusser Karl F -- Jamestown UCC
Reusser Marie Ann -- Jamestown UCC
Reusser Rosette -- Jamestown UCC
Reusser Sophia L -- Jamestown UCC

Reuszer Fredrick -- Kubli

Reuszer John -- Jamestown UCC
Reuszer Rosena -- Jamestown UCC

Reynolds Alma -- Grace Methodist

Reynolds Benton H (Dr) -- Grace Methodist
Reynolds Charles A -- Grace Methodist

Reynolds Hallie B -- Grace Methodist
Reynolds Margaret -- Grace Methodist

Reynolds Nita Faye -- Grace Methodist

Reynolds Violet L -- Grace Methodist

Reynolds William Benton -- Grace Methodist
Reynolds William E -- Grace Methodist


Riemler Alice -- Hickam
Riemler Elizabeth -- Hickam
Riemler Ellen -- Hickam
Riemler F W -- Hickam
Riemler Malinda -- Hickam
Riemler Phillip Andrew -- Hickam
Riemler William H -- Hickam

Rimel Clementine -- Hickam
Rimel Nuten -- Copp Chapel
Rimel William R -- Hickam

Roberts Alice Brady -- Copp Chapel
Robinson John S -- Cofer

Rodel Heinrich T -- Advent UCC
Rodel Sophia M -- Advent UCC

Roedel Anna M S -- Advent UCC

Roedel Carl B -- s/o J K & M S Roedel -- Advent UCC
Roedel Caroline -- Advent UCC
Roedel Charley -- Immanuel Lutheran

Roedel Charlie -- Grace Methodist
Roedel Christian -- Advent UCC
Roedel Ehrhardt J -- Advent UCC

Roedel Emma C -- Advent UCC
Roedel Emma S -- Advent UCC
Roedel Erhardt -- Advent UCC
Roedel Frank -- Advent UCC
Roedel Frank W -- Advent UCC
Roedel Heinrich -- Advent UCC
Roedel Henrietta -- Grace Methodist
Roedel Johann -- Grace Methodist
Roedel John -- Advent UCC
Roedel John H -- Advent UCC
Roedel John N -- Advent UCC
Roedel John R -- Advent UCC

Roedel Karl H -- Advent UCC
Roedel Katie Ruth -- Grace Methodist
Roedel Mary -- Advent UCC
Roedel Sophia -- Advent UCC
Roedel Sophia M -- Advent UCC
Roedel Willie -- Grace Methodist

Roesch Ada G -- Grace Methodist
Roesch Benjamin Franklin -- Grace Methodist
Roesch Carolina -- Grace Methodist
Roesch Caroline S -- Jamestown UCC

Roesch Catharine -- Grace Methodist
Roesch Charles Edward -- Grace Methodist
Roesch Cynthia Amanda -- Mt Zion
Roesch Emma -- Grace Methodist
Roesch Fredrich Hermann -- Grace Methodist
Roesch George -- Mt Zion
Roesch Gottefried -- Grace Methodist
Roesch James A -- Grace Methodist
Roesch James Godfrey -- Jamestown UCC

Roesch John -- Grace Methodist
Roesch John George -- Mt Zion

Roesch John P -- Jamestown UCC
Roesch Maggie C -- Grace Methodist
Roesch Margaret Liechti -- Grace Methodist
Roesch Norma Mary -- Jamestown UCC

Roesch Sophia M -- Grace Methodist
Roesch Sophia S -- Jamestown UCC
Roesch William Albert -- Grace Methodist

Rogers Myra D -- Mt Zion


Roll Larance A -- Jamestown UCC

Rosenmiller Albert E -- Jamestown UCC
Rosenmiller Anna Elizabeth -- Jamestown UCC
Rosenmiller Curtis H -- Grace Methodist
Rosenmiller Dolly Ann -- Kubli

Rosenmiller Elizabeth M -- Grace Methodist
Rosenmiller Fred -- Grace Methodist
Rosenmiller George Henry -- Jamestown UCC
Rosenmiller H Margery -- Grace Methodist
Rosenmiller John A -- Jamestown UCC
Rosenmiller Lawrence -- Grace Methodist
Rosenmiller Lesetta -- Grace Methodist
Rosenmiller Minnie E -- Grace Methodist
Rosenmiller Nora C -- Jamestown UCC
Rosenmiller Thersa M -- Jamestown UCC
Rosenmiller Walter L -- Grace Methodist
Rosenmiller Willebelle -- Grace Methodist
Rosenmiller William O -- Kubli


Roth Albert J -- Jamestown UCC
Roth Christian -- Jamestown UCC
Roth Emma E -- Jamestown UCC
Roth Gottfried -- Jamestown UCC

Roth John -- Jamestown UCC

Roth Mary -- Jamestown UCC
Roth Rudolph -- Jamestown UCC

Russell Fannie Green -- Mt Zion
Russell William T -- Mt Zion

Rymel Clyde Wesley -- Copp Chapel

Rymel Martha M -- Copp Chapel


Sabbert Dorothy Mae -- Jamestown UCC
Sabbert Lena A -- Jamestown UCC

Sabbert William H -- Jamestown UCC


Sabel Dale E -- Jamestown UCC

Sabel Herman E -- Immanuel Lutheran

Sabel Linnie H -- Concord
Sabel Samuel M -- Concord

Salzman Mary Walter -- Jamestown UCC

Sampert Augusta -- Advent UCC

Samuelson Lena B -- Copp Chapel

Sapp Charlotte Dee -- Grace Methodist

Sapp Stanley Guy -- Grace Methodist

Sapp Stanley Wayne -- Grace Methodist

Sargent George -- Hickam

Scantlin Pauline E -- Mt Zion


Schaaf Andrew -- Todd
Schaaf Carl -- Advent UCC

Schaaf Carl A -- Advent UCC

Schaaf Carl B -- Advent UCC
Schaaf Cathrina -- Advent UCC
Schaaf Charley -- Advent UCC

Schaaf Elizabeth -- Advent UCC

Schaaf Emilie -- Advent UCC
Schaaf Frank L -- Advent UCC

Schaaf Louise J M -- Advent UCC
Schaaf Ludwig -- Advent UCC
S M -- probably foot stone of Margareth Schaaf -- Advent UCC
Schaaf Margaret -- Advent UCC
Schaaf Margaretha -- Advent UCC
Schaaf Mary M -- Advent UCC
Schaaf Samuel P -- Advent UCC


Schaeffer Anna L -- Copp Chapel

Scheibner Arnold Carl -- Copp Chapel
Scheibner Marguerite -- Copp Chapel

Scheidt Alberta -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Alvin -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Ambrosius -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Annie -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Catharina -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Charley -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Edward -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Elizabeth -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Emma -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Emma -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Lorene Elizabeth -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Maxine -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Patrick -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Paul -- Cedron Catholic
Scheidt Rosa -- Cedron Catholic

Scherff Joseph J -- Jamestown UCC

Scheurer -- Child of J J & Elizabeth A Scheurer -- Kubli

Scheurer -- Child of J J & Elizabeth A Scheurer -- Kubli

Scheurer -- Child of J J & Elizabeth A Scheurer -- Kubli

Scheurer Ann S -- Kubli

Scheurer Anna C (Gentzsch) -- Grace Methodist
Scheurer Elizabeth A -- Kubli

Scheurer Emma M -- Jamestown UCC
Scheurer H Frederick -- Grace Methodist
Scheurer Infant -- d/o Jacob & Anna Scheurer -- Jamestown UCC
Scheurer Infant -- s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Scheurer -- Kubli

Scheurer Infant -- s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Scheurer -- Kubli

Scheurer Jacob J -- Kubli

Scheurer Ruth Marie -- Grace Methodist
Scheurer Theodore -- Jamestown UCC

Schilb Catharina -- Grace Methodist
Schilb David Sr -- Grace Methodist

Schlapbach Carl -- Grace Methodist
Schlapbach Frank A -- Grace Methodist
Schlapbach Gideon L -- Grace Methodist
Schlapbach Jacob -- Grace Methodist
Schlapbach Louis -- Grace Methodist
Schlapbach Mary -- Grace Methodist
Schlapbach Mary M -- Grace Methodist
Schlapbach Willie V -- Grace Methodist

Schlup A M Louise -- Jamestown UCC
Schlup Albert -- Jamestown UCC
Schlup Anthony -- Grace Methodist
Schlup Donna Sue -- Concord

Schlup Frank G -- Jamestown UCC
Schlup Fred W -- Jamestown UCC
Schlup Genevieve -- Immanuel Lutheran

Schlup Helen E -- Grace Methodist
Schlup Jacob -- Jamestown UCC
Schlup Maude -- Jamestown UCC
Schlup Norris E -- Grace Methodist
Schlup Peter Dwayne -- Concord

Schlup Uel H -- Concord
Schlup William Leroy -- Immanuel Lutheran


Schlupp Johann -- Kubli

Schlupp Maria -- Kubli


Schnuck Elsie Adeline -- Concord


Schnur Charlie H -- Grace Methodist
Schnur Elizabeth -- Advent UCC
Schnur Elizabeth -- Grace Methodist
Schnur Helen Sophie -- Grace Methodist
Schnur Helena Schwalm -- Grace Methodist
Schnur John G -- Grace Methodist
Schnur William -- Grace Methodist
Schnur William E -- Advent UCC
Schnur William Henry -- Grace Methodist
Schnur Willie L -- Grace Methodist

Schoeneberg C Otto -- Jamestown UCC
Schoeneberg Hedwig -- Jamestown UCC

Schoenthal Albert -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Alfred W -- Grace Methodist
Schoenthal Anna May -- Grace Methodist
Schoenthal Carl H -- Grace Methodist
Schoenthal Clara E -- Grace Methodist
Schoenthal Edward -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Elizabeth -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Henry -- Grace Methodist
Schoenthal Henry W -- Jamestown UCC

Schoenthal Herbert -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Hieronimus -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Infant Boy; -- Grace Methodist
Schoenthal Louis -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Louise Amelia -- Jamestown UCC

Schoenthal Mada R -- Grace Methodist
Schoenthal Matilda -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Matilda (Martha) -- Grace Methodist
Schoenthal Matilda Margaret -- Jamestown UCC

Schoenthal Mayme Hampton -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Minnie A -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Norman L -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Rosena -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Rudolph -- Jamestown UCC
Schoenthal Sophia L -- Grace Methodist
Schoenthal Sophia M -- Grace Methodist
Schoenthal Wanda L -- Jamestown UCC

Schoenthal William Frederick -- Jamestown UCC

Schoneberg Susan -- Kubli


Schuber Rita -- Cedron Catholic

Schubert Bertha M -- Jamestown UCC
Schubert (Dr) Henry R -- Jamestown UCC

Schull Abreham -- Schull/Hickcox
Schull Anna Marie -- Mt Zion
Schull Baby Boy -- Hickam
Schull John C -- Mt Zion
Schull Maria F -- Schull/Hickcox
Schull Sara L -- Schull/Hickcox
Schull Warren -- Mt Zion
Schull William -- Mt Zion

Schultz Kathryn Rose Childress -- Bethel Methodist


Schulz (Rev) Austin F -- Advent UCC
Schulz Helen Dr Marie Iden -- Advent UCC


Schulze Bessie Emma -- Grace Methodist

Schulze Christena -- Grace Methodist
Schulze Friederike -- Grace Methodist
Schulze Heinrich -- Grace Methodist
Schulze Henry William -- Grace Methodist
Schulze J F -- Grace Methodist
Schulze Lawrence -- Grace Methodist

Schulze Margaret A -- Grace Methodist
Schulze Montford B -- Grace Methodist
Schulze William D -- Grace Methodist

Schurer Ruth Marie -- Grace Methodist

Schuster Christian -- Advent UCC
Schuster Elizabeth -- Advent UCC
Schuster Ethel -- Advent UCC
Schuster Gotlieb -- Advent UCC
Schuster Henry -- Advent UCC
Schuster John W -- Advent UCC
Schuster Peter -- Cedron Catholic
Schuster Rita K -- Cedron Catholic

Schuster William -- Advent UCC

Schwab Cornelia C -- Jamestown UCC
Schwab Elizabeth -- Jamestown UCC
Schwab Fredrick -- Jamestown UCC
Schwab Jacob -- Jamestown UCC
Schwab Jacob J -- Jamestown UCC
Schwab Mary -- Jamestown UCC

Schwedes J K H -- Advent UCC


Schweitzer Caroline -- Cedron Catholic
Schweitzer Joseph -- Cedron Catholic

Scott Bessie E -- Grace Methodist
Scott Infant -- Hickam
Scott Martha -- Mt Zion
Scott Robert E -- Mt Zion


Scrimager Mary -- Concord

Seifert Eddie R -- Grace Methodist
Seifert Joseph H -- Mt Zion

Seifert Phoebe -- Mt Zion

Seitz Caroline S -- Jamestown UCC
Seitz Ella Nora -- Mt Zion
Seitz Frederick -- Bethel Methodist
Seitz Frederick -- Mt Zion
Seitz Infants -- sons of J P & C Seitz -- Jamestown UCC
Seitz Jacob P -- Jamestown UCC
Seitz Netty -- Bethel Methodist
Seitz Willie F -- Jamestown UCC

Sells Haril E -- Bethel Methodist
Sells J W -- Bethel Methodist
Sells Martin A -- Bethel Methodist

Shadwick Benjamin A -- Grace Methodist
Shadwick Infant -- Splice Creek
Shadwick Mettie S -- Grace Methodist

Shannon Florence Herfurth -- Jamestown UCC


Shelton Infant -- d/o C B Shelton -- Mt Zion

Shelton J William -- Concord
Shelton John T -- Concord
Shelton Sallie L -- Concord

Shepard Maud E -- Copp Chapel

Sherman Mary -- Concord

Sherman Samuel -- Concord

Sherman Theddocia -- Concord

Shipley James M -- Concord
Shipley Margaret -- Concord

Shipley R L -- Miller

Shoat Infant -- Hickam

Shull Docia Ellen -- Mt Zion
Shull E Laverne -- Mt Zion

Shull George T -- Mt Zion
Shull Laurence -- Mt Zion
Shull Lewis -- Mt Zion

Shull Lewis Owens -- Union Baptist

Shull Maud -- Mt Zion

Shull Melvin -- Mt Zion
Shull Morris -- Mt Zion


Sieckman Virginia F -- Concord


Sims Alta P -- Kubli


Simmons Goldie -- Copp Chapel

Simpson Infant -- s/o O E & G F Simpson -- Bethel Methodist

Slaughter Eliza H -- Mt Zion

Sleeter Laura B -- Jamestown UCC


Small Henry -- Concord
Small Infant -- c/o Henry Small -- Concord

Small James Lawrence -- Concord
Small James Leon -- Concord
Small Margaret A -- Advent UCC
Small Martha L -- Concord

Smith A Negro -- Hickam
Smith Amanda -- Mt Zion
Smith Arthur -- Mt Zion
Smith Byron E -- Union Baptist
Smith Chloe E -- Pettigrew
Smith E Hickman -- Mt Zion
Smith Edna M -- Grace Methodist

Smith Edwin -- Hickam
Smith Ella -- Mt Zion
Smith Emma M -- Immanuel Lutheran
Smith Ethel M -- Mt Zion

Smith Eugene Porter -- Union Baptist
Smith Eugene Raymond -- Union Baptist
Smith Everett -- Pettigrew
Smith Floyd -- Pettigrew
Smith Frank E -- Pettigrew
Smith Georgia Vaughan -- same as Georgia Vaughan Reimler? -- Pettigrew
Smith Henry -- Pettigrew
Smith Infant -- /o Ed & Mandy Smith -- Hickam
Smith J T (Dr) -- Pettigrew
Smith Jacob -- Union Baptist
Smith John H -- Pettigrew
Smith John M -- Grace Methodist

Smith Joseph E -- Hickam
Smith Lelia G -- Mt Zion
Smith Lewis F -- Immanuel Lutheran
Smith Lulu -- Pettigrew
Smith Margaret -- Hickam
Smith Mariah Frances -- Union Baptist
Smith Martha A -- Hickam
Smith Milton -- Hickam
Smith Minnie Belle -- Union Baptist
Smith Morgan L -- Pettigrew
Smith Nancy Angeline -- Pettigrew

Smith Robert L -- Pettigrew
Smith Roy -- Pettigrew
Smith Simon -- Pettigrew
Smith Sallie -- Copp Chapel

Smith Sterling Price -- Copp Chapel
Smith Susan F -- Pettigrew
Smith Thomas -- Mt Zion
Smith William L -- Pettigrew

Sneathen Angie Belle -- Concord

Spencer Henry L M -- Concord
Spencer Nell -- Concord


Sperber Caroline E -- Advent UCC
Sperber Catherine -- Advent UCC
Sperber Christian Gottlieb -- Sperber
Sperber Emma -- Advent UCC

Sperber Gottleib N -- Advent UCC
Sperber Gottlieb -- Advent UCC
Sperber Hanna L -- Advent UCC
Sperber Henrietta -- Advent UCC
Sperber Henry E -- Advent UCC
Sperber John P -- Advent UCC
Sperber Nicholas J -- Advent UCC
Sperber William M -- Advent UCC

Sprick Dana A -- Mt Zion

Sprick Michael W -- Mt Zion


Stack John F William -- Immanuel Lutheran


Stahl Emma M -- Kubli


Stauffer Anna -- Jamestown UCC
Stauffer Betty Jean -- Hickam
Stauffer Dollie -- Mt Zion
Stauffer Emil -- Jamestown UCC
Stauffer Henry -- Jamestown UCC
Stauffer Ida E -- Jamestown UCC
Stauffer John -- Jamestown UCC
Stauffer John C -- Jamestown UCC
Stauffer John F -- Mt Zion
Stauffer Neoma K -- Hickam
Stauffer Norman F -- Mt Zion

Stauffer Ronald D -- Mt Zion

Stauffer Rosetta -- Jamestown UCC
Stauffer Truman W -- Hickam


Steiner Earl C -- Grace Methodist
Steiner Elsie -- Grace Methodist
Steiner John E -- Grace Methodist
Steiner Lorene M -- Grace Methodist
Steiner Lydia A -- Grace Methodist
Steiner William G -- Grace Methodist

Stephens Alexander -- Concord
Stephens Infant -- Concord
Stephens Ivah B -- Union Baptist
Stephens Joseph T -- Splice Creek
Stephens Kate -- Concord
Stephens Newton W -- Union Baptist
Stephens Susan F -- Splice Creek
Stephens Thomas B -- Splice Creek

Stevens Christopher A -- Pettigrew
Stevens Clabe -- Pettigrew
Stevens Dora M -- Pettigrew
Stevens Elizabeth -- Pettigrew
Stevens Frank -- Pettigrew
Stevens Harold B -- Pettigrew
Stevens Herbert E -- Pettigrew
Stevens James T -- Pettigrew
Stevens Job -- Pettigrew
Stevens Johnie -- Pettigrew
Stevens Keziah -- Pettigrew
Stevens Lucinda -- Pettigrew
Stevens Mary Louisa -- Pettigrew
Stevens Milton -- Pettigrew
Stevens Polly -- Pettigrew

Stilson Pamala Joyce -- Grace Methodist

Stinback Mary -- Advent UCC


Stock Infant -- Cedron Catholic

Storz Emma Ernst -- Advent UCC

Storz Ernst W -- Advent UCC


Stouts Clara Lou -- Bethel Methodist

Stover Dempsey -- Copp Chapel
Stover Huber -- Copp Chapel
Stover Omar -- Copp Chapel
Stover Stanley -- Copp Chapel
Stover Stewart -- Copp Chapel
Stover Verna -- Copp Chapel

Street Sophronia Elizabeth -- Concord
Street T H B -- Concord

Strein Adeline -- Jamestown UCC
Strein Anne A -- Jamestown UCC

Strein Charley J -- Jamestown UCC

Strein Christiana Frederika -- Kubli

Strein Jacob L -- Kubli

Strein Ruth Mary -- Jamestown UCC
Strein Walter W -- Jamestown UCC


Strickfaden Ambros -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden Ambrose -- Advent UCC
Strickfaden Anna M -- Advent UCC
Strickfaden Edward -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden F J -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden Frank L -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden Frank V -- Cedron Catholic

Strickfaden Gertrude -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden Infant -- Advent UCC
Strickfaden John -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden Louisa -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden Mack Arthur -- Advent UCC
Strickfaden Magdalena J -- Advent UCC
Strickfaden Maria -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden Mary R -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden Rosa -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden Sebestian -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden Thomas A -- Advent UCC
Strickfaden Vinzens -- Cedron Catholic
Strickfaden W J -- Cedron Catholic

Strubin John G -- Jamestown UCC
Strubin Nora D -- Jamestown UCC

Strunk Anna Katherine -- Kubli

Studer John -- Kubli


Sullins Claybelle -- Mt Zion


Surface Andrew -- Mt Zion
Surface Betty H -- Mt Zion

Surface Chester A -- Mt Zion

Surface George -- Mt Zion
Surface Maude -- Mt Zion
Surface Robert L -- Mt Zion


Swinney Amanda J -- Mt Zion
Swinney Arvel -- Mt Zion
Swinney Bascom -- Mt Zion
Swinney Carroll -- Mt Zion

Swinney Clara -- Mt Zion
Swinney Dosia -- Mt Zion

Swinney E M -- Mt Zion
Swinney Everett -- Mt Zion
Swinney Hubert -- Mt Zion
Swinney Ida May -- Mt Zion
Swinney Infant -- d/o W H & E J Swinney -- Mt Zion
Swinney Infant -- s/o W H & E J Swinney -- Mt Zion
Swinney Infant -- d/o W H & A J Swinney -- Mt Zion
Swinney Infant son -- Mt Zion
Swinney Infant sons -- Mt Zion
Swinney J Verl -- Mt Zion
Swinney John L -- Mt Zion
Swinney Mamie B -- Mt Zion
Swinney Margeline -- Mt Zion
Swinney N Silas -- Mt Zion
Swinney Nannie -- Mt Zion
Swinney O B -- Mt Zion
Swinney Ruby Maxine -- Mt Zion
Swinney Thomas -- Mt Zion
Swinney Vodeclar -- Mt Zion
Swinney William H -- Mt Zion
Swinney William O -- Mt Zion


Taylor Jesse -- Hickam
Taylor Mabel L -- Mt Zion


Teetes Tommy -- Hickam

Templeton John Will -- Bethel Methodist


Tharp Infant -- Concord
Tharp Kittie A -- Concord
Theiss Louisa -- Cedron Catholic
Theiss Theabold -- Cedron Catholic

Thixton Charles E -- Hickam

Thixton Helen M -- Hickam


Thomas Alonza -- Mt Zion

Thompson Adam S -- Pettigrew
Thompson Cordila -- Pettigrew
Thompson Daniel J -- Pettigrew
Thompson Dorothy June -- Pettigrew
Thompson M Leona -- Pettigrew
Thompson Robert -- Hickam

Thornton Benjamin Franklin -- Hickam
Thornton Genevieve -- Hickam

Tinsley Martha Ann -- Mt Zion

Todd Rose Mary Deatherage -- Mt Zion
Todd Tilman A -- Todd

Tombs Eliza Jane -- Union Baptist

Tombs Robert -- Union Baptist


Townsend Linnie Cofer -- Concord

Tracey Lucy Emma -- Grace Methodist


Tucker Myrtle Mae -- Concord

Turner Stephen -- Concord

Tuttle Connye J -- Advent UCC

Tuttle Dorothy Maxine -- Mt Zion
Tuttle Edna -- Advent UCC
Tuttle Florina -- Mt Zion
Tuttle George -- Cedron Catholic
Tuttle Gerald Raymond -- Mt Zion

Tuttle Granville -- Advent UCC
Tuttle Henry -- Mt Zion
Tuttle Herman -- Advent UCC
Tuttle Jim F -- Advent UCC
Tuttle Joe Martin -- Advent UCC
Tuttle John -- Advent UCC
Tuttle Margaret -- Advent UCC
Tuttle Paul E -- Mt Zion
Tuttle Roy L -- Advent UCC
Tuttle Sally -- Advent UCC
Tuttle Theresia -- Cedron Catholic
Tuttle William M -- Advent UCC


Umbarger Infant -- Concord

Unglaub Clara -- Advent UCC
Unglaub Ehardt J -- Advent UCC
Unglaub Emil A -- Advent UCC
Unglaub Herman -- Advent UCC
Unglaub John A -- Advent UCC
Unglaub John W -- Advent UCC
Unglaub Katherine -- Advent UCC
Unglaub Marie -- Advent UCC
Unglaub Mary J -- Advent UCC
Unglaub Melonia -- Advent UCC



Vaughan Alma L -- Mt Zion

Vaughan Aubrey F -- Pettigrew
Vaughan Blanche -- Mt Zion

Vaughan Brown E -- Mt Zion

Vaughan Clinton -- Pettigrew
Vaughan Dwight Uel -- Mt Zion

Vaughan Edna L -- Jamestown UCC
Vaughan Emmett L -- Pettigrew
Vaughan Henry Lealand -- Mt Zion

Vaughan John H -- Mt Zion

Vaughan Julia Bell -- Mt Zion

Vaughan Julia V -- Pettigrew
Vaughan Maurice C -- Mt Zion
Vaughan Myrtle -- Mt Zion

Vaughan Oliver Q -- Pettigrew
Vaughan Porter -- Mt Zion

Vaughan Stella J -- Mt Zion
Vaughan Thomas Jefferson -- Mt Zion

Vaughan William H -- Mt Zion

Vaughan Zella E -- Mt Zion

Vaughn Frank -- Mt Zion
Vaughn Henry G -- Mt Zion
Vaughn James -- Hickam
Vaughn Nancy -- Hickam

Vivian Albright -- Advent UCC
Vivian Christian -- Advent UCC
Vivian Emma -- Advent UCC
Vivian Kathrine -- Advent UCC

Vivion Adam -- Mt Zion
Vivion Frances -- Hickam
Vivion Isaiah -- Hickam
Vivion John -- Hickam
Vivion Sarah -- Mt Zion

Voight Johnnie -- Union Baptist
Voight Madia Caroline -- Union Baptist
Voight Walter W -- Union Baptist

Voigt Carolina Epple -- Union Baptist
Voigt G William -- Union Baptist
Voigt Lela M -- Union Baptist

Von Geminder Elizabeth M -- Concord

Vontorel Louise -- Advent UCC


Wachter George -- Advent UCC
Wachter J H -- Advent UCC
Wachter Margretha S -- Advent UCC

Wahle Frank William -- Advent UCC

Wahle Sarah G -- Advent UCC

Waibel Pearl w/o A C Waibel -- Mt Zion

Wallenmeyer Anna M -- Grace Methodist
Wallenmeyer Benjamin F -- Grace Methodist
Wallenmeyer Daniel -- Advent UCC
Wallenmeyer Herman C -- Grace Methodist
Wallenmeyer Lena K -- Grace Methodist
Wallenmeyer Leonora D -- Grace Methodist
Wallenmeyer Lula A -- Grace Methodist
Wallenmeyer Marion L -- Grace Methodist

Wallenmeyer Matilda -- Advent UCC
Wallenmeyer Nickolas T -- Grace Methodist
Wallenmeyer Otto W -- Grace Methodist
Wallenmeyer Ralph N -- Grace Methodist

Wallenmeyer Ruth Ann -- Advent UCC

Walter Alexander -- Jamestown UCC
Walter Elizabeth -- Jamestown UCC
Walter Jacob -- Jamestown UCC
Walter Magdalena -- Advent UCC

Walters Clarence -- Advent UCC
Walters Harold -- Advent UCC
Walters Infant -- Advent UCC
Walters Louis -- Advent UCC
Walters Mary E -- Advent UCC
Walters Mary M -- Advent UCC

Walters Neal Davis -- Advent UCC
Walters Woodford L -- Advent UCC

Walterscheid Betty J -- Cedron Catholic
Walterscheid Frank -- Cedron Catholic
Walterscheid John -- Cedron Catholic
Walterscheid Joseph -- Cedron Catholic
Walterscheid Marie E -- Cedron Catholic

Walterscheid Tina -- Cedron Catholic
Walterscheid Viola M -- Advent UCC

Warmbrodt Elizabeth Nickles -- Concord

Wassman Maxine Wolfe -- Mt Zion

Weant Louis W -- Concord

Weant Nobel E -- Concord


Weathers Julia -- Splice Creek


Wegener Clara -- Jamestown UCC
Wehmeier Anna C -- Grace Methodist
Wehmeier August H -- Grace Methodist
Wehmeier Emma -- Grace Methodist


Wehmeyer Infant -- d/o Charles Wehmeyer -- Union Baptist


Weingartner Anna -- Cedron Catholic
Weingartner Arnold -- Cedron Catholic
Weingartner August -- Cedron Catholic
Weingartner Gertrude -- Cedron Catholic
Weingartner Lorenz -- Cedron Catholic
Weingartner Margaretha -- Cedron Catholic

Weissenbach Virgil W -- Kubli


Weisser Anna -- Grace Methodist
Weisser Eunice M -- Grace Methodist

Weisser Flora E -- Grace Methodist

Weisser Helen Marie -- Grace Methodist
Weisser J Floyd -- Grace Methodist

Weisser Jacob -- Grace Methodist
Weisser Johann M Ludwig -- Grace Methodist
Weisser Maria B -- Grace Methodist
Weisser Rosa -- Grace Methodist
Weisser Roy Edward -- Grace Methodist

Welsh James -- Concord
Welsh John -- Concord
Welsh John R -- Concord
Welsh Margaret -- Concord
Welsh Rebecca A -- Concord

Wermelskerchen Anna -- Cedron Catholic
Wermelskerchen Godfried -- Cedron Catholic

Wermers Louis M -- Grace Methodist

Wermers Marjorie L -- Grace Methodist


Westerman Frank Joseph -- Cedron Catholic

Weyland Amelia -- Grace Methodist
Weyland Anna Dorothe -- Grace Methodist
Weyland Caroline C -- Grace Methodist
Weyland Godlipp -- Grace Methodist
Weyland Mary Ann -- Grace Methodist
Weyland William -- Grace Methodist
Weyland William F -- Grace Methodist

Whitley Paul -- Inglish

Whittaker Nora -- Copp Chapel


Wilbanks James E -- Mt Zion
Wilbanks Rosa -- Mt Zion

Wilcox Everett -- Copp Chapel
Wilcox Infant -- Copp Chapel
Wilcox Jane -- Copp Chapel

Wilde Gertrude -- Grace Methodist
Wilde Jacob -- Grace Methodist
Wilde Karolina -- Grace Methodist
Wilde Louis E -- Grace Methodist

Wilkes Alvin -- Mt Zion
Wilkes Charley -- Mt Zion
Wilkes Esther -- Mt Zion
Wilkes Flora E -- Mt Zion
Wilkes James P -- Mt Zion
Wilkes John A -- Mt Zion
Wilkes John A Jr -- Mt Zion

Wilkes Loran A -- Mt Zion

Wilkes Rhoda -- Mt Zion
Wilkes Richard -- Mt Zion
Wilkes Robert -- Mt Zion
Wilkes Shirley J -- Mt Zion


Willard Julia L Hickam -- Pettigrew
Willard Wilbur Howard -- Pettigrew

Willers Anna -- Jamestown UCC

Willers Anna M -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Curtis -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Ernest F -- Jamestown UCC
Willers Fred -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Fred O -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Infant -- d/o F O & L M Willers -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Infant -- s/o E & S Willers -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Lena M -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Margaretha -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Martha -- Jamestown UCC
Willers Meinhard C -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Meinhard Heinrich -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Meinhard J -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Meinhardt -- Jamestown UCC
Willers Walther A -- Immanuel Lutheran
Willers Wilhelmine -- Immanuel Lutheran

Williams Asa -- Concord

Williams Flossie -- Hardiman/Williams
Williams George -- Hardiman/Williams
Williams Jerry -- Hardiman/Williams
Williams John D -- Williams
Williams Julotta -- Williams
Williams Margaret -- Hardiman/Williams
Williams Mary J -- Hardiman/Williams

Williamson G Conrad -- Union Baptist
Williamson Infant -- d/o W H Williamson -- Union Baptist

Williamson James G -- Copp Chapel
Williamson Katie M -- Union Baptist

Wilson Amanda S -- Union Baptist
Wilson Edna -- Mt Zion
Wilson Gemima E -- Union Baptist
Wilson James P -- Union Baptist
Wilson John H -- Wilson
Wilson John K -- Wilson
Wilson Joseph A -- Wilson
Wilson Joseph J -- Wilson
Wilson Maggie -- Union Baptist
Wilson Marildia -- Union Baptist
Wilson Mary J -- Wilson
Wilson Rebecca J -- Union Baptist
Wilson Sarah J -- Union Baptist
Wilson Tabitha -- Wilson
Wilson V B -- Union Baptist

Windsor Ethel Johnson -- Copp Chapel
Windsor George M -- Copp Chapel
Windsor James Lawrence -- Copp Chapel

Windsor Julia Ann -- Copp Chapel
Windsor Martha A -- Copp Chapel
Windsor Philip Alfred Marion -- Copp Chapel


Wingate Almitty -- Union Baptist
Wingate Bertha F -- Union Baptist
Wingate Cora J -- Union Baptist
Wingate Dora -- Mt Zion
Wingate George W -- Union Baptist
Wingate Infant -- d/o M T & D L Wingate -- Mt Zion
Wingate James H -- Union Baptist
Wingate Lamanda -- Union Baptist
Wingate Nancy -- Concord

Wingate Robert L -- Union Baptist
Wingate Sterling P -- Union Baptist
Wingate William E -- Union Baptist

Wisdom Elizabeth -- Advent UCC
Wisdom Harvey Langley -- Advent UCC
Wisdom M Lorene -- Advent UCC

Wisdom Robert D -- Advent UCC


Wiser Lionel L -- Union Baptist
Wiser Sophia E -- Union Baptist

Wittenberger Amil V -- Jamestown UCC

Wittenberger Doris M -- Advent UCC

Wittenberger Emil -- Grace Methodist

Wittenberger Eugene E -- Advent UCC

Wittenberger Frederick -- Immanuel Lutheran

Wittenberger Johanna F -- Immanuel Lutheran
Wittenberger Larry T -- Advent UCC

Wittenberger Lawrence J -- Advent UCC
Wittenberger Linna B -- Immanuel Lutheran
Wittenberger Mary -- Grace Methodist

Wittenberger Mary C -- Grace Methodist

Wittenberger Mary M -- Advent UCC

Wittenberger Nettie E -- Grace Methodist
Wittenberger Philip -- Jamestown UCC
Wittenberger Sadie -- Jamestown UCC
Wittenberger Selma A -- Advent UCC
Wittenberger Viola G -- Jamestown UCC


Witthaus Benjamin Ernest Ferdinand -- Jamestown UCC
Witthaus Elizabeth C E -- Jamestown UCC

Woefle Johannes -- Advent UCC
Woefle Julie -- Advent UCC

Wohley Frank -- Advent UCC

Wolfe Bennie Clifton Howard -- Mt Zion

Wolfe Charles Mortimer -- Concord
Wolfe Infant -- s/o J B & Maggie Wolfe -- Concord

Wolfe Infant -- s/o J B & Maggie Wolfe -- Concord

Wolfe Infant -- s/o C R & Eva Wolfe -- Concord

Wolfe Maggie -- Concord
Wolfe Reverdy R -- Concord
Wolfe Sophie B -- Advent UCC

Wolfe William Franklin -- Advent UCC


Wolfrum Elizabeth -- Advent UCC
Wolfrum Emma K -- Advent UCC
Wolfrum Erhart Same -- Advent UCC
Wolfrum John C -- Advent UCC
Wolfrum John G -- Advent UCC
Wolfrum M Barbara -- Advent UCC
Wolfrum Nikol -- Advent UCC

Wood Amy H -- Concord
Wood Dasreen -- Mt Zion
Wood Dora E -- Union Baptist
Wood Eliza J -- Union Baptist
Wood Gerald Eugene -- Mt Zion
Wood Gilbert -- Mt Zion
Wood Helen M -- Jamestown UCC

Wood Isabell -- Union Baptist

Wood Jeriah -- Union Baptist
Wood Jeriah O -- Union Baptist
Wood John Edward -- Jamestown UCC

Wood John William -- Union Baptist
Wood Martha L -- Union Baptist
Wood Mary Emeline -- Union Baptist

Wood Mary J -- Mt Zion
Wood Monterville -- Mt Zion

Wood Nona -- Concord
Wood Nora -- Mt Zion
Wood Richard Alexander (Bud) -- Union Baptist
Wood William -- Hickam
Wood William Oliver -- Mt Zion

Woods Charles -- Mt Zion

Woods Infant -- Mt Zion


Wordelman Gladys Marie -- Union Baptist

Wordelman Jack W -- Union Baptist


Wyckoff Annie -- Mt Zion
Wyckoff Charles Alva -- Bethel Methodist
Wyckoff Ephraim B -- Mt Zion

Wyckoff Joseph M -- Bethel Methodist
Wyckoff Sophia A -- Bethel Methodist

Wyss Beulah L -- Grace Methodist
Wyss C Willie -- Grace Methodist
Wyss C (Christian) A -- Wyss
Wyss Charles A -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Charles C -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Christian -- Kubli

Wyss Delmar W -- Grace Methodist

Wyss Eddie C -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Elizabeth -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Elizabeth C -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Emma Levena -- Jamestown UCC

Wyss Fred -- Grace Methodist
Wyss George Edward -- Grace Methodist
Wyss George H -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Grandy E -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Henry F -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Infant -- Grace Methodist
Wyss John -- Grace Methodist
Wyss John C -- Grace Methodist
Wyss John Phillip -- Jamestown UCC

Wyss Louis A -- Grace Methodist
Wyss M Elizabeth -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Margaret E -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Martin -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Mary A -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Matilda K -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Minnie -- Grace Methodist
Wyss Sarah L -- Grace Methodist
Wyss William Lawrence -- Grace Methodist


Yard Billy Don -- Grace Methodist

Yoest Anna M -- Cedron Catholic

Young Dorothy Marie -- Cedron Catholic

Young Lieu A -- Union Baptist
Young Thomas Jeffries -- Cedron Catholic
Young Timothy Kevin -- Cedron Catholic

Young William -- Union Baptist


Zabel Ernest -- Jamestown UCC
Zabel Friederike -- Immanuel Lutheran

Zabel Louis -- Kubli


Zahler John -- Jamestown UCC
Zahler Sophia M -- Jamestown UCC

Zaugg Alma -- Advent UCC
Zaugg Bertha -- Grace Methodist
Zaugg Christian -- Grace Methodist
Zaugg Edward -- Grace Methodist
Zaugg Gertrude P Gentzsch -- Grace Methodist
Zaugg John F -- Advent UCC
Zaugg Mabel -- Grace Methodist
Zaugg Paul -- Grace Methodist
Zaugg Rosette -- Grace Methodist

Zey Annie -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Barbara -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Christina -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Clara B -- Cedron Catholic

Zey Donald Edward -- Cedron Catholic

Zey Dorothy -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Edward -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Eugene -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Frank L -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Frank Vincent -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Jacob -- Cedron Catholic
Zey John -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Louise -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Maggie Louise -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Michel -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Mike -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Peter -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Robert Kevin -- Cedron Catholic
Zey Stella -- Cedron Catholic

Ziehmer Geneva -- Advent UCC
Ziehmer John -- Advent UCC
Ziehmer Kathryn E -- Advent UCC

Ziehmer Sam -- Advent UCC

Ziesler Katherine E -- Advent UCC

Zimmerman Adam -- Cedron Catholic

Zimmerman Annie S -- Advent UCC
Zimmerman Charles William -- Advent UCC

Zimmerman Dorothy -- Advent UCC

Zimmerman Genevieve -- Cedron Catholic
Zimmerman Infant -- Advent UCC
Zimmerman John E -- German Methodist
Zimmerman Kathryn C -- Advent UCC
Zimmerman Mary L -- German Methodist
Zimmerman Minnie -- German Methodist
Zimmerman William R -- Advent UCC

Zugholdt Albert C -- Grace Methodist
Zugholdt Elizabeth A -- Grace Methodist
Zucholdt Gus Mrs -- Grace Methodist

Zugholdt Gustavus Zuhalt -- Grace Methodist

Zurlinden Elisabeth -- Jamestown UCC
Zurlinden Infant -- Jamestown UCC
Zurlinden John -- Jamestown UCC

Zurlinden John Frank -- Jamestown UCC

Zurlinden Mary Oerly -- Jamestown UCC


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